White ulcer on the gum

Healthy teeth and gums are often the result of proper and nutritious nutrition, because in this case all the necessary substances, mineral and organic, get into the body, and with them vitamins. In the case of an unbalanced diet, in which there is a shortage of much-needed trace elements and minerals, gum inflammations become frequent human companions, and a small, but very painful and poorly healing, white sore on the gum may even occur on the gum.

White ulcer on the gumMechanical damage to the gums, long-term use of certain medications, especially in people who are sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, can also lead to a white ulcer on the gums. Therefore, if such a problem as an ulcer has appeared, it is best not to try to cure it yourself, but to go to a dentist. He will be able to understand the causes of the appearance of the sores, and after that it will become clear how to best treat it.

Aphthous ulcers caused by viral stomatitis, herpetic, traumatic and trophic (from a lack of nutrients) can occur on the gums. Although they all seem to be the same, their treatment is not the same.

The main causes of aphthous ulcers on the gums are infections of viral origin, endocrine disruption, and immune disorders.

Gum ulcer treatment

Frequent complaints of patients with aphthous ulcers are severe pain, inflammation of the gums. In some cases, several small ulcers merge into one large, while the tissue can not heal. For treatment prescribed systematic rinsing of the mouth with a tincture of calendula. Such treatment is usually quite effective: the ulcer disappears quickly enough. If time passes and improvements are not observed, and the sores are still in place, consultation with a dentist is necessary. It may be that the nature of the sores is defined incorrectly, and the treatment requires something else entirely.

White ulcer on the gum

A common cause of ulcers on the gums is stomatitis caused by viruses. Most often, the disease provokes the Coxsackie virus. Stomatitis is manifested in the form of sores, not only on the gums. They appear in the entire oral cavity: on the cheeks, pharynx. For stomatitis, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which is used to treat the affected surface and calendula tincture in the form of rinses, will help to cure ulcers.

Another herpes virus can also provoke ulcers on the mucous membranes. But the sores on the cheeks and gums appear in the place where small, fluid-filled bubbles burst. Both are quite painful. For the treatment of ulcers caused by the herpes virus, prescribe special ointments, which include zovirax. Also recommend rinsing your mouth with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Incorrect bite, especially if the filling is poorly ground or the teeth are just sharp, can also cause a traumatic ulcer. Gums and broken or broken teeth, improperly fitted dentures are injured. The same place touches constantly, and from this there is a rupture of tissues and the appearance of sores. If an infection has gotten into the wound, then the healing of such a sore lasts a very long time, and the wound itself greatly disturbs the patient and causes him discomfort.

For successful treatment, the cause of the injury is primarily eliminated: the tooth is restored, the prosthesis is fitted, the filling is replaced or the bite is corrected, if possible. For rinsing use the broth of the same calendula or chamomile; gums can be lubricated with gels, for example, “Solcoseryl” or “Metrogil-dent”.

Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C, can provoke ulcers on the gums. In this case, microscopic cracks also appear, which gradually “conquer” microbes. Cracks pass into sores, painful and itchy. They heal also badly. For treatment it is also necessary to eliminate the cause

  • eggs;
  • spinach;
  • cheese;
  • garlic;
  • onions;
  • beef;
  • and other products that have a tonic and antibacterial effect.

Dentists also often prescribe vitamin complexes, so going to the doctor would not be superfluous.

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