2019 most expensive US cities

Mercer regularly conducts cost-of-living research in various cities around the world. The study covers more than 200 different parameters, for example, the cost of housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment. The purpose of this study is to help multinational companies, as well as governments of different countries, to determine compensation allowances for their employees abroad. All prices in the study are converted to US dollars. In June 2015, the regular ranking of the most expensive cities in the world was published. The most expensive cities from this list will be presented, distributed in parts of the world, as well as the overall top-10.

2019 most expensive US cities

The most expensive cities of Central and Eastern Europe

1 place. Moscow, Russia (51 place in the general rating). 2 place. Istanbul, Turkey (99). Here and hereafter in brackets the place in the general rating is indicated. 3 place. Riga, Latvia (111) 4th place. Bratislava, Slovakia (137) 5th place. Prague, Czech Republic (143)

The most expensive cities in Western Europe

1. Zurich, Switzerland (3) 2. Geneva, Switzerland (5) 3. Bern, Switzerland (9) 4. London, United Kingdom (12) 5. Copenhagen, Denmark (24)

The most expensive cities in Asia (except the Middle East)

1. Hong Kong, China (2) 2. Singapore (4) 3. Shanghai, China (6) 4. Beijing, China (7) 5. Seoul, South Korea (8)

The most expensive cities in the Middle East and Africa

1. Luanda, Angola (1) 2. N’Djamena, Chad (10) 3. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (13) 4. Victoria, Seychelles (17) 5. Tel Aviv, Israel (18)

2019 most expensive US cities

The most expensive city of Oceania

1. Sydney, Australia (31) 2. Noumea, New Caledonia (39) 3. Melbourne, Australia (47) 4. Perth, Australia (48) 5. Auckland, New Zealand (61)

The most expensive cities in North America

1. New York, USA (16) 2. Los Angeles, United States (36) 3. San Francisco, USA (37) 4. Chicago, United States (42) 5. Washington, United States (50)

The most expensive cities in South America

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina (19) 2. Sao Paulo, Brazil (40) 3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (68) 4. Santiago, Chile (70) 5. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (76)

The most expensive cities in the world. Top 10

1. Luanda, Angola. The fact that the most expensive city in the world is located in one of the poorest countries in the world is surprising. The key point is that the profits of foreign companies in Angola from oil and diamonds create an increased demand among foreigners living in Angola for high-quality housing, expensive restaurants and cars, shoes and clothing. For example, the cost of renting a two-room apartment in Luanda in 2015 is 6.8 thousand dollars per month, and a three-room apartment is 15.8 thousand.

2. Hong Kong, China. If Hong Kong were a separate country, then in terms of GDP per capita would be among the richest countries in the world, therefore the price level in Hong Kong is natural.

3. Zurich, Switzerland4. Singapore5. Geneva, Switzerland6. Shanghai, China7. Beijing, China8. Seoul, South Korea9. Bern, Switzerland10. N’Djamena, Chad. N’Djamena is the capital of one of the poorest countries in Africa, the bulk of the buildings in the city are huts and houses made of clay, so a foreigner who wants to rent a house will have to pay a lot of money: the average cost of a three-room apartment per month is $ 2,252.

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