Airport Security Check

Requirements: • Secondary general education with no requirements for work experience.

Responsibilities: • Carrying out current and general cleaning; • Compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regime; • Work with medical waste.

Conditions: • Work schedule: five-day working week from 8:00 to 16:40; • Social package in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; • Salary: salary 12,200 + bonus

Deputy Head of Service – Head of Departmental Fire Department

Requirements: ∙ Higher professional (fire and technical) education; ∙ Work experience in the profile of at least 3 years; ∙ Presence of the certificate of the “Rescuer”, the rescuer’s book

Responsibilities ∙ To organize and monitor the implementation of measures to ensure the fire safety of objects of structural divisions, aircraft (AF); ∙ Conduct survey and targeted inspections of the fire condition of the Company’s joint venture facilities; ∙ To organize fire and rescue calculations (PSR). Conduct theoretical, practical exercises with the personnel of the AKP to develop an operational plan for extinguishing fires at the Armed Forces, facilities of the society, and emergency rescue calculations; ∙ Develop a fire extinguishing plan for objects with a massive presence of people, fire extinguishing cards for aircraft and the Company’s facilities, Emergency plan, Contracts on the issues of emergency rescue and fire safety of flights; ∙ Develop instructions, other organizational and administrative documents on fire safety issues at airport facilities. ∙ To monitor the health of the notification systems of the RPS calculations of the ASC Company and

Conditions: ∙ Official employment; ∙ Five-day working week; ∙ Wages from 26,000 to 36,000

Special vehicle driver

Responsibilities: · Execution of work on the management of special vehicles and equipment installed on it when performing work on the ground (technical) maintenance of aircraft and maintenance of the aerodrome; · Before leaving the line, check the technical condition of the vehicle and its special equipment in accordance with the requirements; · Perform verification of compliance with the readings in the waybill of the remaining fuel in the tank and the speedometer reading as actual; · During work, monitor the technical condition of the special vehicle and equipment and promptly report malfunctions to supervisors; · During a shift, in the event of a breakdown, independently carry out repairs on special vehicles and special equipment that do not require disassembly of the units.

Requirements: · Secondary general education · Driving license category B, C; · Fitness for health reasons (preliminary medical examination).

Working conditions: · Employment and social package in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; · Operating mode replaceable 11 hours. (day Night); · Salary from 15,000 to 18,000.

Software Engineer

Requirements: ∙ Higher professional (technical or engineering-economic) education related to programming, maintenance and security of local area networks and automated control systems; ∙ Experience from 1 year in similar positions; ∙ Excellent knowledge of 1C

Responsibilities ∙ Accompany existing 1 C information systems (

Airport Security Check

Conditions: ∙ Employment, social package in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; ∙ Five-day working week; ∙ Probationary period of 3 months; ∙ Salary from 25000: salary + bonus.

Electrician for maintenance of lighting equipment for flight support systems SESTP

Requirements: ∙ Secondary vocational education (technical), specialized, preferably “electrician of a diesel power station”, “technician-electrician“ Operation of shipboard electrical equipment and means of automation ”, without setting requirements for work experience; ∙ Knowledge of ПТЭЭП, ПУЭ, ПТРМ; ∙ Knowledge of grounding installation rules followed by removal, rules for working with power tools; ∙ PC knowledge is welcome.

Responsibilities: ∙ Ensuring the trouble-free operation of lighting equipment, timely troubleshooting, participation in the investigation of failures in the electrical equipment; ∙ Implementation of continuous monitoring of the state of the aerodrome lighting equipment; ∙ Implementation of preventive maintenance of electrical equipment failure in electrical installations.

Working conditions: ∙ Work schedule shift (day, night shifts, 12 hours); ∙ Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; ∙ Salary: depending on the category of 18,000 – 24,000 rubles.

System Administrator

Requirements: · Higher technical education related to the programming, maintenance and security of local area networks and automated control systems; · Experience in similar positions from 1 year; · Professional PC user.

Responsibilities: · Plan and control the installation and testing of new products and enhancements for computer systems; · Develop standards and guidelines for the proper use and acquisition of software and protect sensitive information; · Plan, coordinate and apply measures to ensure the protection of information; · To monitor the compliance of the level of user access to the automated control system and the information processed; · Identify users and their access levels for each individual database segment and network; · To test software or databases, to make proposals for the necessary changes and improvements in the quality of work; · Provide technical support to users; · Monitor the proper performance of the information technology system; · Predict changes in automation; · Install and maintain in good condition software and server hardware; · Monitor the relevance of information stored on servers; · Monitor the use of network resources; · Restore system performance in case of failures and failure of server or network equipment; · Maintaining technical documentation.

Working conditions: · Five-day working week from Mon to Fri; · Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; · Probationary period of 3 months; · Salary from 30,000.

