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Consider the most popular excursions in Pattaya in 2018 with prices and descriptions.

The resort of Pattaya in Thailand is interesting by the abundance of interesting excursions, both in the city itself and in the surrounding area. And numerous reviews of tourists confirm this. About the most interesting excursions in Pattaya and the story goes in this review of places that are definitely worth a visit. A description of what awaits during the excursions, prices, photos of these beautiful places and other recommendations will help to orient in the many offers from travel agencies.

General information and recommendations for excursions in Pattaya

Excursion tour programs:

  • temples, statues, sights;
  • natural beauty in national parks and the underwater world;
  • shows, amusement parks and attractions;
  • active rest, extreme.

Having arrived on a package tour, the vacationer gets into the “turn” of the guide, who claims that he has the lowest prices on everything that one can buy, and if there is something cheaper somewhere, then there is a great danger of running into illegal immigrants. This myth from the guides is a long-time reception for increasing sales, and its prices are surely too high. You can choose and book a tour on the websites of various agencies on the Internet or in the local office, such tents are found throughout the city.

  • Prices. The cost of the same excursions in “street agencies” is undoubtedly lower than that of a tour operator (Biblio-Globus, Tez Tur, Pegasus, Natalie Tours, Anex Tour, etc.), and often they are cheaper than on sites of famous travel services. and excursions such as

As a transfer, comfortable buses or minivans are provided that are necessarily equipped with air conditioning – there is no other way in the country of eternal summer. Tourists are taken at the appointed time from the hotel and brought back.

Sights that can be viewed for free in Pattaya

You can walk along some significant places of the resort town and dispense with the services of a tour desk, because there are a lot of historical or interesting places, besides with free entrance. You need to use only the services of taxi drivers and local public transport – tuk-tukami. To visit such places in Pattaya on your own should be at least in order to fully manage your time, not feeling the rush that happens when traveling in a group. Also here you can make great photos.

One of the so-called must see, the main attraction is the Buddha Hill (Buddha Hill) with a huge statue (Big Buddha Pattaya), from where a panorama of the Jomtien district and the Tower of Pattaya Park opens, however, the branches of trees are a bit in the way. To get here is very simple, this point is easy to find on the map, the hill is located between Pratumnak and Thappray streets.

On the way to the Buddha, you need to look into a beautiful garden with Chinese-style buildings and statues of Confucius, Lao Tzu and the goddess of peace and mercy Guanyin. Next to the staircase to the statue of Buddha, you will see a string of bells that you need to call, moving from one to another – it is believed that the ringing clears sins.

Climbing the stairs of 120 steps, on the sides of which the seven-headed mythical snakes Nagi are located, you will find yourself at the seated Big Buddha surrounded by other smaller sculptures. The height of the statue, covered with a thin layer of gold – 15 meters.

In the farthest part of the site is the imprint of the Buddha’s stupa, where you have to make a wish! On the hill there is a Buddhist temple Wat Phra Yai (Wat Phra Yai), where you can get the blessing of a monk who will tie a rope on his hand. It is believed that when it breaks or falls, good luck will come to you. View from quadcopter:

Observation deck on Pratumnak Hill. From the nearby Khao Phra Tam Nak Hill (Khao Phra Tam Nak) there is a magnificent view of the city and the most beautiful view of the whole city and the coast of Pattaya Bay with its ships and yachts all along the coast of the bay. The height of the point is 98 meters above sea level. Even the island of Koh Lan is visible from here. The main place for fantastic photographs against the background of the view of the famous resort of Thailand, from this point were made photos that adorn the advertising booklets of the city. At the site you can see the monument to the founder of the Thai fleet, the prince and Admiral Krom (his full name consists of 29 letters), immersed in flowers and fragrance of incense.

You can come to the hill at any time, but this part of it is open until 21 o’clock. The best time to visit is after about 16 o’clock, when the sun moves to sunset, the heat subsides, and in front of you there will be pictures of the city view during the day, evening and night. You can walk in the vicinity of the observation platform of Pattaya in the park with treadmills and a platform for fitness.

The observation deck at the inscription Pattaya located on the same hill, just need to go down a little lower. From the site near the giant letters, which have become the hallmark of the city, there is a view of the Bali Hai Pier and the central part of Pattaya. The panorama is not so wide here, but the details are more distinct. In addition, there are fewer people, you can sit on a free shop. Entrance to the grounds and the hill of the Buddha is free.

