Affordable travel to Europe

Airbnb is an online search and rental service worldwide. But also in the Russian-speaking environment it is called airbnb, airbnb, arenaby, airbienby or arnbnb. The official website of airbnb (ayrbnb) in Russian is located at

Unlike monotonous hotel rooms, on Airbnb you will find unusual apartments, rooms, apartments, lofy and other types of accommodation. On airbnb there are very unusual and cheap places: houses in lighthouses, castles, private islands that can be rented by the day.

Travelers just want to live in the cultural environment of the country, which is why they choose Airbnb.

Registration and profile filling

Before you choose the option for renting accommodation on the airbnb website, first register.

26 euro for new users

A pleasant surprise from airbnb. All new users of the airbnb site can get 2100 rubles for their first booking.

Only 2 conditions:

  • Reservations must be from 71 euros and made within a year from the date of registration.
  • You must follow the link a special link to the official website of Airbnb.

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The important point is that the discount can periodically change – get a little more or less. So do not worry, this is normal. Use the bonus!

If you go through the official website

Step-by-step instruction

After clicking on the link with the bonus, select the method of registration on the airbnb website. The easiest is through a social network Facebook or Google account. Choose any of the methods and enter your login information in the airbnb there. Then the name, surname and other data will be picked up by the site automatically.

I’ll tell you how to register through the mail.

  1. Press the pink button “Register by email” on the official website of Airbnb in Russian.
  2. On airbnb we enter mail, first name, last name, password, date of birth. At the bottom, you can put a tick in order not to receive an advertising newsletter from airbnb.
  3. Click “Register”.
  4. Click “Accept”.
  5. Further welcome window from airbnb and 4 steps according to the instructions.
  6. Add a photo so that the hosts on airbnb can trust you too. Click “upload photo” or use the photo from your Facebook account.
  7. We confirm the phone on the airbnb website through a special code.
  8. We check our mail.

Everything. We are on the main page of the official site airbnb.

It is better to make your ID in advance. This is required for booking accommodation. On the airbnb website, this is the Confidence and Confirmation tab.

Click the “Upload Identity” button and follow the instructions.

You can choose any suitable method for uploading documents.

Choose an apartment

On the main page of the official website airbnb click on the tab “Accommodation.”

Enter the city from above. For example, Paris. Below is the date, the number of guests.

All other parameters are customizable. Try different filters to search for accommodation in airbnb. For example, set the type of “housing entirely.” The price is within the acceptable for the day.

In the tab “Other filters” enter the requirements: the number of beds, the Internet, whether you need a kitchen, the language of the owner of the house, with whom he can speak and more.

For example, here are the options for Paris from August 1 to August 7 for 2 guests. No additional requirements for airbnb housing. The screenshot shows only 4 of the 306 apartments found airbnb.

If you do not set the date of arrival and type of accommodation, then you can see all the available options for apartments airbnb. You can find airbnb room, which will be more convenient than in the whole apartment. Often there are new owners or previously booked apartments are released. It will be possible to rent an airbnb for yourself.

It is very convenient to use the map on the right side of the airbnb site. If it is not displayed, then tick the “Show map” checkbox to the right. It shows all the options with the location. Very convenient if you want to live in some part of the city. For example, closer to the Eiffel Tower.

Look at the different options, do not stop at one. So it’s easier to find the best type of housing airbnb.

If you want to see prices in other currencies, you can switch the currency at the bottom of the airbnb website page. You can also enable it here so that the airbnb website is in Russian.

On the airbnb housing page all conditions are additionally indicated. Carefully read. They write about the amenities, as well as the time of eviction and settlement of housing.

Be sure to read the cancellation information! It is free or not. Sometimes for a refusal of housing may be charged. All this is pre-registered with the owner of airbnb. Choose a free cancellation.

Check out the reviews on the airbnb to the host accommodation at the very bottom, which are written by the same ordinary airbnb travelers.

