11 hour holidays

New Year holidays – where better to go?

We are waiting for a whole week (and maybe more) New Year holidays. How to use it? What are your plans? And where can I go to these long-awaited New Year holidays? It’s time to decide where and how to spend the long-awaited holidays. Tour operators offer a variety of holiday options for the New Year holidays. How to navigate this sea of ​​offers and choose the most memorable and best New Year’s tour? So you want not to make a mistake with the choice, and be sure of a good rest

11 hour holidays

Almost all people, regardless of their income and lifestyle, dream about the New Year holidays. At the same time, most of them will call tourism as the most appropriate type of New Year holiday. Today, travel companies offer a huge selection of routes for New Year holidays and travel. You can buy a ticket to a sanatorium, relax in a comfortable hotel or go on a car trip. New Year holidays are also possible in a small family hotel, where you will be offered homely comfort and home cooking. If you are a staunch supporter of an active New Year’s holiday, you will have tremendous opportunities to test your endurance and strength, as well as recharge your batteries and raise the level of adrenaline in your blood. Choosing where to spend the New Year holidays just for you!

Or maybe you want to combine the bright sun and winter activities? In this case, you will also be assisted by tour operators with travel offers to ski resorts or to remote places of the globe where eternal snows lie. Of course, in our country such exotic tours have not yet become widespread, but it is already possible to purchase a ticket for the New Year holidays in hotels in the High North. Recently, an increasing number of our compatriots are keen on alpine skiing. However, our winter has ceased to indulge in snow. Therefore, most lovers of steep descents tend to go on New Year holidays abroad to ski resorts. Now the presence of such resorts can boast almost every country in Europe.

The choice of a specific holiday destination for the New Year holidays will depend on the size of your wallet. Lovers of luxury holidays can recommend mountain resorts, namely tours to Austria, tours to Switzerland, or tours to France. But on the resorts of Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, you can go skiers, focused on a more budget option for the Christmas holidays. Such a holiday will be optimal both in quality and in price. Traditionally, Europe celebrates festivities on the Champs Elysees, folklore dances of Iceland, cast off the shackles of stiffness by England, the old Baltic states or the flavor of Greece.

For lovers of heat there are tours for the New Year holidays. but at least tours to Cyprus or tours to Egypt! Warm seaside resorts are sensitive to European traditions and arrange real New Year festivities and exciting tours. Still, the most common are the New Year holidays routes to the Black Sea coast, to the Mediterranean resorts, as well as travel to Turkey, the countries of Southeast Asia. Also trips to Europe are very popular: the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, France.

Fans of summer and sun are advised to go on a New Year’s tour to Egypt. In this country, the average temperature in December is + 26-30. Egypt will allow you to relax and soul and body. Here you can get exclusive impressions – go on an excursion to the Egyptian pyramids. And also take a walk on a yacht, catch a parrot fish on sea fishing, see all the beauty of the underwater world, diving. A change of scenery, oriental cuisine and vibrant nature will make your journey a great start to the year.

It has already become traditional to spend the New Year holidays in Finland and Scandinavia. These snowy countries are hospitable and offer a real winter holiday. As a rule, they rest here in the lap of nature in separate cozy cottages. You can entertain yourself by winter fishing, riding dogs and a Finnish sauna. At the same time, you can visit the capitals of these northern countries, admire the wonderful architecture, and relax in the local bars.

The most popular holiday destinations for the New Year holidays offer the largest price choice for tourists. You can stay in a five-star hotel, and you can stay in a small cozy hotel. Of course, it should be remembered that the level of comfort and service in hotels of different categories differs quite significantly. Therefore, acquiring a ticket for the New Year holidays, you should find out in detail from your tour operator all the details of travel and service conditions. Well, if you can provide photos of the hotel, reviews of visitors and other evidence of quality service. There are special websites on the Internet, where not only you can find out in detail about the places where you are going to go and where you plan to stay, but you can also get acquainted with the reviews of visitors who rested a little earlier. This kind of information is still particularly useful when, for example, information in official sources is not enough.

For those who prefer an intellectual holiday, saturated with century-old traditions, saturated with new impressions, we recommend to spend it in Europe. Good old Britain or elegant France will respond to the needs of the most demanding tourists. In European cities you will feel the unique atmosphere of Christmas, make a bunch of unique photos, stock up on stories about what he saw.

