Abandoned amusement park

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About a Palestinian friend

Funny story. About nine years ago, this Palestinian died in a Moscow hospital from kidney stones. As you understand, no one wanted to do it without a lot of money. He was poor as a church mouse. And everyone did not care about him. In addition to me, in the past, a soldier of the Israeli army. Paradox. In an absolutely incredible way, fate brought us together at that moment in time, and I gave him all my modest savings for the operation. Everything went well, the guy recovered and even gave me back a couple of years later. In my act, I saw a certain higher morality. Now the man has grown up in all respects, has become a big shot and even participates in negotiations with Israel. However. that’s another story, and we will return to an abandoned amusement park.

Abandoned amusement park

The secret of the aircraft Boeing 707 4X-JYK

First of all, about the strange Boeing-707, which in the most fantastic way stands on the eternal parking in the mountainous area in the middle of a small abandoned park. Where did he come from? For a long time we were looking for an answer to this question, the whole Internet break was not answered. I must say that even the local Palestinians from the Askar refugee camp had no idea where the plane came from. They were surprised to see your humble servant, who, in search of an answer, moved from the UNRWA mission to the police and back. In order to clarify the situation, a major of the Palestinian police was caught, who called his colleague and finally the mystery of the plane was revealed to us!

Abandoned amusement park

So, the plane began its journey in the airline Air France in the late 60s. He flew in Europe and North Africa. Then, in the 80s, it was sold to the Israeli army and worked as a military transport aircraft of the Israeli Air Force under the number 4X-JYK. In the 90s, the Israeli army wrote it off for scrap. This rarity got a second life after it was bought by some Israeli businessman as scrap metal and transported it to the town of Rosh-Pina (north of Israel) and made a restaurant from an old man.

But the deal with the restaurant did not go, apparently, and in a certain period of time about five years ago (the exact date is unknown) the plane was sold to a Palestinian businessman from Nablus. The old man was taken apart and taken to the Palestinian autonomy. But, apparently, the plane did not bring happiness to its new owner, as well as the old one.

Abandoned amusement park

Amusement park

The amusement park did not last long. It’s hard to say why. Versions expressed different. Someone said that the Israeli army was to blame for everything, which at one time established a checkpoint exactly between the park and the city. And the residents could not get there. Others told me that, out of touch with the Israelis, things did not go and they abandoned the case. Where is the truth – I do not know. One way or another, but this is how it all looks –

Rarely have countries and places caused such deep feelings in me. But this unfortunate amusement park grieved very much. Palestinian children for generations grow in hatred of Israel and in the consciousness of the hopelessness of their own existence. In the 500 thousandth (including refugee camps) Nablus there is not a single amusement park for children. Absolutely no one gives a damn about children, in whose lives there is nothing joyful: neither the Israelites, "who killed" the park was its checkpoint (the post was eventually removed a couple of years ago), nor the thieving Palestinian Authority investing money in building palaces for themselves. You should see how servants of the Palestinian people live – Moscow Rublevka will envy. But there is no money for children. No one. Therefore, young people grow up on values ​​like how to become a shahid and kill more infidels. All the streets of Palestinian cities are hung with banners and signs of aggressive content from Islamic radicals. It’s sad.

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