An additional criterion for verification of the host may be a sign in the photo “Verified Photo”. This will mean that the owner has confirmed his photo with the help of an airbnb photographer. This gives more guarantees. 100% can not be oriented to this criterion, since there are many owners and a small amount confirmed. Most often, this icon can be found at the owners from Europe and the USA.

Affordable travel to Europe

Homeowners who have a “Response rate” of 90% quickly respond.

If you are ordering accommodation for the first time, then do not choose owners who are registered on airbnb for less than 1 year. Look at the rating – stars near the profile.

Be sure to check if it is convenient for you to check in the apartment. As often settling around 14:00 and check out at 12:00. But there is housing with a flexible schedule.

When the choice of housing is made, click “Request reservation”.

Here, when you click on the link with the bonus, you will have a field with the link automatically applied.

After you need to click on “Agree and continue.”

Tell the landlord a little about yourself. Where are you coming from, how many of you, when you will, questions about accommodation (internet access, kitchen utensils), how to contact the owner upon arrival, how to get to the house and other information. You can additionally clarify something. So that you have already met a little before the trip.

Do not forget to write in the language that the owner speaks. This is indicated in his airbnb profile. Below are examples of messages.

Extra charges

In the service before paying in airbnb indicated all the additional costs for housing.

For example, collecting the airbnb platform for using the site and maintaining it. From 6 to 12 percent charge for this service. This does not mean that it is airbnb that earns it so cunningly. In booking, this price is already included in the price. Airbnb adds it when billing for housing. This allows you to pay the team work on the site.

Taxes and charges for accommodation – this is a special tax that is taken by local authorities for the fact that the owners rent their apartments and housing. The cost depends on the country, and sometimes such a tax may be absent altogether.

Cleaning fee. This is an additional charge that the owner takes for cleaning this room before moving into it. Guest pays – this is the rule. During the stay, the guest himself controls the cleanliness.

Pledge. Sometimes the owners may require a deposit for the safety of the property as insurance for themselves. Usually this is required only for expensive housing. The cost of 1-2 monthly rent (150-400 dollars). This money is not withdrawn from the card, but frozen. If the damage does not cause, then after living the money is returned back. This is all prescribed in terms of housing.

Payment in airbnb

The service takes 100% of the cost immediately after booking the accommodation. They are not transferred to the host, but are temporarily stored in the airbnb. Nobody needs to pay anything extra. Moreover, do not transfer any money, if the owner of the property speaks about it. Only if this was written in the conditions of booking accommodation in advance. For example, sometimes a tax or security deposit for an apartment is taken in cash.

Payments go through a bank card or Paypal. There are other ways depending on the country.

Enter the details and pay.

On airbnb, there are 3 options for the method of payment for housing through a card

  1. Payment in full through airbnb.
  2. Partial prepayment (installment plan).
  3. Sharing payment between friends.

When paying by airbnb in installments, the balance is written off on a specific date.

When you split a payment, you pay part of the amount, and the other – your friends. You can choose how many parts to divide it.

Many have difficulty writing the index. Here you need to specify the index you specified when opening your bank card. You are asked to enter only 5 digits in the field, so enter the first digits at your address.

According to the answers on the forums, specifying the index is not so important. Airbnb does not send anything to them. If you indicate another country when paying via airbnb, then enter any other index of this country.

Allowed to pay with the card of another person.

After entering all the data, click “Confirm and continue”.

Currency conversion

There is a separate nuance due to currency conversion. The fact is that the prices for airbnb are displayed in the currency of your choice. But the owner can set the price to another. For example, you are in Russian rubles, and the owner is in dollars, and the service costs euros. Currency will be converted twice. Your bank may additionally charge a fee for a transfer with a different exchange rate.

Previously, there was a method of transfer in the selected currency. That is, if you are traveling to Europe, then most often the euro is set by the landlord. You then choose an apartment, indicate at the bottom of the page that payment through airbnb is in euros, and you also pay with a bank card in euros. But now airbnb reviews are appearing, that the way is not always working and the commission is still on the way anyway.

