When you can not remove a tooth

In the dental practice, there are cases when the filling material in the patient’s tooth lasted much longer than it should be, or vice versa, the seals fell out several months after their installation. Or the removal of a wisdom tooth passed without a single problem and caused no complications. Quite a large number of people believe that the success of your visit to a dental institution directly depends on the date you choose. And in fact, in the lunar calendar, some dates suggest a favorable outcome from the treatment or removal of teeth, and some vice versa. Now we will try to analyze this topic in more detail.

When you can not remove a tooth

Surely many of us know that the moon may be in different phases (depending on its illumination). Based on the lunar calendar, we can say that each phase affects a person differently. So, for example, with a young moon, a person performs a recuperation, and also replenishes vital energy. As a rule, at this time, the person’s well-being deteriorates significantly and, if he is involved in everyday activities, he can quickly get tired, which is why you should not overload your body during this period. Much less the human body gets tired with the defective Moon, because there is enough energy and strength. It is during this period that the human body most easily tolerates various diseases and surgical interventions. Extraction of teeth according to the lunar calendar is possible during the period of the waning moon.

Lunar dental treatment

Filling teeth, installing crowns and bridges according to the lunar calendar.

It is most favorable to carry out such procedures during a new moon and in the case of a damaged Moon. But remember that the exception are the days under the sign of Taurus and Aries.

It is unfavorable to carry out these procedures with a young moon, as well as in the previously mentioned days of Taurus and Aries. As for the full moon, it should act as an exception.

Removal of tartar on the lunar calendar.

The most favorable to carry out this procedure during the waning moon, as well as on those days that are held under the sign of Capricorn. Less favorable during the waning moon (closer to the new moon).

It is better to abandon the removal of tartar during the young moon.

Tooth extraction and operations on the jaw on the lunar calendar

It is most favorable to carry out the removal of teeth according to the lunar calendar in the period of 7 days before the new moon, but only not on those days that pass under the sign of Taurus, Libra, Cancer, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius. It is less favorable, but still permissible to carry out such operations during the waning moon, except for the days under the sign of Taurus, Cancer, Aries.

When you can not remove a tooth

It is recommended to refuse tooth extraction or surgery on the jaw within 3 days, both before and after the new moon, as well as on the days of Cancer, Taurus, Aries.

If, after examining all the above information, you choose the right day to visit the dentist, then all possible bleeding will be minimal, healing will be quick, and the risk of complications will be almost zero. The removal of the eight (wisdom tooth) will pass quickly and with a minimal amount of problems. As for implants, they will take root faster and last longer.

In the event that you did not choose the right time to go to the dentist, then the risk of complications and the formation of infections increases. The very process of recovery may be delayed indefinitely. During a full moon, a patient may experience bleeding, stopping which will cause a lot of problems for the doctor. Scars and scars may also remain after the operation itself.

All the above information is presented based on the rules of the lunar calendar. Of course, there is no visible evidence of any direct influence of the lunar calendar on a person’s life, but most people prefer to be safe. And to believe in the removal of teeth according to the lunar calendar or not, this is a personal matter of each person.

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