58 tour Eiffel

Today it is impossible to imagine Paris without the elegant silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Named after its architect, engineer Gustave Eiffel, today it is the most famous landmark of the city, which since its grand opening in 1889 has been visited by over two hundred million people.

You can fall on the first and second levels of the tower using high-speed elevators or walk up stairs (328 steps to the first level and 340 to the second). Undoubtedly the most impressive view of the city opens from the last – third – level, which can only be reached by making a transfer at the second level. There is also a recreated interior of the Eifel engineer room.

There are also two restaurants to choose from: “Height 95” (Altitude 95) at the first level (95 meters above sea level) and expensive gastronomic restaurant “Jules Verne” (Jules Verne) at the second.

To appreciate all the beauty and elegance of the tower, it is best to begin your acquaintance with the tower from the terrace of the Chaillot Palace, located opposite the other side of the river. And already from there, plenty admiring the view, walk on foot to the Eiffel Tower on the esplanade filled with greenery and fountains. Despite the seemingly significant distance, the walk itself will take you fifteen to twenty minutes.

And do not miss the opportunity to look at the world-famous landmark in the evening or at night, when the golden iridescent backlighting gracefully emphasizes the delicacy of the metal construction.

58 tour Eiffel

From the history of the Eiffel Tower

It is probably difficult to believe in this, but the construction of an almost three hundred and twenty meter high tower (which is approximately equal to the height of an eighty-story skyscraper) took only a little more than two years. Three hundred workers took part in the construction, bringing together during this time 18,038 structural elements, for which more than two and a half million rivets were used.

This Yefel Tower, which today, along with wines and cheeses throughout the world, is a symbol of France and a masterpiece of engineering, at one time caused many controversial opinions. Writer Guy de Maupassant, for example, argued that he hates a new-fashioned building, although this did not prevent him from regularly having lunch at one of its restaurants. Responding to the surprised inquiries, Maupassant said that this restaurant is the only place in Paris from which it is impossible to see such a useless and monstrous structure.

Some facts

P about completion of construction in 1889. The Eiffel Tower became the tallest building in the world and held the palm for the next forty years.

58 tour Eiffel

Today it takes the 5th place in the list of the tallest buildings in France and the first place in Paris, the second is the Montparnasse Tower with a height of 210 meters.

The metallic construction of the tower weighs 7,300 tons, and considering the non-metallic components, the weight of the tower approaches 10,000 tons. To understand the cost-effectiveness of the design, imagine that molten 7,300 tons of metal will fill an area of ​​125 square meters. m. only 6 cm thick

Maintenance of the structure requires about 50-60 tons of paint every seven years to protect it from rust. To maintain the uniformity of the appearance of the tower for the observer from the ground, the paint is applied in three levels: the darker one is applied at the base of the tower, and the lighter one is higher towards the top.

And if a little more?

In general, if it comes to the Eiffel Tower, as the main symbol of Paris, then very few people remember the name “Trocadero.” Although for Parisians this place is closely connected with the world-famous iron beauty, which offers an unsurpassed view from this square. We will try to tell you how to spend time near the tower in order to get real pleasure, as well as advise where to end the evening after visiting the heritage of the French Republic.

And so, you were not afraid of the queues at the cash desks and you still visited its very top, perhaps you even drank excellent cognac at a bar on the second floor, took photos, bought souvenirs and think what to do next. Or, at the sight of a huge queue or because of the fear of heights, they refused to climb and just did not know what to do. In any case, you are now at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the left bank of the Seine. Behind you, if you are facing the water, there is a beautiful park called the Champ de Mars. Perhaps you have already walked along it, and if not, we recommend this place for gatherings on a flat long lawn and a few good shots, and if you travel with a dog, then you have one of the best places for walking a four-legged friend. Anyway, this is a wonderful park, but now we’ll tell you about it.

T about the place, which will be discussed further, is located opposite the Eiffel Tower on the other side of the river, so you will need to move to the right bank. If you like walking on the magic pavements of this city, then the walk will take you about fifteen to twenty minutes, but if not, you can take a taxi to Trocadero Square.

