Why do all your teeth hurt

Pain in the teeth can cause a lot of discomfort. A person cannot calmly eat, sleep, do any work. There are situations when all teeth start to hurt at once. Self-treatment at home can only relieve pain, but does not solve the problem, so if you have pain in the jaw area, see a doctor immediately.

Reasons why teeth hurt at the same time

If all the teeth hurt at once, this may indicate the presence of one of the following diseases:

Why do all your teeth hurt

  • Caries. This is the most common cause of most problems in the oral cavity. Caries is a disease that results in the destruction of enamel, dentin, carious stain and damage to the tooth. If several teeth are affected by the caries at once, the whole jaw may appear to hurt.

Photo 1: If you constantly suppress pain with medications, but do not treat caries, the further spread of the disease leads to pulpitis. Source: flickr (Oriana).

  • Increased tooth sensitivity, when they have cracks and crevices. Usually the reaction occurs on cold, hot, sour and sweet food or drink.
  • Pulpitis – damage to the soft tissue inside the tooth. Pain can be continuous or intermittent, most often disturbed at night, accompanied by fever. Even if one tooth is affected by pulpitis, the whole side of the face may seem to hurt.
  • Periodontitis – inflammation of the shell of the dental root and adjacent tissues. The whole jaw can hurt. Sometimes the pain can even be given to the face.
  • Cyst – inflammatory formation in the upper part of the dental root. The reason for the formation: injury or penetration of infection. Symptoms: general weakness, malaise, pain in all teeth without a specific location.
  • Pericoronite – Inflammation of the dental hood, which occurs when the wisdom tooth teethes heavily. In this situation, the whole jaw can hurt.
  • Sinusitis – inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) paranasal sinus. May be accompanied by painful sensations in the jaw.
  • Otitis media – inflammation of the middle ear as a result of harmful bacteria and fluid accumulation. Pain can give to the jaw area. Mostly children are affected by this disease, but it can also develop in an adult.

Note! Lack of timely treatment of otitis leads to hearing impairment, the development of more serious diseases – meningitis, mastoiditis and encephalitis. Complications can be fatal.

  • Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. This nerve controls the neurological condition of the face. It consists of three branches: the first is located above the eyebrows, the second – on the sides of the nose, the third – in the lower jaw. Causes of inflammation can be trauma, nerve squeezing, diseases of the oral cavity. Painful sensations appear in one part of the face, then in another. Can hurt the eyes, temporal region, jaw.

Photo 2: Teeth may ache as a result of banal hypothermia or due to strong emotional overstrain. Source: flickr (Hello Roma).

What measures need to be taken

If a person has all the teeth sore, you should:

  1. See a doctor to identify or eliminate the pathology.
  2. If the pain is unbearable, to relieve it with painkillers, such as analgin.
  3. Rinse your mouth with saline, if the cause of the pain is a disease of the mouth.
  4. Contact your homeopath to prescribe the right medication.

Why do all your teeth hurt

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy removes pain more slowly than painkillers, but its use is safe, and it affects not only the elimination of pain, but also restoring order in the whole body.

If all teeth hurt at once, the following symptomatic drugs will help:

Why do all your teeth hurt

  1. Bryony(Bryonia). It is prescribed for headaches radiating to the jaw; with teething; pain shooting from one tooth to another; sensitivity to hot and cold; pain caused by hypothermia.
  2. Coffea Kruda (Coffea cruda). It is used for neuralgia. Effective with inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, as well as with toothache in children. It is prescribed for jerking toothache, which becomes easier if you keep cold water in your mouth.
  3. Glonoinum (Glonoinum). Used in neurology. Indications for use: throbbing pain in all teeth, accompanied by headache; stabbing pain in the right side of the jaw, extending to the left; from hot it gets worse, from cold it gets better.
  4. Staphysagria(Staphysagria). Effective in the early stages of caries, black plaque on the enamel, sensitivity to the slightest touch. Pain in the jaw area is aggravated by inhaling cold air or by consuming cold drinks.
  5. Hamomilla(Chamomilla). The drug acts on the nervous system, is used with the painful susceptibility of sensory nerves, has a positive effect on the emotional system. Facilitates the process of painful teething, toothache, which occurs mainly at night, when released into heat. It is used to treat one-sided toothache, which cannot be tolerated and which is accompanied by fever, swelling, reddening of the cheeks, swelling and burning of the gums, painful enlargement of the submandibular lymph nodes.
  6. Rus toxicodendron(Rhus toxicodendron). It is used for pulling pains, which are worse from rest and immobility and cause the desire to move. Teeth ache when chewing and at night, it seems as if they are long and loose.
  7. Mercurius solubilis(Mercurius solubilis). It is used for various inflammatory processes occurring in the oral cavity. Homeopaths prescribe this remedy for toothache caused by sinusitis, otitis, caries. The pain is usually cutting, shooting or throbbing, gives on the whole cheek, may be accompanied by puffiness, worse in the evening.
  8. Creosotum(Kreosotum). The drug is effective in painful teething. Used with pulling and jerking pain spreading to one side of the face.

With toothaches can not self-medicate. Only a competent doctor is able to understand the symptoms, diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct treatment.

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