A warm place to stay in February

Mid-autumn is not a good time for a beach holiday in Russia. But there is a near country where the sun is shining, the temperature reaches +30, and the sea is just magical and warms no worse than air. Do you know where it is? – This is in Turkey and its resorts, one of which is Alanya. It is said that the weather in Alanya in October 2019 is warm, and sometimes reminds of summer days. At the same time, the temperature of the water in the sea is not in a hurry to cool down and will be no lower than +25 degrees almost until November, that is, until winter.

But it does not cost much to be seduced by such indicators of weather conditions. October is autumn, and autumn is autumn, and here rains and cooling are possible. So a pair of warm clothes and an umbrella should be in your suitcase. Read more about what you can expect at this resort in mid-autumn, read on.

With the arrival of October, the air temperature drops a little during the day. On average, the day is always about +26 degrees Celsius. There are even hotter days with temperatures below plus thirty, and there are some cold snaps, and then the thermometers show no more than +17. But the temperature regime in this month is calmer and there is no strong drop. So meteo-sensitive people can safely relax here.

You will be interested to read reviews of tourists about the rest in Alanya this year.

In our latitudes at the beginning of autumn cold nights. Here, even in October, the nights are warm and you can safely walk along the sea. After sunset, and it usually happens here around 19 o’clock in the evening, it becomes +25, at night it can cool down a little more and become +20 +22 degrees. It is not surprising that tourists are in no hurry to disperse to hotels in the evenings and walk along the promenade and along the sea through the very darkness.

And not just walk, but some also bathe. The sea is not cold this month. It was in September at about +25 +27 degrees, and it remained the same warm. The only change was a little more waves. The wind blows more and more. And the sea reacts to this. But in October, the waves are not an obstacle for the swimmers, so therefore you can not worry about.

According to statistics in October in Alanya 29 fully sunny days. These are the days when the sun shines more than 75% of the day. Rare clouds hide the sun for a while, and after a couple of minutes it warms the earth and the rest again.

A warm place to stay in February

There is little rain and only 1-2 days can be completely rainy. In total, it can rain up to five times a month, and as a rule it is closer to the end of the month. In October, about 15 millimeters of rain falls here, which is very, very small for this time of year. So the month can be called almost dry.

Alanya is not the only resort in Turkey. Look at the map with the best sandy beaches in Turkey’s resorts and choose your vacation spot.

What can prevent your vacation in Alanya in October? Yes, essentially nothing. Over the past ten years there has never been extreme weather conditions, and the temperature has remained unchanged for many years. But still take a couple of tips with you. First, as we have said, grab warm clothes and an umbrella. They will not take much space in a suitcase, and even if they are not useful to you, then do not worry.

Secondly, the sun is still very active, so it is possible that after a cool and rainy September in Russia, your body will react to the new heat. Some people, especially children, may have a fever. And adults may feel bad. Therefore, you should have a minimum set of pills. Also, do not forget about protective creams to protect your skin from problems. The sun’s rays will easily burn out the skin that has lost its habit of sun, especially the sun’s rays are active after dinner.

A warm place to stay in February

Review of tourists about the weather in Alanya in October

“Holidays in Alanya in the middle of autumn are sheer pleasure. The sun shines all day, no rain, the sea is calm and warm. You can spend days on the beach, and in the evenings you can walk around the city or go on excursions. In general, it is worth coming here in October. ”

“Would you like to have a plus on the sea in October with a plus?” Then you only in Turkey and the resort of Alanya. These days there is heat and warm sea. And there are not so many tourists, and you can safely come to the beach at any time – there is enough space for everyone. Prices did not drop very much, but they are not high anyway. I recommend this place to everyone in the fall and fly here myself every year. ”

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