Walking Street and Beach Road. With the onset of late evening, you just need to walk along the main central street, Volkin Street, which flows into the beach beach road or just “Bichka”. For many tourists, the nightlife of the “city of sin”, which has gained popularity in the sex tourism mecca, is the main goal of the train to this resort. Active life begins with sunset, embodying the abode of courage and complete detachment by night! Music rushes everywhere – from rock hits from beer bars to disco beats from the dancefloors. Go-go bars c girls dancing at the poles, “show for adults”, Muay Thai mini-arenas, live concerts and street performers … Between all this are the ubiquitous “makashnitsy” who want to feed all Asian dishes. Many bars and restaurants are located on Beach Road, overlooking the bay and the rows of girls looking for a companion for the night … or at least for an hour.

Golden Buddha Mountain Khao Chee Chan – Another major attraction of Pattaya and Thailand in general. Made of gold leaf, the 160-meter image of the Buddha is applied to Khao Chi Chang mountain using laser technology. Buddhists come to this sacred place to bow to the teacher, light candles and meditate. At the foot of the mountain, you can stroll through the beautiful tropical garden with lakes, whose surface is decorated with lotus flowers. You need to look for the mountain to the south of the city, which can be reached independently by private transport or as part of an organized excursion. Temple complex and park Wat Yan (Wat Yan) – one of the largest in the country. It is built five kilometers from the Buddha’s mountain. A visit here perfectly diversifies the rest after tourist noise in Pattaya. The monastery museum of Wat Yannasangwararam (Wat Yannasangvararam), as its full name sounds, has collected temples with exhibitions from different times of Thailand, China and Tibet. At the entrance charge a small fee of 50 baht (≈

Vineyard Silver Lake. To the left of the mountain there is another beautiful well-kept place – a corner of Europe in the middle of Asia, a huge estate in the Italian style. The lake is surrounded by a vineyard and a valley with flowers among landscapes of mountains. Shops and cafes offer wines, juices and sweets from grapes. There is a free territory and the main one with a paid entrance costing 50 baht (≈

The best tours in Pattaya on reviews

Top 5 tours that are included in the compulsory program for most tourists. Approximate prices are indicated on the purchase of the tour and include a transfer from the hotel and back, an entrance ticket, and sometimes guide services. In many places you can go alone by taxi or private transport, paying only for the entrance. But often take advantage of the offer of travel agencies is more profitable.

  1. Khao Kheo Open Zoo

The vast territory of the zoo, where there are no cells, because for animals and birds created the conditions in which they feel like in their natural habitat. At the entrance, an electric car meets, which will transport all over the territory of the park drowning in the tropical greenery. Animal feeding kits can be purchased on site. The best place for touching shots, for example, in an embrace with a rare animal medvekot. On the territory there is a two-story pavilion Wonder Land, where an animal show will be shown in a miniature copy of the jungle. Price 500 baht (≈

  1. Tropical Garden Nong Nooch

The botanical garden is recognized as the largest in all of Southeast Asia, it demonstrates a delightful landscape design. Walking along the paths and bridges among the lush vegetation by ponds, fountains and a variety of sculptures, you can find yourself in France, Italy, Japan … And take colorful photos to envy your friends. The garden will have a chance to play with tame animals, admire the show of elephants making tricks and take part in recreational activities. In the park of butterflies, these bright beauties boldly sit on visitors. Price 600 baht (≈

The whole world in miniature on one platform – this is possible when the outstanding buildings and monuments of Thai and world architecture are presented at a scale of 1:25. Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum and St. Basil’s Cathedral fit in the Mini Europe thematic area. Copies of the masterpieces of ancient and modern architecture of Thailand and the countries of Southeast Asia are located in the “Mini Siam” part. Price 450 baht (≈

  1. Temple of Truth. One of the most important local attractions, the height of a 30-storey house. Construction continues for decades, and without a single nail. The museum of wooden architecture is decorated with the finest carvings. The temple symbolizes the unification of all Eastern religions into one “eternal truth” and every detail, sculpture and spire are endowed with symbolic meaning. The program includes a sword show, dolphin show, elephant riding and other activities. You can go here yourself, you need to look for the temple in the northern part of the city, in a very picturesque place off the coast of the Gulf of Siam. Price 550 baht (≈

