When to brush your teeth in the morning

In the mouth is most of the bacteria in the body. If you do not constantly provide comprehensive care, then not only your teeth, but also other organ systems may suffer. The remains of food under the influence of microorganisms break up and rot, forming carious cavities. This leads to infections that affect the internal organs, and exudes an unpleasant odor.

When to brush your teeth in the morning

Why do I need to clean the tooth enamel?

Why brush your teeth? The teeth should be maintained in order for the following components:

  • chopping food. Well-groomed teeth and a faithful bite not only help to keep a smile, but also allow you to grind food. In the oral cavity, the food is not only chewed, but the first stage of splitting occurs. This facilitates its digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. People who have teeth without caries can chew well;
  • speech clarity. Teeth take part in conversation: without them, a clear and intelligible speech is impossible. The lack of several teeth in a row or their improper development dramatically affects intelligibility. If the front tooth is lost, a lisp will occur. Such a defect in a child may affect communication with other children, which will make him closed.

When to brush your teeth in the morning

Why do I need to brush my teeth? Caries and its serious complications can be prevented by permanent prophylaxis. It is also possible to prevent improper bite in children – with the help of preventive measures. Why is it important? If you do not go to the doctor in time, then complications can arise that spread to other organs, and the price of treatment will increase significantly.

It should be remembered that microbes from a tooth infected with caries sometimes get into other organ systems, which negatively affects the entire body.

How to brush your teeth?

Why do you need to brush your teeth? Why is this so necessary? Invalid cleaning leads to many problems. Virtually no one knows how dentists recommend cleaning enamel. Dentists of our time made up modern guidelines for dental care based on the works of previous well-known dentists and their methods:

  • cleaning is recommended to continue for 3 minutes;
  • the brush should be angled with respect to the teeth and gums;
  • in order not to spread the germs in the mouth, you should first clean the bottom row and then the top one;
  • It is recommended to start brushing on the front teeth and move slowly to the back;
  • the bottom row is cleaned from the bottom up, and the top row – on the contrary;
  • the surface on the chewing teeth is cleaned by driving the brush in a circle;
  • after rinsing the mouth with water, tongue is cleaned. There are always many microorganisms, so it is also recommended to constantly clean it;
  • at the end of the cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with a special rinse aid.

Do I need to brush my teeth? Yes, it is necessary. Cleaning is recommended 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. It is worth remembering that in the morning and in the evening they are recommended to be cleaned exclusively after meals. It should be cleaned after every meal, but this possibility does not always appear. In this case, you can simply rinse your mouth or use the gum for 10 minutes (no more).

When should I clean?

Dentists recommend cleaning the enamel after each meal. It is important to do this in the morning and in the evening. Why is this recommended? So you can protect your enamel from plaque and the development of caries, because the teeth will not be the remnants of food, which are breeding grounds for bacteria.

In addition, cleaning up to food is not recommended for another reason: after exposure to the brush and paste, the enamel becomes susceptible to staining. Therefore, if after cleaning to drink coffee or eat chocolate, the teeth may become darker.

It is worth remembering about another limitation: you can not purge immediately after you have eaten sour food or drink a sour drink. We must wait half an hour. The whole reason is that the enamel softens, and when cleaning immediately after ingestion of sour food, it is erased much faster. This leads to cracks and the complete destruction of enamel.

After cleaning, the oral cavity should be disinfected. It is better to do either a special rinse, or a solution of salt. In this case, the likelihood of caries development is sharply reduced and visits to the dental clinic are minimized.

What kind of toothpaste is needed?

Why and why should I brush my teeth with toothpaste? Toothpaste is needed to increase the impact of the brush. They are based on foaming and abrasive components.

The paste helps to clean the surface of the enamel, heals and acts as a prophylactic agent, as they contain active substances.

The choice of paste depends on individual problems with the oral cavity. If the teeth are sensitive, then you should look for a non-abrasive paste with the addition of calcium chloride or strontium. When bleeding gums need to look for paste, eradicating bacteria and inflammation. To carry out prevention against caries and periodontitis, it is recommended to buy a paste with fluoride. They can not be used for a long time – it is better to alternate constantly.

In order to fully clean the teeth, squeeze only 5 mm of paste onto the brush. The ideal option when choosing it will be to contact your dentist, who will tell weak points and choose the right paste for you.

Cleaning products

Do I need to brush my teeth with additional means? Now there are many tools for cleaning enamel. Without them, to clean the mouth is almost impossible. The following devices are common:

  • paste and gel;
  • brushes;
  • dental floss or flossa;
  • irrigator;
  • chewing gum or candy to freshen breath;
  • rinse;
  • powder.

Why is it necessary and necessary to brush your teeth? This is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of tartar. You can also professionally clean the enamel in the dentist’s office. It is recommended to do it 2 times a year. There are several methods of cleaning, but your dentist must choose the most suitable. Cleaning the enamel at home is necessary every day, but professional cleaning is equally important. Dental calculus develops within six months, which is why it is so important to clean it 2 times a year.

The dentist may suggest that you take a small test to properly clean the teeth at home: iodinol is taken and a cotton pad is moistened in it. After that, you need to hold them on the enamel, rinse your mouth with water and see that the painted areas are cleaned incorrectly, there is still a raid.

Why brush your teeth? Why is this so important? To preserve their natural beauty, please others with their well-groomed smile and not expose your body to complications and diseases.

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