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There are several dozens of spyware / mobile spyware that can be remotely installed on a mobile phone in “quiet mode” and spy on its owner without giving away its presence. Previously it was believed that by adhering to the so-called cybersecurity hygiene, you can reliably protect yourself from such interference in your personal life. Today, however, even those who avoid risky behavior on the Web, who use the most advanced protection and the latest software update can become victims of mobile espionage.

Thanks to the latest means of protection of mobile spies can be tracked. However, in order to keep these remedies up to date, you need to be able to configure them. After all, the attackers, just like the security men, do not sit still and put considerable effort to hide their programs from automated protection systems. At the same time, it becomes more difficult to set up protection over time, and it is easier to carry out successful attacks. This is also due to the fact that, with the submission of Western intelligence services, the most modern information technologies are now in open access.

There is an opinion that the CIA high-tech leaks widely advertised today are not at all the Snowden and WikiLeaks demarche, but a controlled information leak aimed at sending competitors to the “arms race” in a deliberately losing direction; so that they continue to invest time and money in tools that no longer provide a competitive advantage. Cyber ​​operations and infocentric wars no longer serve as the key to it. Today, knowledge-centric wars rule the ball, the essence of which boils down to the fact that “professionals, not machines, break people.”

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Thus, we are seeing today an ever-increasing exponential asymmetry of cybersecurity: attackers are in more favorable conditions than defenders.

Below are a few examples of mobile spies that are distributed as legal – under the guise of so-called parental control systems and the like. All of them hide their actions from the owner of the mobile phone.

FlexiSpy Mobile Spy

FlexiSpy. This program is initially classified as a mobile Trojan due to its aggressive behavior; but then she began to behave softer, and she was deleted from the category of mobile Trojans. It allows you to spy on mobile phones and tablets.

Spy for Android and iPhone FlexySpy

Offers about 130 functions, including those with which Mspy is equipped. From unique features: access to the video camera, view wallpaper.

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Like Mspy, it uses a secure account on the Internet to collect and share information — using a client-server architecture, with a web interface.

Application site FlexiSpy. After going to the site, in the upper right corner, select the appropriate language (there is Russian).

Mspy Mobile Spy

Mspy. Works on smartphones and tablets. Allows you to track calls, SMS, e-mail, GPS location, viewing history, calendar, address books, IM-messages; allows you to manage installed applications, view multimedia files.

Mspy also has remote control features, such as full device erasure and detailed reporting.

To collect and provide information using a secure account on the Internet – using client-server architecture, with a web interface.

You can download mobile spy from Mspy

Mobile Spy Mobile Spy

Mobile spy. It has most of the features of FlexiSpy; in addition, it can block applications, install new applications and interact in real time with the control panel of the mobile phone user interface.

Spy for Android and iPhone Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy App Site

Highster Mobile Spy Mobile

application Highster mobile – easy-to-use program for monitoring: text messages, recording telephone conversations, call logs … everything is sent from the victim’s phone either to e-mail, or to a mobile phone, or to a secure account on the Internet.

Spy for Android and iPhone Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile App Website

Spyera Mobile Spy

The program installed on the smartphone, to monitor everything happening on the mobile phone. Spyera secretly records all events (SMS, call history, phone book, location, emails, application messages, IM, Facebook chat, Skype and more) that occur on the phone, and delivers this information to a secure web account.

Spyera Mobile Spy for Android and iOS

Spyera spyware site

SpyMaster Mobile Spy

Spymaster. The most effective and advanced software for mobile espionage.

SpyMaster Mobile Spy

Absolutely hidden mode, leaves no chance of its detection. At least, so say the developers.

SpyMaster spy site

Neo-Call Spy Mobile Spy

Neo-Call Spy. Originally created for Symbian, now also works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones. Sends information directly to another mobile phone. This program is based on the IMEI number, that is, the attacker must know his goal.

The program keeps track of SMS, call list, location; remotely listens, logs keystrokes. She receives the commands from the manager’s mobile phone in hidden SMS messages.

You can download mobile spy from the Neo-Call Spy website.

All-in-one Spy Software Mobile Spy

All-in-one Spy Software – high-quality software for spying on a mobile phone, has been developing since 2006.

All-in-one Spy Software Application Site

That’s all. I hope this review of mobile spies helped you to choose the most suitable option for you.

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