Very bad tooth that do

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Of course, when a person has a toothache, it is necessary to consult a dentist as soon as possible! But what to do if a toothache hurts, but there is no possibility to go to the dentist? For example, you are in the country, on the road, or your tooth ached in the middle of the night. How to get rid of a toothache in difficult situations? We’ll have to do with improvised means, and they, fortunately, have found them.

What to do – a toothache: first aid

If the person is at home, you should brush your teeth immediately and no longer take food before going to the dentist in the morning. Food that gets on a bad tooth can cause severe pain again.

We now turn to specific methods.

Very bad tooth that do

The first step is to rinse the mouth with a warm solution of baking soda. To disinfect, add a drop of iodine to this solution. Do not move away iodine, experts recommend to draw them a mesh on the cheek in the area where the tooth aches.

If you have not thought about the anesthetic drug, and the tooth is sore, then you should find such a pill. This may be analginum, tempalgin, aspirin, ibuprofen, or the pain killer that you usually use in this case. Applying aspirin directly to the affected tooth is strictly prohibited, otherwise such actions may cause a burn.

And now, having given yourself first aid, try to fall asleep, and in the morning run to the dentist. Sleeping on the cheek of the patient’s tooth is not advised that this area is not swollen.

Severe tooth aches, what to do: means

  • What other ways are there to relieve toothache? Did you know that ordinary vodka can relieve a toothache, but you should not drink it. You should hold it a little in the mouth on a bad tooth, and the pain will pass.
  • Today we talked about rinsing soda, and you can also rinse the aching tooth with salt water. So, prepare a glass of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of salt to it and stir well to dissolve the salt. Rinse your mouth with this solution, trying to hold it in the mouth for a longer time.
  • When the tooth is sick right on the road, and there is nothing suitable at hand, there is only one way out. Press the hole between the lips and the nose firmly with your index finger. This point allows you to relieve toothache. Is still a toothache? Our own strength cannot be underestimated, our hands help to relieve toothache by another method. Place the palm of one hand on the forehead, and the other hold the sore spot. At the very beginning, the pain should intensify and then subside altogether.
  • When a tooth aches in nature, what to do? Look for plantain. Take it back, wash it well and attach it to the tooth. The pain must go through half an hour.
  • After 30 minutes, the toothache subsides from the tea leaf. Put the usual dry tea in the mouth (small amount), moisten it with saliva and move it with your tongue to the tooth that hurts.
  • Putting a piece of fat between the cheek and a sick tooth is also a very well-known folk remedy when a tooth aches. Surely, have you ever heard of such an interesting method in your family.
  • When a person sees caries on the tooth that is in pain at the moment, a mummy is a good remedy for relieving pain. A small piece of mummy should be put in the carious cavity.

What to do when a wisdom tooth hurts

Wisdom teeth are chewing teeth, which are located at the very end of the dentition. And they grow much later than all other human teeth. Usually their growth occurs by the age of 20, it happens later, and some people never wait for their appearance.

Very bad tooth that do

During the growth of a wisdom tooth, a person may well experience discomfort, and sometimes pain. If the wisdom tooth hurts, it is necessary to consult a specialist. You can not tolerate such pain, especially since it can be a symptom of a disease.

What if a wisdom tooth hurts? Turn all the same rinses. But now they will be based on calendula tincture. Add 1 tsp of tincture to 100 ml of warm water. Rinse should be done immediately after a meal.

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