Whiten your teeth at home

A beautiful smile is, first of all, healthy, snow-white teeth.

A beautiful smile is, first of all, healthy, snow-white teeth. A modern, successful person must have beautiful white teeth – this is an axiom!

Teeth whitening is a procedure that is also often used by smokers and coffee lovers,

Whiten your teeth at home

Contrary to popular belief, the white color of teeth is not a sign of elevated calcium and healthy teeth, but a genetic predisposition. To achieve the whiteness of the teeth can also be regularly applying whitening paste. It is interesting to know that the strongest and most calcium-rich enamel, in fact, has a yellowish tint.

Whiten your teeth at home

There are several ways to whiten your teeth, each person can choose a suitable option for themselves. For many, professional teeth whitening is simply not affordable, and some do not want to do the procedure, fearing to damage the tooth enamel.

In fact, you can whiten your teeth at home, Yes, the effect will not be so amazing, but it will cost you many times cheaper. In this procedure, there is a main rule – do no harm, so you should strictly adhere to those recommendations that will be described below.

The bleaching process, by its nature, is a change in the color of the upper layer of tooth enamel using special tools. At the same time, the smile becomes snow-white. In this procedure, there are pitfalls, which the dentist will tell you about. He must determine the structure of the enamel of your teeth, select the desired color and method of whitening. Much depends on the texture of the teeth, so do not neglect the advice of professionals, so you do not contemplate the spots of different tones on your teeth.

So, you decided to whiten your teeth at home, your dentist gave it to you, now it’s time to determine the method of whitening.

The most common methods of teeth whitening include: toothpaste with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, lemon, soda, special tools for whitening.

Whiten teeth at home with a special whitening paste

This is the easiest and most inexpensive method. Unfortunately, and the most inefficient,

Whiten your teeth at home with activated carbon

It can be purchased at any pharmacy. To use it as a bleaching agent, you need to crush it, apply it on the brush and brush your teeth. Coal effectively cleans plaque and has a slight abrasive effect on the tooth enamel. This method of bleaching is also ineffective, but almost safe for tooth enamel. The only limitation when brushing your teeth with activated carbon is to gently press the brush on your teeth, otherwise the enamel can be scratched.

Whiten your teeth at home with the help of limshe or baking soda

A couple more simple ways that you can apply at home. You can whiten your teeth by rubbing lemon peels into them, or you can rub them with a sodden soak in a bottle of chocolate. Both of these methods are effective and simple, but often do not use this bleaching,

To whiten your teeth at home with a special gel

This is perhaps the most professional way among all that can be produced at home. It involves the use of a special whitening gel, which can be purchased from a dentist, be sure to consult about the features of its use. There are two ways to whiten with this gel.

  1. The first method involves applying the gel with a special brush. after that, the gel stiffens on the teeth and is gradually washed off with saliva. For high-quality teeth whitening in this way you need to regularly apply the gel for two to three weeks. This method is very gentle to the enamel of the teeth and provides a long whitening effect.
  2. The second method is based on the use of a special mouthguard, which is filled with gel and put on the teeth at night. The longer the kappa is on the teeth, the better the teeth will be whitened. The advantage of this method is that you relax, and the bleaching process goes, and its result can be monitored and corrected in consultation with the dentist. The only thing to be afraid of when using a mouthguard is the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide, which can lighten teeth strongly, lead to inflammation of the gums and make teeth sensitive.

To prevent such side effects, you should strictly follow the recommendations for the use of mouthguards, regularly monitor the bleaching process at the dentist and do not exceed the content of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching solution – the total proportion should not exceed 10%.

In general, according to dentists, the most natural, from the point of view of nature, is yellowish enamel. She may not be so beautiful in appearance, but the strongest. Weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to whiten your teeth. If you do decide on this procedure, then try to minimize the negative effects of tooth whitening products.

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