And so, you find yourself in the sixteenth quarter of Paris. He is known for being one of the most luxurious and impressive. There are many embassies, receptions palaces, elite places of rest on quiet deserted boulevards with old gorgeous mansions, besides there are many famous politicians, art people, big businessmen, criminal authorities and just people who like the calm and measured atmosphere of luxury. But all this is a little further from the river, if you move deep into the winding streets of stone of the color of creme brulee and rainy Parisian sky. In the meantime, now you just crossed the bridge, and in front of you the palace of Chaillot with its gardens is scattered. You can read about this creation literally in the next section, so now we will not focus on this. We can only say that now in its halls are often held interesting exhibitions related to the world of fashion, cinema and avant-garde art, as well as one of the dramatic theaters.

58 tour Eiffel

And besides, in the middle of the palace there is an excellent observation deck on the Eiffel Tower, from which many famous photographs were taken and where you can walk and admire the view. Just be careful: in this place there are simply hordes of young people of inexplicable nationality who are ready to do anything to sell their primitive souvenirs. Most likely, you have already met them before, but still it is sometimes better to stay away from them. For souvenirs there are wonderful shops, as well as in any tobacco shop you can buy a key chain with the sights of Paris. In any case, note that on this viewing platform you can meet several groups with people of a non-traditional view of life, and, more simply, “freaks”. If your psyche is stable to them – there are no problems, and if not, then around seven in the evening on weekends, refrain from this place. But this story is not about the palace of Chaillot, although there is no doubt that this is an excellent place for photography and if you are interested in this kind of art, then no doubt this information will not be in vain and the world will see new masterpieces, and the Eiffel Tower will be on them amazing.

And so, if you took all the photos, then, after going through the observation platform, you will go to the Trocadero Square. “And what is so special about it that made you drag here through the Seine?” You ask. No blushing answer: “Restaurant!”. You see exactly opposite the Eiffel Tower, a veranda with a white awning and a sign “Trocadero” ("Trocadero")? This is exactly the place where we aspire. And what is it about this restaurant?

This restaurant is widely known among Parisians, so almost always all the places in it are occupied – sometimes you have to wait, but it is worth it. The prices here are surprisingly low, and the kitchen is simply superb. In the cold season, the veranda is heated, and guests are offered soft blankets. The interior of the restaurant is also superbly and filled with comfort, but the Eiffel Tower is not visible from there, and then there does not feel the delicate aroma of Parisian streets, and, finally, the room is non-smoking. And what about it?

Firstly, the Trocadero serves one of the best onion soups in the French capital. It would seem that such a simple and elementary dish, but not everywhere it is well prepared. Unfortunately, in Paris there are only a few correct places where it is served in the proper form. And one of them is in front of you. In addition, this restaurant serves excellent salads according to old French recipes. Also in “Trocadero” is served wonderful cold foie gras with traditional fig jam, excellent snacks, fine meat, several types of sandwiches, delicious true French desserts and absolutely fine wine, the most expensive carafe of which costs no more than twelve euros, but it will bring you true pleasure.

To uhn and the prices of this restaurant will pleasantly surprise you. It seems to be nothing special, but from something visiting this place one day they constantly return there. In addition, it is one of the most famous restaurants of the sixteenth quarter, and if you paid attention to the description of this district of Paris, then you understand that this is not the worst recommendation.

One more reason why we recommend the Trocadero to you is that it offers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. By order of Nicolas Sarkozy, every first ten minutes of every hour, illumination is turned on. During the day, a parade of lights pleases just a charming sparkle, and when it gets dark the lights turn on where for a longer time and portray a certain type of show in front of you. If the day is a holiday, then fireworks are arranged on the Champ de Mars. And a better vantage point than this cafe is difficult to find. So often, residents and guests of Paris choose this place under cozy white tents for the observation deck. Agree, it is much more pleasant to watch the fireworks with a glass of excellent wine in hand than in the crowd in the square.

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