    Two day excursion to the River Kwai

The most popular journey, which will allow to see the real Thailand! A rich program will open up the beauty of a stunning exotic nature, introduce you to the culture of the Thai people and give you the opportunity to taste rare Asian delicacies. Seven-level waterfall “Eravan”, walking on a sharp-nosed boat in the floating market, teak factory and thermal springs, riding on elephants, overnight stay in the hotel afloat – get ready for two days of new discoveries! One of the highlights is rafting down the Kwai River in vests or on bamboo rafts. What to take on the road? Personal hygiene items and swimwear, warm clothes and comfortable shoes, pocket money.

Prices determine the level of the hotel, a list of places to visit, etc., from 2,100 to 4,000 baht (≈

Excursions to water parks and attractions in Pattaya

Going to the water rides, bring your bathing accessories (but leave the best swimsuit at home), towels and shower gels. They can be bought on the spot. Water parks have fast-food restaurants and sun beds with umbrellas, luggage storage is available. The cost of the tour includes visits to all attractions without exception.

RamaYana Water Park opened in 2016, becoming the largest and most modern in the whole Kingdom, here you will find more than fifty water rides for children and adults. Crystal clear water taken from natural sources. Relaxation in the pool with an artificial wave gives way to the thrill of a whirlwind of spirals of water slides. The new water park is an unbridled fun and extreme power at breakneck speeds. There are also children’s areas where instructors will look after your child.

Price 1200 (≈

The Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park has created a famous children’s TV channel, because its rainforest is full of characters from popular animated series that are embodied in the water rides and life-size puppets themselves.

Several thematic zones are given to activities of varying degrees of extremity. There is a slide for surfing, a wave pool and a “lazy river”. A separate area is equipped for very young children. The water park is open until late, and there is an opportunity to stay there with virtually no visitors.

Price 1200 baht (≈

Siam Park in Bangkok All day to be entertained in the largest amusement park in Bangkok, where there are several zones: a water park, attractions, three children’s areas and a wave pool, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world. “Tornado”, “Whirlwind” and free fall from 75 meters – the ocean of passions Siam Park City is waiting! On the spacious territory you can walk for a long time, taking a photo. The trip is often combined with dinner on the highest tower of the Thai capital, Bayok Sky. Price – 900 baht (≈

Disneyland Dream World Dream World in Bangkok – Asian Disneyland for children and adults. You will find yourself in the Garden of Dreams, the Land of Fantasies and the Land of Adventures. The park entertains with fun carnivals with fireworks and attractions for all tastes. Children will meet their favorite heroes of fairy tales and cartoons with which they love to be photographed. Price 900 baht (≈

Discovery tour “7 in 1” Discovery translates as “discovery” and this program will give a lot of cultural and gastronomic discoveries. In one day, you will visit seven places, two zoos – Khao Keo and a tiger, two farms – oyster and pineapple, in two Chinese temples and the “Temple of Hell and Paradise.” The perfect day trip for the whole family!

Price 900 baht (≈

Active excursions in Pattaya

ATVs Excursion “ATVs in Pattaya” – off-road safaris, which are loved by experienced riders and beginners. Driving an all-terrain vehicle, the brave souls will overcome about 40 km, enjoying the beauty of Thai nature, enjoy the magnificent view from the chapel of the Wat Yang temple complex, pick pineapples and rubber plantations, take a halt at the shore of the lake to refresh themselves in its crystal clear water. And all this can be removed on the video camera on the helmet. The tour is accompanied by experienced instructors, they will teach management, explain the features of the route and take care of safety. The price is 1,700–2300 baht for over 16 years. Passenger 1100 baht (≈

The duration of the tour is 3-5 hours. What to take with you: swimwear, changeable clothes, a hat and sunscreen, a flash card. And put on the fact that “do not mind.”

