Whitening toothpaste reviews

Various cosmetics from Asian countries have been rapidly gaining popularity in Russia lately. It turns out that this trend has not bypassed hygiene products, including toothpastes. More recently, a wave of positive feedback has fallen on Thai tooth whitening toothpaste. Whitening Chinese toothpaste is increasingly mentioned. Usually, poor quality is immediately associated with Chinese goods, but not this time. Judging by the reviews, this means of oral hygiene enjoys impressive popularity and fame because of its quality.

Whitening toothpaste reviews

Features of the Chinese bleaching pastes

Products made for use by residents of Central Asia are usually strikingly different from those presented in our market, but not this time. In appearance pasta is not much different from the usual. It is sold in standard packaging, and there is absolutely nothing exceptional about it. The very same gel, depending on the manufacturer may be different shades. To go for such a tool in China itself is not necessary. Recently, dozens of online stores based in China have entered the Russian market. It is there that you can purchase these funds. In addition, one of the pastes, which we will talk about a little later, has been sold in the CIS for several years now, along with a host of other products from the same company.

Popular brands of whitening toothpastes

The first paste that can rightly be considered Chinese is TM Biao Bang. She is known and extremely popular in her home country, but lately she has often started talking about her in Russia. Outwardly, it is absolutely no different from ordinary, except that the instruction on it is written in Chinese and English. Judging from the description, the paste gently whitens the teeth by cleaning the enamel from the plaque, coffee, cigarettes, dyes from food. In addition, she promises to whiten the upper layers of the tooth. Judging by the composition, it hardly possesses such properties. It includes: sorbitol, sodium saccharinate, titanium dioxide, bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol), water, sodium monofluorophosphate, citroxain, tocopherol, sea minerals, seaweed extract, silicon dioxide. This is a fairly familiar list of ingredients for any other pasta. And the most interesting is that there is not a single component in it that really bleached enamel. Usually various oxides are used for this. Here, as you can see, they are not. Whitening Chinese toothpaste can not provide a change in the pigment of the upper layers of the tooth.

Nevertheless, it cannot be said that it generally does not affect the color of the teeth. For the most part, the unpleasant shade of enamel is formed precisely because of the plaque. It is gradually colored from smoking, regular use of coffee, other beverages and foods with a high content of dyes. If you get rid of plaque, you can make your teeth somewhat whiter, and with more careful care, even bring them to a natural tone. This is exactly what TM Biao Bang paste works for. The second pasta, popular in our country, is difficult to call the Chinese. The fact is that the rather famous concern Tiens is producing it. His products are freely available. Pasta from this company is issued under the name Orecare. The manufacturer does not position it as a Chinese tooth whitener. Reviews show that in this quality it is used most often. According to the manufacturer’s promises of a maximum of natural ingredients, the paste has a beneficial effect on the health of the teeth and gums.

Whitening toothpaste reviews

Regarding the improvement of the mucous in the reviews of this paste is always written. After it, sensitivity is significantly reduced, bleeding takes place, and the paste itself during the cleaning does not irritate the gums. People with particularly sensitive teeth and gums, tried it at least once, come back to this paste. Many, with regular use, began to notice that the teeth are somewhat whiter, and they did not get the same effect from standard products. From this we can conclude that the paste has an excellent abrasive, but at the same time rather mild effect, thanks to which it removes plaque well and thus makes the smile more attractive.

Reviews of Chinese whitening toothpastes

In the description of the paste, we have already mentioned reviews. The fact is that both pastes are not products of mass production. It is difficult to find information about them on any official sources, but people actively use this tool and share their opinions on special sites. Judging by them, both pastes proved to be excellent and became indispensable helpers in achieving the perfect smile.

The price of Chinese toothpastes

The average price of pasta TM Biao Bang is only 150 rubles. Although, if you buy from dealers, you can face serious margins. Paste from Tiens less economical, it costs from 400 rubles, which is already quite a lot of pasta.

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