And now, more specifically, given \"long \" New Year’s holidays and New Year’s school holidays, the problem arises – where to spend them. We give some tips.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN PRAGUE. Prague is a wonderful city, no one stays there on New Year’s Eve. From the restaurants, guests go outside and blow firecrackers; warmed by mulled wine (or absinthe, as you like) and crowded by light frost crowds having fun on the Charles Bridge and greet each other with words "Happy New Rock!" ("Happy New Year!").

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN FINLAND. It’s great to go to New Year in Lapland, near Rovaniemi and choose a place that looks like a magical Christmas card. Once in a lifetime, this must be done by everyone. Spend time skiing, dogs, snowmobiles and reindeer, spend kilometers of film (or megabytes of a card), trying to capture the northern lights, and return with a sense of superiority over others. In the end, this New Year is a northern holiday.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN EGYPT. Weekly rest here on the system "all inclusive" will cost around 7000-8000 thousand rubles, taking into account air travel, transfer, food, medical insurance and guide services. The main thing to get into a good hotel is that the class in Egypt is given to them by some incomprehensible system, so often a 4 * star hotel can render better than 5 *. Or, on the contrary, 4 * will not correspond in all respects and 3 *. In addition to rest on the Red Sea, Egypt is also interesting for its sightseeing opportunities. During the New Year holidays, you can go to the ancient Egyptian shrines in Cairo and Luxor or in the Jordanian city of Petra, unique in its beauty. Take part in desert races on jeeps or four-wheeled motorcycles, visit Bedouins, ride camels, see the magnificence of coral reefs during a boat trip, and discover the richest underwater world, diving into the sea on a submarine. Egypt is also famous for windsurfing and diving. Diving centers are in almost any hotel.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN ISTANBUL. Istanbul is always available: there are always tickets to the plane, and there are places in hotels. We must take advantage of this, as Turkey may join the EU soon. Istanbul is a giant city, bustling, making noises, smelling of the sea and the spices of the whole world; with minarets, bridges, hot apple tea and cool painted tiles of mosques, a city screaming, gesturing, juicy is true Asia at two o’clock in the summer from home.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN THAILAND. Thailand is once again gaining the trust of tourists and tour operators – for the New Year holidays almost every travel agency can offer you a decent holiday on the island "smiles and orchids". Thailand did not accidentally get this name among the people: Thai people are very friendly and friendly people, and Thai women are real beauties like an exotic flower. New Year holidays in Thailand are varied – here you can how to start "breaking bad" nightlife, and to fully feel like a sinner who has found heaven on earth. Sandy beaches on the coast of two oceans, diving, fishing, safaris, windsurfing, yachting, exciting excursions to ancient cities and numerous Buddhist temples, as well as the world-famous Thai massage and Thai boxing – all this, if desired, and financial ability, waiting for you in Thailand. Shopping lovers will also be satisfied – there is a huge selection of silk, handicrafts, precious stones and jewelry. Gourmets should definitely try Thai cuisine – spicy, spicy, with plenty of seafood.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS AT DOMINICAN. It’s time to afford a vacation in the Caribbean, isn’t it? For example, the New Year holidays in the Dominican Republic. Almost all hotels in this country operate according to the principle "all inclusive\". And this "everything" not just a lunch-dinner-dinner, but, for example, a light fruit cocktail on the beach in the morning or a cold beer in bed, an exquisite candlelight dinner or time spent on the tennis court and bridge lounge … Beaches here, it should be noted, is solid the pleasure of fine white sand, regardless of which resort you choose – Playa Bavaro, Playa Dorada or Puerto Plata … Dominican is also rich in its mineral springs. And you can leave the republic as a real rich man. At least, so says the legend: everyone who swims in the waters of the Lemon Falls will live comfortably until the end of his days. During the New Year holidays, you can also take a boat trip through the Gri-Gri lagoon, an elaborate labyrinth of mangroves, creepers and palm trees in the river delta, and even climb the mountains, Duarte Peak. Routes of varying degrees of difficulty lead to the top, and everyone can choose their own way according to their strengths. In addition, by the number of attractions, the Dominican Republic prevails over other Caribbean countries. The oldest history of the island is closely intertwined with the life of the great traveler Christopher Columbus, so there are a lot of architectural monuments associated with him and his family. Especially popular, oddly enough, his grave. During the day, it seems to be just a gray concrete building, but at night it starts to glow with powerful multi-colored searchlights. And on top of a luminous three-hundred-meter colored column, resting against the sky itself, a bright white cross appears. Impressive, they say …

