What to do with a baby tooth

With the birth of a child, the life of a married couple changes a lot. Constant lack of sleep due to child care and concerns about his health.

Perhaps the most difficult at times can be called teething. Everyone is looking forward to this moment, and then begin new worries – changing milk teeth for permanent ones.

Of course, this process begins much later and takes place, as a rule, less painfully, but young parents may be faced with an unexpected question for themselves: what to do with the child’s dropped milk teeth?

Some simply throw them away, others hide it in a box for memory, and still others remember various national signs, for example, give it to a mouse or exchange it with a milk fairy for money.

For the most part, there is no difference and everything depends on the imagination of the parents or their childhood memories of what their parents did in this case.

So that the child is not so painful experienced the process of changing teeth, you can still come up with something exciting that will be able to console the baby.

Tooth Fairy

Many will surely remember that in their childhood they changed dropped baby teeth for money.

To exchange a tooth for a denyuzhku, it was necessary to put it under a pillow for the night, from where the tooth fairy took it and left a coin in return.

The story says that this sign originates in Spain. Writer Louis Coloma received orders from the royal family.

The writer came up with a fairy tale in which it was said that the tooth should be hidden and get a reward. In addition, it was mentioned that the fairy takes only healthy teeth, which means you need to take care of them. Subsequently, the fairy turns the “trophy” into a star in the sky. The tale loved the royal couple and after that spread throughout the world.

At present, parents interpret the story a little and suggest that the baby leave a tooth on the bedside table or on the windowsill. There is no difference here, but the trick is that it is so much easier to exchange it for a coin and not wake the child.

Many psychologists believe that this approach is very useful, there are several positive points here:

  • the fairy tale helps the child to more easily transfer the painful experience of tooth loss;
  • the tale fills the heart of a child with kindness and faith in miracles;
  • thanks to this story, babies are more attentive to their teeth and their care;

For this reason, it is still worthwhile to come up with a special ritual to eliminate fallen out teeth, and not just throw them out.

Leave on memory

Some parents do not use fairy tales to facilitate the experience of the baby, but explain the need and significance of this process.

In this case, the first tooth of the baby remains in the family as a souvenir and is stored in some box or beautiful box. You can entrust the process to the child himself. This will teach him responsibility.

This method is also good enough, but it is not always possible to find the right words to explain the process of changing teeth, what caused it and why.

If a fairy tale about a fairy is more typical for foreign countries and a similar tradition can often be seen in a family film, then the version about a mouse is more common in Russia.

It is recommended to quickly put a tooth in a secluded place so that it can pick up the mouse. In return, she will give the baby a new tooth, beautiful and healthy, which will not be prone to disease and will not spoil for a long time.

According to some information, the story with the mouse was transformed from a belief that said that which animal would take would be like the teeth of that animal and new ones.

It is no secret that rodents have strong and small neat teeth, so it was suggested to give them to the mouse, and not to other animals. In some versions of the signs about the mouse, it is recommended that the baby throw it over the right shoulder.

Many parents teach their children to accompany the donation of the mouse with the words: "Mouse-mouse, take yourself a rotten tooth, and give me a root one." "Take the mouse-mouse, take the milk tooth, and bring the bone bone to me."

These phrases are not recommended and may vary depending on the imagination of the parents or their memories of their childhood.

What to do with a baby tooth

Not very popular custom in our time, but sometimes found in villages and villages with old traditions.

According to ancient beliefs, it was believed that children are more susceptible than others to the evil eye and the influence of dark forces, so the first tooth was considered the most important.

When he had just cut through, it was recommended to buy a silver spoon and give it to the baby. This ensured that all subsequent ones would grow healthy and strong.

The first milk tooth, which fell out, was taken to be wrapped in a red cloth and wrapped with threads, accompanying with a conspiracy: “You have a tooth here too. He will not be lost and you will not be lost. ”

After that, he was kept until the child grew up and was transferred to him as a talisman. He always had to be carried with him and was absolutely forbidden to lose.

The idea to create jewelery with dairy teeth, at first glance, seems rather strange and can even give something wild and prehistoric, however, this is not only practiced today, but also very successfully sold for substantial money.

A resident of the United States Kim Covel, a jeweler by education, after the loss of the first tooth of her baby turned to the fairy tale about the fairy, but could not throw it away afterwards.

She long puzzled over what to do with him, after which she was given the idea to create a necklace with a baby’s tooth. Very quickly, the product liked her friends and the woman began to receive orders. After that, Kim created her own company Le Knockout, which creates jewelry with milk teeth.

Can I throw it away?

In fact, it’s okay to throw it away, and sometimes a loosening baby tooth can fly out completely unnoticed by the child during sports or simple indulgence.

Of course, the scornful attitude of parents to the baby’s teeth will not go unnoticed and will certainly leave him with an unpleasant aftertaste, so it’s better to invent a story or use existing ones.

In ancient times, in many countries, it was considered a bad omen to throw out a tooth and not to bring it to the fire or give it to some fabulous character. It was believed that a person who simply threw him out could begin to suffer from insomnia, and in addition, his new teeth would look like wolf teeth.

What else is worth remembering?

Many parents completely forget that the process of loss of milk teeth is sometimes not completely harmless and may have some difficulties.

If the blood does not stop or the child feels that he has not fully left out, then it is worth contacting the dentist to make sure that the tooth fell out completely, and did not break, and the fragment remained in the gum.

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