What color diarrhea when teething

Teething is not always easy and painless, bringing a lot of trouble to parents and baby. The vagaries, fever and diarrhea during teething in a small child are frequent companions of the process of presentation. It is important to distinguish the disorder from other intestinal symptoms, in time to provide proper assistance to the little patient.

What color diarrhea when teething

Can teething cause diarrhea

In the process of presentation, various symptoms may occur, diarrhea – one of these manifestations. There is a connection between diarrhea syndrome in a child’s tooth erupting and passage through the musculoskeletal jaw. This is due to:

  1. With the passage of a tooth through the soft tissues of the gums, itching occurs. The child is teething, he is trying to scratch his fingers or gnaw the first thing that falls under the arm. On many things, there are pathogenic microbes that, when released into the digestive system, cause indigestion.
  2. When you enter new foods complementary foods, which coincides with the period of the presentation.
  3. The growth of the dental structure is a stress for the child’s body, and psychogenic diarrhea develops against this background.

What color diarrhea when teething

How many days does diarrhea last

The acute period of the passage of the tooth to the gingival surface takes several days (48-72 hours) – up to about three days. If the indicator is exceeded, it is worth looking for other causes of diarrhea than the period of presentation

There are individual prerequisites for the dilution of the chair, since the process of passing through the musculoskeletal jaws is extended to 7 days. It is worth noting that diarrhea is not painful, without cramps, there are no impurities in the feces, feces no more than 3-4 times a day. There are signs of eruption (copious saliva, swollen gums, a desire to gnaw everything, sleep disturbance, moodiness, loss of appetite, a slight increase in body temperature to

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