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Phuket Island Tours (12)

James Bond / Krabi / Phi Phi 2 days

(J Bond / Krabi / Phi-Phi 2 days)

This tour combines a visit to three of the most popular holiday destinations in the vicinity of Phuket – James Bond Island, Krabi Island and Phi Phi Island. For 2 days you visit the most interesting islands of Phang Nga Bay and Krabi province

Phi Phi Islands

Perhaps the most popular excursion in Phuket is a trip to the Phi Phi islands. Your holiday in Phuket will not be complete if you have not visited these islands. Become iconic after the movie "Beach" with DiCaprio in the lead role, they attract millions of tourists with their beauty. This tour is designed for those who like to swim and sunbathe. Clean beaches, white sand, palm trees and the warm sea all day will plunge you into the atmosphere of a tropical paradise.

1000 islands tour

James Bond Island + Canoe

(James Bond islands)

1000 islands tour

Not less popular excursion in Phuket, but absolutely not like a trip to Phi Phi. Here you will have only one stop for swimming, on the way back. But then you will visit the island of James Bond, ride a canoe, visit the lagoons, which can only be reached at low tide, visit the island with a Muslim village, walk inside the island through a cave and fully enjoy the outlandish beauty of small and large islands.

Similan Islands

The most vivid and unforgettable excursion in Phuket is a trip to the Similan Islands (or Similans). These 9 islands have collected in themselves all the pristine beauty of the local nature. Emerald water, open sea, wild beaches and the complete absence of civilization. These are, perhaps, the most beautiful islands not only near Phuket, but also in Thailand as a whole.

Surin Islands

Another alternative to Similan is Surin Islands. This archipelago of 5 islands is located almost 200 km north of Phuket and is also a national reserve. Unlike the rocky Similan, here most of the coast is occupied by snow-white beaches.

1000 islands tour

Racha Island / Paradise

(Racha / Raya island)

The name of the island of Racha is pronounced differently: Racha or Paradise. This island is only 30 minutes from Phuket, so the road does not take much power. This tour is ideal for those who are looking for a quiet, cozy place with a clean beach and clear water.

Krabi Islands

The province of Krabi includes more than 150 large and small islands, including Phi Phi and Lanta. The road from Phuket takes 1 hour. The province is famous for its detached steep limestone cliffs, which form both hills on land and islands in the sea. This place became especially popular after mastering Phuket, and many yachtsmen, climbers, divers and ordinary tourists discovered the unique beauty above and below the water here.

Khai Islands

If you went on a trip to Phi Phi Islands, then you stopped by one of the three islands of Khai. All of them are located near Phuket, to the first island about 20 minutes to go on a speedboat. All three islands are within 10 minutes of each other. These are similar in size and different in shape, Khai Nok, Khai Nai and Khai Nui.

Coral Island

Coral island is located just 9 kilometers from Phuket. Here you can enjoy the peace and solitude far from a noisy civilization. A small island with a small beach and the only small hotel right on the beach is a heavenly place for beach lovers who want to be alone with nature.

Myton Island

Exclusive! Opened a new island! Just 15 minutes from Phuket Island is the private island of Myton. This island for many years has been available only to a few, for a long time it was closed to ordinary tourists.

Koh Rock Island

Most uncrowded islands in the vicinity of Phuket. The long road by the sea, excellent snorkeling and deserted beaches.

Yao Yai Limpopo Island

(Koh Yao Yai Limpopo)

A trip to the island of Yao Yai is an excellent choice for those who do not like to travel to places of rest for a long time. The road from the pier to the island takes no more than 30 minutes.

Trips from Phuket to the mainland (5)

Krabi 1 day

Bus ride from Phuket to the city of Krabi and its surroundings. On this tour you will visit the temples, the Emerald Lake and the unique blue pond, relax in the hot radon springs, swim in the waterfall and take a picture of the main sights of the city of Krabi – sculptures of eagle and crabs.

Amazing Phang Nga

(Amazing Phang Nga Bay)

The tour “Amazing Phang Nga” will show you all the charm of the exotic Andaman Sea coast, as well as give you unforgettable impressions of walks through the most unexpected and beautiful places.

Fascinating and absolutely safe river rafting. Rafting is not carried out on Phuket itself, but in the neighboring province of Khao Lak, where you travel by minibus. It is also possible to complement the excursion with riding a quad bike, a fish spa or flying on a bungee.

Kao Sok + Cheo Lan

(Kao Sok + Chiao Lan)

Fans of unconventional recreation and unspoiled nature are invited to spend a night or more on floating houses, standing right on the water, on a freshwater lake. Overnight in bamboo huts, bathing day and night right from the porch of your house, traveling around the lake in a canoe, riding on elephants through the jungle, all this awaits you in Khao Sok National Park.

Phang Nga Province, north of Phuket, invites you to the fascinating world of wildlife. Kao Lak declared Thailand National Park in 1991 and covers an area of ​​150 square meters. km

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