Africa travel tips

Travel around Baikal

You will visit the most secluded corners of the endless Baikal, where crowds of tourists do not get!

Great Crimean Travel

Spend an exciting autumn vacation in the Crimea!

Journey to the Multinsky lakes

Multinsky lakes are a natural monument and are located high in the mountains in the Katunsky reserve.

Traveling in Norway

This program is ideal for people who admire the diversity and magnificence of the northern nature!

Traveling Iceland

This is the wonderful world of waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, caves, lava fields, concentrated on just one small island. This country is a paradise for ecotourism.

Travel to Nepal

Our journey is notable for the opportunity not only to see breathtaking mountain landscapes, but also to immerse yourself in the unique culture of Nepal, to communicate with the locals, to see the legendary temples. Staying in Kathmandu for 1-2 days, you can watch the jungle and ride on elephants. Photos of our wanderer Daniil Kalintsev.

Travels in Karelia

Alloys, rapids, fishing. Fascinating routes for every taste, more than ten rivers to choose from!

Amazing Africa

Unique author expeditions!

Unforgettable Crimea

The most vivid adventures in the Crimea! Tours for every taste!

Journey through the Fan Mountains and the Pamirs

High silver tops and calm smooth emerald lakes.

Non-classical Tibet!

Author tours in Amdo and Yunnan for those who are up to the sights worn down to holes!

Journey to the foot of Belukha

Belukha is the highest point of Altai and Siberia. At the foot of the snow-white mountain is the lake Ak-kem, where it is planned to make a base camp for further radial exits.

Africa travel tips

New Zealand Travel

In this journey, there really is EVERYTHING! We will tour almost all of New Zealand and fill our tour with real adventures!

Travels in Kamchatka

Several unforgettable trips with different levels of difficulty!

Great trip to Morocco

We are waiting for an active and informative tour: walks, tracks, surveys of fortresses and oases, camel rides and much more.

Africa travel tips

For 12 years, the Traveling Club “Strannik” has been uniting people who want to go beyond ordinary life, discover this world every day for themselves and want to be in harmony with themselves.

And all these years we have been proving that “Active life is not forbidden!”.

Traveling is not a vacation, it is a lifestyle. Mountains give an incomparable feeling of freedom and strength, they learn to overcome themselves, to be in harmony with the outside world. Breathtaking landscapes, new impressions, and most importantly, people who share this delight with you – this is why we spend our travels.

Every year the Wanderers become more and more, and what is especially pleasant, many, having gone on a hike with us one day, will soon again send an application for the next trip, and also actively join the club’s life, because we regularly train on sports tourism, go to the rocks , home stand, tourist trips and small weekend trips.

We are professionals

We have all the necessary licenses and conclude a contract for the provision of services with tourists. Our guides are professional instructors, rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, candidates for master of sports and sports tourism dischargers.

Once having gone on a hike with us, people become part of our Club: they plan new trips, take part in trips to the cliffs, in apartment buildings and weekend trips. We are a real team, in the ranks of which even families are created and a new generation of Wanderers appears :)

We create our own travels!

We do not resell other people’s tours! Everything that we offer we organize ourselves and we are fully responsible for our travels!

We make travels affordable.

We make travel possible for as many people as possible. We do not do VIP tours and do not offer services for fabulous money. We are not ashamed of our prices!

All Russia travels with us

People from all over the country are really traveling with us: from Nakhodka to Kaliningrad. Surgut, Yekaterinburg, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg – C trannits are everywhere!

Activities for everyone

You do not need special training to participate in the campaign, because we focus not on athletes, but simply on physically healthy people. We combine physical activity and comfort in the routes, therefore, children, adults and seniors travel with us.

Promotion for Wanderers from RedFox!

Our friends and partners continue to delight the Wanderers with generous discounts. This time, the official representation of the RedFox brand in Moscow gives you discount cards with nice bonuses!

"Rules of life" our guide Roman Maltsev

Friends, we continue to introduce you to the club team "Wanderer"! Our instructor for climbing Elbrus Roman Maltsev is an amazing person who made himself and turned children’s hobbies into a favorite job and creative hobby!

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