Information protection specialist

Requirements: · Higher technical education, preferably by specialties: computer science and computer engineering, information security; · Experience from 3 years in the field of information security; · Knowledge of the order of certification of information objects will be an advantage; · Confident PC user.

Responsibilities · To monitor the Company’s IT systems for compliance with the requirements of internal regulatory documents and federal legislation in terms of information security; · To monitor and analyze the level of threats to information security and protection of personal data; · To collect and analyze information on information security issues in the field of IT with a view to developing proposals for ensuring the protection of information and the effective use of automated control tools, and the detection of possible channels of information leakage; · Develop proposals for the preparation of organizational and administrative documentation on information security in the field of IT; · Develop drafts of internal regulatory documents on the protection of personal data; · Develop and implement measures to ensure the information security of the Company; · Install, configure and maintain information security tools; · Advise staff on information security issues; · Develop documentation for the certification of information objects; · Work on applications in SeviceDesk ..

Conditions: · Employment, social package in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; · Five-day working week; · Probationary period of 3 months; · Salary from 30,000: salary + bonus.

Aerodrome worker

Requirements: · General secondary education; · Experience in the road construction sector will be an advantage; · PC knowledge is welcome.

Responsibilities: · Marking of coatings, pouring seams and cracks, repairing sinks and chips, etc. · Mowing grass; · Loading and unloading of various goods; collection of foreign objects on the airfield, etc.

Working conditions: · Schedule of work replaceable (2/2); · Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; · Salary: 16000 – 19000 rubles.

Ground handling operator

Requirements: · Secondary (full) education; · Driver’s license cat. "AT" · It is desirable to have a license of the driver of the loader or the tractor driver · Good physical training, diligence, responsibility

Airport Security Check

Responsibilities: · Perform loading / unloading of passenger baggage (loader functionality), transportation and placement of baggage, on-board catering; · Picking and sorting of baggage on flights, filling in the accompanying documentation (baggage list); · Management of special vehicles (baggage carts, special equipment), directing the approach and departure of special vehicles to (from) aircraft.

Working conditions: · Full-time, formal employment, full social. package · Internal training, preparation · Shift work schedule. · Salary from 22,000 to 25,000 rubles (salary + bonus)

Tractor driver

Requirements: ∙ Secondary general education; ∙ Driver’s license of category B, C, D, E, qualifications: driver-bulldozer, driver of the loader

Responsibilities: ∙ Management and operation of transport equipment in accordance with the rules of the road and instructions; ∙ Checking the technical condition of the tractor equipment, attachments, checking the presence and operation of radio and lighting equipment, towing equipment, fire extinguishing equipment and timely report on problems; ∙ To submit equipment to the place of work only after receiving a clear and understandable team from the work supervisor; ∙ Independently eliminate the problems arising during the operation of the equipment that do not require major repairs.

Working conditions: ∙ Full-time, formal employment, full social services. package ∙ Five-day work week; Wages from 23,000 (salary + bonus + harm)

Requirements: • Secondary vocational education in the specialty “General Medicine”; • Certificate of specialist in “Medicine” or “Emergency First Aid”; • Certificate of the right to conduct pre-flight medical examinations (advantage); • Knowledge of English at the level of Elementary (advantage); • Confident PC user; • Fitness for health reasons (medical examination).

Responsibilities: • Providing medical care to passengers, staff and persons staying at the airport; • Pre-trip medical examinations of vehicle drivers; • Conduct pre-flight medical examinations of aircraft crews; • Participation in rescue operations in the area of ​​responsibility of the airport.

Conditions: • Schedule: day (

Requirements: • Secondary general education • Experience of 2 years in fire brigade units, to be certified for the status of a rescuer with assignment of a qualification class. • Training, balance, discipline, good physical shape. • fitness for health reasons (medical examination)

Responsibilities • Know the device, operating principle and tactical-technical characteristics of fire equipment, fire-fighting and rescue equipment, personal and collective protection equipment, be able to work on it; • To leave as part of the calculation for fires of aircraft and airport facilities, as well as when the APS is triggered, to perform fire fighting operations; • Provide (on request) fire safety in the course of aircraft maintenance (aircraft) and fire hazardous work; • Know the basics of fire fighting and rescue operations in aircraft, in airport buildings and structures; • Perform rescue operations at aircraft, airport facilities. • Perform routine repairs and maintenance of fixed and removable fire fighting equipment. • Know and be able to perform the duties of the sheet of fire and rescue in the post of firefighter and rescuer.

Conditions: • Employment, social package in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; • Schedule shift, after three days; Salary from 16700 to 18000 rubles. including: salary (depending on class), bonus, night, additional payment for harm 8% to salary.

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