10 most popular places in the world

We recently wrote that Fox Sports made a documentary about one of the most dangerous, but also the most popular surf spots in the world called Mavericks, which is located in Half Moon Bay in California. We have chosen ten more dangerous places for surfing, which attract extreme people, despite the giant waves, bloodthirsty sharks and the risk of breaking on the rocks.

Banzai pipeline

Located on the northern coast of the Hawaiian island of Oaxi, this spot is dangerous not so much the height of the waves (they average here reach three to four meters), as shallow coral reefs, which are easy to break. Over the past ten years, five professional surfers have perished here, among them the Japanese Moto Watanabe, Joaquin Veliya from Puerto Rico and the famous water photographer John Mozo.

10 most popular places in the world

Waimea bay

Not far from Banzai Pipeline is another well-known worldwide spot – Waimea Bay. It is not so small, and the waves can reach 19 meters. Of the tragic incidents, the death of the surfer Dicky Cross in 1943 and the Californian Donnie Solomon in 1999 are known.


And again Hawaiian spot. It is located on the island of Maui, but if Waimea Bay is famous for almost a century of history, then Peahi is a relatively new place, the surfers came here only in the late 1990s. According to surfer Mark Healey, Peahi waves are the fastest in the world, and their crests are broken about a 300-meter cliff.

This spot is located in the southwest of Tahiti, on one of the islands of the French Polynesia archipelago. In translation, the name of the spot means “to tear off the head”, the waves here correspond to this name. Since 2000, five deaths have been recorded on Teahupu, the most resonant of which is the death of professional surfer Brice Terea, who was on the crest of a wave and fell from it right on the reef.

The coast of South Africa near Hout Bay, where this spot is located, is famous for the largest number of sharks in the world. The predators inhabiting here are known to float to the prey at great speed and completely fly out of the water, glaring at it with fangs. Waves on this spot reach 20 meters, and the additional difficulties for extreme people are created by extremely low water temperatures and huge underwater boulders.

10 most popular places in the world

Ghost tree

All the same dangers can be experienced in North America – at Pebble Beach in northern California. Here are the coldest waves in the world, which besides everything are teeming with great white sharks. The height of the waves can reach 25 meters. In 2007, the popular Californian surfer Peter Davie died in the waters of Ghost Tree.

Located on the southern coast of Western Australia, the spot Cyclops is not as popular as other places on this list, because of its inaccessibility, you can only get there by boat or jet ski, and it will take several hours to go. The crests of the biggest waves of this spot are broken on a coral reef, so any surfer’s mistake here can be fatal for him.

Praia do norte

The spot is located in the Portuguese town of Nazaré – in a submarine canyon five kilometers deep and several hundred kilometers long, one of the most devastating waves in the world is born. It was here that the American surfer Garrett McNamara set a world record, beating the highest wave in history — more than 23 meters.

10 most popular places in the world

Europe can not boast of such attractive spots for the extreme, like America and Australia, however, there are also dangerous beaches here. The main one is Meñakoz, located in the north of Spain, near Bilbao. The highest waves in Europe reach six meters, and the additional danger gives the coast a large number of sharp stones.

New smyrna

The beach in Florida is not distinguished by multimeter waves or dangerous reefs, but the spot is known to all surfers because of the huge number of sharks. Every year, sharks make dozens of attacks on athletes, conquering the waves of New Smyrna, most of which end in death.

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