I found one of the last ways that one of the users on the resource said. You can try, but the responsibility for the use will be on you, the method is not personally verified.

After payment

After payment on airbnb mail notification comes. On the site, you can view your trips in the “Trips” tab.

Airbnb for visa

Rental accommodation in airbnb is suitable for Schengen and other visas. After the reservation of housing print the document. If several people are traveling with you, then all should be indicated in the document. Enter the TIN, your address, date of birth or passport data for the receipt is not possible.

Use it to apply for a visa.

If you want to enter a person in the receipt for a visa, then open “Trips”, “View trips”.

There, select “View trip plan.”

There select “Manage guests”. You can add as many people as indicated when booking.

And then “Print.”

The second option is to open a trip plan through the mail. After booking, you will receive a confirmation message, click on the “View trip plan” button, then “Print” again.

Contact the owner of housing in airbnb, so that he would not mind adding an infant. Add it in a separate guest graph. Point it

The child will be counted as an individual. The support of airbnb answered that this is the only way so far: it is impossible to attribute the child and it will be taken into account when booking as 1 more person.

Business trips

If you make business trips or business trips, then it is not necessary to look for a hotel for this. Now you can find a cozy apartment through airbnb. Spending can be charged to the company. Just tell the management that you would like to find accommodation through airbnb.

This is useful to you, since special accommodation with excellent service will be offered, the ability to move in and move out at any time, you will not pay for accommodation. It is profitable for the company, as it helps to reduce the amount of taxes.

Go to the official page https: //

You can also open housing options through search filters in “Trip type”.

Similar to business travel through the filter, select “For Families”. Housing options with 5 stars in reviews, TV and kitchen will be filtered.

Affordable travel to Europe

Cancel Reservation

Three options for canceling your reservation:

The owners very rarely cancel the reservation. Usually if this happens, then this is warned for a month. A notification will be sent to the post office. It is important that you do not agree to cancel the booking yourself in your personal correspondence. This should make the owner of housing. Otherwise you will not be able to return the money.

Airbnb cancels reservations even less often. Usually this is connected with a system failure, for example, not so long ago a promotional code was included on the Network, which could be used to get housing at a discount of $ 200. Within a couple of days, the loophole was closed and airbnb alerted everyone that the armor for this promo code had been canceled. And not so long ago in Japan introduced a number of laws, because of which many owners could not officially receive guests. Airbnb tried to settle the question, it did not work out, and as a result, the cancellations were made automatically.

Often for the inconvenience airbnb gives bonuses.

If you cancel a reservation, a penalty may be charged for cancellation. The amount may also not fully return if the owner indicated this in the terms of renting an apartment.

Affordable travel to Europe

There are the following cancellation policies:

  • flexible (allowed cancellation in 24 hours);
  • moderate (cancellation in 5 days);
  • strict (get only 50%, cancellation no later than a week before settling);
  • strict (stitching) (full refund within 2 days after booking);
  • superstrict 30 and 60 (50% returned when canceled in 30 or 60 days);
  • long-term (payment for the first month is not refundable, cancellation not later than 30 days, valid for long-term bookings from 28 days).

Airbnb returns the service charge only 3 times a year, if the cancellation was within 2 days. The owner can see the number of bookings that you have canceled in the last year.

To cancel, go to the reservation, search and click on the “Cancel” button.

Usually the money is returned in 3-5 days.

Reservation change

Useful when changing the date of arrival, the number of guests. To do this, send a request to the host through the button “Change or cancel the reservation.”

If the reservation is changed, the service fee at a flexible condition is refunded for all the remaining days, with moderate only 50% for each next day, and at strict reservations – without refund.

