Air force one blue

Ministry of Defense of Armenia

Major General Avetik Muradyan

The Armenian Air Force (Armenian Հայաստանի Ռազմաօդային եր) is one of the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia.



Armenia has two specialized air force bases.

Combat composition

NN th separate aerodrome maintenance battalion

NN th anti-aircraft missile regiment

Technique and weapons

According to the IISS The Military Balance data for 2010, the Armenian Air Forces have the following equipment and weapons at their disposal:


The identification mark of the aircrafts of the Armenian Air Force is the three concentric circles of the colors of the national flag of Armenia – red outer, middle blue and orange inner.

Identification mark of the Armenian Air Force

Identification mark of the Armenian Air Force (option)


Generals and officers

Sergeants and soldiers


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      Air force one blue

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      Air force one blue

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