Flying Tarzana A 3-km cableway was laid over the crowns of tropical trees in the Tree Top Adventure Park adventure park, which is a 20-minute drive from Pattaya resort. Fans of thrills waiting for a flight over the jungle on a bungee and “flying bikes”, crossing the rope bridge, and a sea of ​​positive! Price 1800 baht (≈

Jawl Call “Cable Rides” Cable Rides – a trip to the longest cable route of Asia with a length of 3.2 km, it was built in the reserve Kao Yai Da. You will see amazing views of the mountains and plains. Price 2500 baht (≈

Other similar tours, prices in Baht

  • The flight of the Gibbon – 3200 (≈

Oceanarium “Underwater World” Oceanarium Underwater World Pattaya is spread over a huge area of ​​19 thousand square meters. m. Here settled giants of Siam fish and small exotic fish, huge turtles and other inhabitants of rivers and seas, more than 4 thousand species. Some can feed and even stroke! A glimpse into the secrets of the underwater world allows you to walk along the “bottom of the ocean” in the form of a 100-meter tunnel. Price 450-600 baht for children up to 120 cm 300-500 baht. Inspection time 1, 5 hours. Take with a photographic video equipment.

Dolphinarium “World of Dolphins” (Pattaya Dolphin World) Beautiful and intelligent creatures demonstrate their talents, with them you can swim and treat them to fish. You will see a miracle of nature – pink dolphins, which are not in Russian dolphinariums.

Dolphinarium in Pattaya

Price and duration: show – 45 min. 750 baht (≈

Crocodile farm and park of million-year stones Feeling a surge of adrenaline after the show of brave men taming huge crocodiles and snakes, guests follow to the unique “Park of million-year stones and trees”, a favorite place for tourists for photo shoots against the background of unique Japanese-style landscape. The local restaurant serves dishes from reptiles. Price 400-500 baht for children 300 baht (≈

Safari Park in Bangkok Safari World offers a Thai version of an African safari. Driving through a huge park on the bus through the natural habitats of animals, including predators, will meet with them “evil eye on the eye.” Price 1250 baht (≈

Tiger Zoo Siracha Bengal tigers get along peacefully with dogs and pigs, all thanks to a unique feeding technology. Feed the animals and visitors. The tiger zoo Sriracha Tiger Zoo invites you to a crocodile show, an exotic bird enclosure and an elephant ride. You can take a photo with a tiger cub and other inhabitants. Price 650 baht (≈

Other similar tours, prices in baht

58 tour eiffel reviews

  • Snake farm and snake show – 250 (≈

    Excursions to the islands of Pattaya

On the islands in the waters of the Gulf of Siam, not only lovers of sunbathing and beach holidays will have a good and useful time. The sea wave attracts lovers of water skiing and windsurfing, while coral reefs attract divers and snorkelers. The path to the islands on the ferry will be an additional decoration of the walk. Visiting the island takes all day, from early morning until sunset. There are two-day tour offers. Do not forget sunscreen.

Ko Samet Island in the style of “bounty” with white sand in the shade of palm trees is ideal for dating lovers and family vacation. Price 800-1000 baht, a child – from 500 baht (≈

Good luck island Sychang After feeding huge turtles in the city of Siracha and visiting the ancient Chinese temple of Koh Lai islet, you will have to ferry to Si Chang island. A three-wheeled tuk-tuk will take you to the mysterious Buddhist Monastery of Good Luck to find yourself in a cave of “thousands of desires” and a cave of mountain spirit, where you have to make a cherished wish. After the cultural and educational program – beach holiday! Price 1,400 baht (≈

Two-day tour to the island of Koh Chang. A beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand is loved for its picturesque landscapes and amazing beaches. Excellent rest, accommodation in a comfortable hotel, night fire show, a trip on a motor ship on the neighboring islands, acquaintance with the underwater world, barbecue and “cool” fishing. Price depending on the hotel and the program from 2 to 4 thousand baht. Children discount up to 50%. Food and insurance.

Other island excursions, prices in Baht

  • A two-day trip to Koh Kood – from 3350 (≈

    Boat trips and fishing in Pattaya

Madagascar A walk aboard the sea liner with competitions from Russian animators and a foam party alternates with a visit to the uninhabited island of Ko Rin and the island of monkeys Ko Ped. On the way you can go snorkeling and fishing. Price from 1500 baht (≈

Boat trip on the catamaran Sea Breeze Comfortable catamaran Sea Breeze goes to the protected area, closed for free to visit – the uninhabited islands of the archipelago of Koh Pai. After fishing on the high seas with a catamaran, the team prepares a total catch. Price from 1600 baht (≈

Other sea excursions, prices in Baht.

