What to do if a tooth with a hole is sore

What to do if a tooth with a hole is sore

What if a tooth ache?

What to do if the tooth ached? Of course, urgently go to the dentist – in the dental clinic will certainly help you. Even if you do not want, there is no time

expensive (read between the lines – scary), a visit to the doctor you can not avoid. But if this trouble happened in the wrong way – late in the evening or on a holiday, and the pain is so strong that it is impossible to endure, you will have to help yourself.

The first thing to do is take one or a couple of pain pills, the best is Ketonal: this is the most potent drug that is available without a prescription. Even if you are an opponent of synthetic drugs, the situation does not favor the principle: you cannot beat the pain – you can not even fall asleep. Next, brush your teeth and do not eat again until you feel better. It is also advisable not to drink, at least cold and hot drinks are definitely contraindicated to you. Draw iodine mesh on the cheek from the side of the patient’s tooth, after which let’s find the suitable ingredients for rinsing and compress.

Traditional medicine recommends many recipes to combat toothache. Here are the most common ones:

• A solution of soda or salt in the ratio of two tablespoons to one cup of warm water. You can still drop in the resulting drug iodine.

• Sage decoction, in combination with chamomile, calendula and oak bark: throw a spoonful of grass into boiling water (1 cup or so), cook for 10 minutes and let cool. You can rinse like a solution of soda, and you can just keep it in your mouth.

• Vodka or any other strong alcoholic drink. It is necessary to moisten a cotton wool abundantly with it and attach it to a disturbing tooth. However, a couple of glasses inside you now also do not hurt, as a pair of alcohol dulls the feeling of pain. But if you have already taken the pills, it is better to refrain from alcohol.

• A half of a clove of garlic is placed on the cheek near the diseased tooth, and the second is pinned to the wrist (from the side opposite the tooth) with a wet cut to the skin.

• If a tooth aches out of the house (for example, while traveling) and you don’t have any of the above on hand, a regular cigarette will help you. If you don’t smoke, borrow it from one of your fellow travelers. Tear the sleeve, shake out the tobacco on the palm and chew it, not swallowing, until the pain passes. By the way, dry black tea can also be used in the same way.

Eastern folk medicine recommends that when a toothache to massage the ear. Well, if you have already taken a pill, rinsed your mouth and put a compress, it is better to wait for relief, not counting the seconds before it, but continuing to struggle with unpleasant sensations. Therefore, lightly pinch the auricle on the side of the unfortunate tooth with the thumb and forefinger, and slowly draw them down from the tip of the ear to the lobe. Imagine that the pain appears on it with a touch, and you clean it off.

The second variant of anesthetic self-massage is the effect on the acupuncture point between the radial bones of the thumb and index fingers of the opposite hand from the tooth. Find a hole on the back of your hand, about 3 cm above your wrist, and massage it – preferably with something cold. For example, a piece of ice.

What to do if a tooth with a hole is sore

Another folk remedy that does not claim to be scientific, and nevertheless quite working. If it’s summer, try to find a plantain. Carefully remove it from the ground along with the root, separate the latter from the stem, clean it and place it in the ear on the side where the aching tooth is, and rub the gingiva with a sheet. They say that the discomfort is released within half an hour.

If the hole in the tooth is open and it is clearly visible, you can act on the pain locally. It is best to use propolis: we roll a small ball and push it into the hollow. There is no propolis – we take onion, garlic and salt in equal proportions, pound well and just as well place the mixture in the hole. But in no case do so, if the nerve is open. It is easy to check by typing cold water in your mouth: you feel a sharp pain – do not tempt fate, the sensations will be from the series “you will not wish the enemy”. But you can attach a piece of dipyrone to the tooth or to the gum next to it.

One or several of the above methods will certainly help you survive this night. And tomorrow go to the dentist, even if the pain is completely gone. After all, you do not want today’s event to happen again? Holes in the teeth do not overgrow by themselves, no matter how much we would like. But if you think that treating your teeth is painful, it means that the last time you visited the dentist in your childhood – believe me, a lot has changed since then.

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What to do if a tooth with a hole is sore?

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If unpleasant sensations occur when exposed to mechanical, chemical or thermal stimuli and immediately disappear after their removal, then most likely you develop caries. Dental adolescent patients most often suffer from a sudden toothache due to caries, torsion of teeth, deep bite, or the initial stage of gingivitis.

The tooth may also hurt due to a violation of the filling technology. Most often, people endure the pain for hours or even days. Previously, for an additional effect, a cotton swab can be wetted in a valocordine; the tool can also prevent severe toothache. Of course, with this problem it is best to consult a doctor.

Help folk remediesNo what to do if there are no tablets on hand, and a tooth swelled and sharp pains.

In this case, the root also hurts. Always at all times the best answer to the question of what to do when a toothache hurts is going to the dentist. It has an antispasmodic effect.

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Alcohol: In order to relieve a toothache, you can use strong alcohol – vodka, whiskey, brandy or rum. But, nevertheless, taking this drug, you need to be very careful.

Helps to relieve severe pain a mixture of onion juice and salt in proportions of 1: 1. With a toothache, I wrap a few pieces of onion in a sterile bandage. If it is located above the gums, gingivitis can occur – inflammation of the gums. It not only quickly removes pain, but also reduces inflammation. Of course, paracetamol should be used for mild pain. How can I stop my son’s toothache right now, what can you recommend? At home, you can advise ear to drip hydrogen peroxide, sulfur will move away from the walls, then clean it in the usual way.

The first step is to thoroughly brush your teeth. Instead, a decoction of sage, oak bark or chamomile.

Good help tooth drops.

Puff pastry on beer. After an hour we get, thinly roll out (well

Vanilla extract: Soak a cotton swab with vanilla extract and apply to the area of ​​the tooth that causes pain.

You can take natural medicines directly from the windowsill.

If you have nothing at all, firmly press your finger on the hollow between the nose and lips – this is an acupuncture point that will help relieve toothache. Such a solution perfectly relieves inflammation. If the cavity is cleaned, the pain subsides and does not occur without a cause. Should take the spine, and not the sheet itself. Moreover, the wrist of the opposite side is rubbed, compared to the sore tooth.

Many future mothers, bearing a child, are very afraid of toothache. Do not panic. You should try to reduce the toothache right from the start, or by using your hand to get rid of it, and then come to the doctor so that he can eliminate the cause of the pain.

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