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Almaty Holiday Homes, can safely replace your trip abroad on holiday. Especially if the budget does not allow foreign travel, or you have any problem with flights. Sanatorium “Ak – Kai”, invites you to have a rest in the fresh air of Zailiysky Alatau and feel the charm of Almaty nature. Here you can move away from everyday noise and polluted air, besides, you don’t have to travel far and much less fly. And our prices for accommodation and the provision of health services will certainly surprise you. Visit our sanatorium and you will definitely come to us again!

Almaty Holiday House "Ak-Kaiyn" glad to your guests!

The doors of our holiday home are always open for people who want to spend their holidays with health benefits. We have a huge headquarters of specialists ready to help you tread down your health or just to relax as efficiently and comfortably as possible! Berigite your health, because a healthy mind is in a healthy body!

quiet rest Ak-Kaiyn sanatorium is a place for quiet rest away from the noisy city. We offer you to relax in the incredibly picturesque place of the Trans-Ili Alatau

scenic view Our resort is located in the foothills outside the city limits. In the presence of all the conditions for your comfortable pastime

a wide range of procedures Enumeration of procedures that will help visitors to the sanatorium pleasantly relax and unwind

telephone, TV, shower, dishes, fridge, bathroom, sink

telephone, TV, shower, dishes, fridge, bathroom, sink

telephone, TV, shower, dishes, fridge, bathroom, sink

telephone, TV, shower, dishes, fridge, bathroom, sink

Many thanks to the management and all employees of the sanatorium. "Ak-Kaiyn" for the organization of work in the treatment, nutrition, rest and all retirees serving us. We express our special appreciation to Kubenov Alimzhan for his professional work, love for his work, care, kindness and sensitive attitude towards all pensioners who are undergoing treatment. I wish you good health and success in your work.

Medical and health complex "Ak-Kaiyn" with 200 places located near Almaty on the northern slope of the Trans-Ili Alatau at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level in a picturesque valley.

+7 (727) 395–76–28 +7 (727) 395–76–29 +7 (727) 392–07–84 +7 (727) 395–42–94 +7 (727) 395–64–16

We are pleased to announce that the Ak-Cain sanatorium is involved in organizing the provision of medical rehabilitation in the framework of the guaranteed free medical care (SBP)

In the sanatorium according to the GVFMP system, inpatient medical rehabilitation of patients is carried out. To receive a referral for medical rehabilitation to Ak-Kain sanatorium, you must contact the clinic at the place of residence to which the patient is attached to the attending physician to clarify whether the patient has medical indications and no contraindications for the medical rehabilitation in a hospital.

We draw your attention to the fact that medical rehabilitation under the GVFMP program is free for all patients.

When hospitalized at Ak-Cain Sanatorium, patients should have the originals of the following medical documents in their hands:

1. Referral for medical rehabilitation to a sanatorium from an outpatient clinic where the patient is observed with a diagnosis decoding;

2. Sanatorium card of the patient with an indication of the diagnosis.

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