  • Sea cruise to the islands “Pattaya Bay Cruise” – 1500 (≈

    Beach holiday resort Pattaya

All these beaches are good because the water on them is not muddy, as in the city and go here closer than to the island of Koh Lan. There are the best beaches to the south of Pattaya, near the city of Sattahip.

The Blue Lagoon (Military Beach) “Military Beach” or Sai Kaew beach on the territory of the military unit is included in the compulsory program of experts of Pattaya. The best beach in the vicinity is characterized by azure rather than muddy water and clean white sand.

Beach dancing girl Adored by many a place of rest with clear water, where Thai families like to spend weekends. It is a little longer to go to Hat Nang Ram than to the “blue lagoon”, but with its landscapes and clean water, the place is very reminiscent of the famous beaches of Krabi Island.

Pattaya Evening Show

Colosseum show The largest cabaret-theater, whose performers are talented transgender people – men who have become women. Dressed in bright glamorous robes, they unfold a large-scale view against the backdrop of colorful decorations. The transvestite show takes place in a unique building, whose architecture recreates the elements of the famous ancient Roman arena “Colosseum”, the construction of which cost 400 million Thai baht. Price depends on the sector, 450-550 baht (transfer and ticket). One-act performance of 14 numbers lasting 75 minutes.

Tiffany Show Pervovents among all travesty shows in Asia, because the ticket here is the most expensive among other similar. There are no principal differences between the transvestite shows, these are dance numbers, songs to the phonogram (including Russian performers) and the demonstration of the figures of “beloved” beauties, or rather beauties. Price depends on the sector, 750-900 baht (transfer and ticket). Duration is an hour and a half.

Alcazar During the performance, you can videotape and photograph, which is prohibited in other similar theaters. Price depends on the sector, 450-600 baht (transfer and ticket). Duration 1 hour.

Photos with artists show transvestites in Pattaya can be done at the end of the performance for a fee, usually 100 baht (≈

Theater Alangkarn. Enchanting colorful presentation tells about the rich culture and traditions of the Kingdom of Siam. This is something other than Tiffany and the Colosseum. In addition to dancing, the theater uses the concept of a panoramic performance, the show involves all sorts of technical innovations – pyrotechnics and laser shows. The presentation of the seven acts is accompanied by two large screens and surround sound. Price 900 baht (≈

Muay Thai Boxing Muay Thai fighters demonstrate mastery of the ancient national martial art of Thailand. Real Muay Thai fights are full of excitement and every viewer is so overwhelmed with emotions that it is simply impossible to sit still. Price: 1300 baht (≈

Other evening programs in Pattaya

Show magicians Tuxedo. The illusion of virtuoso wizards and beautiful women distracting the vigilance of the viewer. Tuxedo Magic Theater is considered the most popular family show in Pattaya. Especially responsive to such children and visiting the magic show will delight them! Price 700 baht (≈

Show for adults in Pattaya

Pinpong shows Entertainment for adults, which can hardly be called erotic, although it can only be attributed to this area. The girls demonstrate unprecedented opportunities for the genitals, if they are used for other purposes. They can smoke, whistle, throw darts and even hide and pull the blades. The ticket includes a drink, it is customary to tip the girls.

Show 69 The famous X-show, despite the demonstration of candid numbers, takes place on a large stage and gathers the stands of spectators. Most of all, one is surprised at the capabilities of the human body, or rather, of its specific organs. Before you – sex acrobats! Price 500 baht (≈

Other similar shows, prices in baht:

58 tour eiffel reviews

  • Show for adults “Big Eye» (Big Eye Show) – 500-800
  • Fantasy show with Russian dancers – 400

Negative reviews about excursions in Pattaya

Everywhere there are promotional offers of free transfers and taxis with a sightseeing tour of Pattaya. Tourists carry on shops, pharmacies, farms and factories, offering them an abundance of Asian goods cheap. So say the owners of such places as Vovan-shop, Toscano and other “zamanuh.” By disguising this business as an excursion, tour operators simply earn money by getting a percentage of their purchases. You can guess that the prices are too high, sometimes up to 300% of the purchasing, while in other stores of the city they wind up only a maximum of 100%. Latex pillow for a special store for tourists will cost 2500 baht (≈

The same goes for buying gold in jewelry factories. I already wrote about divorce in an article on gold. The same goes for buying leather and souvenir shops. By yourself in Pattaya you will find prices many times less.

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