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF SWITZERLAND Diablare and Villars are two ski resorts of a large ski area in the Alps. The associated lift system allows for great skiing trips. In addition to skiing, other sports are available: cross-country skiing, ice skating, curling, horseback riding, paragliding and many other interesting things.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN BULGARIA. Borovets, the oldest Bulgarian ski resort, is located on the northern slopes of the highest mountains in Bulgaria – the Rila Mountains (elevation 2,975 m). It is equipped with excellent ski slopes, including for the World Cup. And Bansko, where the holiday season lasts the longest in the country, sometimes snow cover reaches two meters. Pamporovo, the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria, on the New Year holidays was chosen by English schools, which pay much attention to putting their children on skis. There are all the conditions for skiing for children and intermediate skiers. He loves Bulgaria and the youth: if Europe calms down at night, then Bulgaria begins to live. Discos, night clubs, bowling centers work here almost around the clock. By the way, many travel agencies offer students special programs for the New Year holidays at discounted prices. Plus the fact that all the ski resorts in Bulgaria are multinational. Frequent guests of Bulgaria are Greeks, Macedonians and other nations. A weekly rest in the mountains will cost an average of 17 thousand rubles, including airfare, transfers, accommodation in a 3-4 * hotel, food and insurance.

FOR NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS UP IN NILU. Someone might say that a trip to Egypt is a bit trite, but there is little where you can relax and warm up, and even eat seafood. In addition, it will be a very unusual New Year, a real summer in the middle of winter. An amazing combination of comfortable travel, pristine peace of the green valley of the Nile and stunning historical monuments. Moreover, the monuments of ancient Egyptian architecture are located mainly between Luxor and Aswan, so almost all cruises take place between these two cities. Some ships sailing downstream from Aswan, others depart from Luxor up the Nile. This will be a very unusual New Year holidays.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN RIO DE JANEIRO New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is an event that in its significance is quite comparable with the famous Carnival. Anyone will tell you that the almighty goddess Yamanshi lives in the ocean, on which the luck and well-being of both an individual and a whole nation depends. On New Year’s Eve, it is necessary to congratulate her – and the whole city in elegant white clothes pours onto the beach. In order for the year to go well, Yamanshi needs to be treated with champagne, throw white roses into the ocean, leave burning candles on the shore and lower the boat with various gifts into the ocean. All this is accompanied by ritual songs and dances and ends with a grand firework, the colorful lights of which bloom above the heads and are reflected in the black waters of the ocean.

NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS IN THE UAE. Did you ride the snowy mountains in the desert? If not, try it! During the tour in the UAE, you can combine both the beach and the mountains at once! And believe me, plenty of snow here! In a few hours up to 30 tons of precipitation falls! True, artificial. Every night at a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius in the ski resort of Ski Dubai begins a snowfall. We must pay tribute to the Arabs – they tried to create a very real winter – here and ice caves, and ate, and even polar bears! Two hours of skiing will cost an average of $ 30. Separate pleasure – to look at the delight of riding Arab girls who have never seen real snow in their lives! The ski resort is fenced off from the entertainment center of the Mall of Emirates by a glass wall, so you can see the snow in the desert for free!

Or maybe you shouldn’t go so far on New Year’s holidays? Skiing in the Carpathians is a popular winter holiday. On the territory of the Carpathians a great many places for skiing and snowboarding. Near major health facilities there are lifts and ski trails. The most popular ski resorts are Dragobrat, Slavsky, Bukovel. In these places, in the winter, amateurs and professionals ride not only from the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also from near and far abroad. Such popular ski resorts of the Carpathians acquired due to the availability of conditions for skiing as novice skiers, and for sporting events.

There is such a magical place on earth, where in just a few days magical metamorphosis will happen to you, your attitude will change, and life will seem beautiful and amazing! And it is located, it can be said, at arm’s length. This is the Carpathians. Here you will instantly forget about the frantic urban rhythm, recuperate and truly rest. The Carpathian region seems to be created by nature for recreation, but not for consumers, with an irrepressible change of pleasures, but rather a contemplative rest, alone with mountain silence and the twinkling of billions of stars in the bottomless sky

Rest and tourism on the New Year holidays is a great opportunity to feel yourself in the thick of things, improve your health, gain strength for further creative and professional accomplishments.

We wish you all a pleasant and useful New Year holidays!!

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