Differences from Booking

Airbnb’s main competitor is booking. The differences between them are as follows:

  1. Booking provides only hotel rooms. Airbnb are private homeowners.
  2. Since these are ordinary apartments, breakfast is usually not included here, it does not provide shampoos, lotions and more. It all depends on your chosen location. Owners prescribe this to everyone.
  3. On Airbnb after booking, the money is debited immediately (the system reserves them, they don’t go to the apartment owner until you are evicted from the apartment).
  4. The owner may not respond to Airbnb immediately (below is a recommendation on how to check this).
  5. In the apartments Airbnb you can find rooms with kitchen, washing machine.
  6. On Booking – sharpened customer service. Works as a conveyor, with standard requirements and numbers. On Airbnb – an individual approach, where you can choose from completely different housing options.
  7. On Airbnb, house prices are usually 20–30% cheaper.


In addition to searching for a rental apartment abroad, use Airbnb, if relatives have come to you and need to place them somewhere.

Find interesting housing options in which you want to live at least a day.


  • Do not transfer any funds outside the airbnb service. Everything is stored and booked airbnb. Any requests from the owner to transfer funds directly – deception! Only on the official site

    If you are faced with airbianby fraud, then immediately contact customer support at the official airbnb website or email safety @

    Airbnb phone

    Most of the popular answers are collected in the help section: https: //

    If this does not help, then contact https: //

    Do not forget to describe in detail the whole problem and what happened. So airbnb specialists will be easier to understand.

    In cases of fraud or blocking of your account, please contact us directly at safety @

    Airbnb support phone:

  • 8 (800) 301 71 04 for the CIS countries;
  • +7 (495) 465 8090 (airbnb phone for Russia).

If you are in another country, here is a list of airbnb hotlines in other countries.

Urgent questions are answered in the airbnb group https: //

Mobile app

For users of anroid and iOS, there are airbnb applications that can be downloaded to the phone and installed.

Deleting an account on the Airbnb website

Click on the link https: //

You can also open this page on airbnb through the “Account”, “Settings”, then “Deactivate my account” on airbnb.

But the deactivated account can still be restored. You can do this or completely remove your airbnb account via the support service https: //

Airbnb Reviews

As with any service, the airbnb reviews are conflicting. Of course, who likes to plunge into the atmosphere of culture, live as a resident of the country, he always finds only advantages in airbnb. Others are constantly trying to find airbnb cons, but maybe they just had no luck, so they leave negative feedback about airbnb. You decide. I booked apartments through airbnb in 3 countries and there were no problems anywhere. All the hosts were kind, polite and resolved any questions that might arise. My airbnb review is cool!

  • Contact the owner in airbnb in advance: 10 days and 2-3 days before departure. Is everything in force and whether the reservation is not canceled.
  • To rent a room on airbnb is cheaper. You will live with the owner. It helps to know where the store, pharmacy, bar. Whether the host communicates with the guests can be read in the description of housing.
  • Rooms for two can be cheaper than rooms for one.
  • Outskirts more often cheaper. But if you plan to travel frequently to the center, then count the budget. It is often worth buying more expensive housing in the center, but there is no need to constantly use public transport and spending will decrease.
  • Airbnb service does not work in Crimea.
  • Do not leave trash behind you. The owner will leave a negative review about you in airbnb.
  • Leave a good review about housing!


I think that living in hotels when you come to another country is like being in a country in transit. Imagine if your room is looking at the Eiffel Tower, and it costs only 20 euros per day. You look out the window, and the locals walk along the street. Under the house cafe. The window smells like baking. The feeling that you have always lived here.

It is with airbnb that you can find such places, as much as possible immerse yourself in the culture while traveling. And not so long ago, the Impressions tab appeared on the main page of the official website of Airbnb. Here you can find interesting entertainment in a place of rest.

And to make it even nicer, get a bonus from me for registering on the airbnb website. Then it will come out cheaper! About other bonuses on the page “Coupons”.

So travel. Fantasize. Learn. Enjoy your holiday with airbnb!

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