Toothpaste for colds on the lips

If there is a cold on the lips – treatment should be fast.

Herpes disease has been known since ancient times. It is a historical fact that under the emperor Tiberius in ancient Rome a law was passed that prohibited kissing in order to stop the spread of the disease.

Today there are several modifications of the virus. Herpes appears on the lips of the first type. The disease is easily transmitted from person to person. Therefore, after touching the infected area of ​​skin, you need to thoroughly wash your hands. Appeared crusts can not be prematurely removed.

Almost two thousand years have passed, and the disease still continues to haunt humanity. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable. Once in the human body, the virus remains in it forever.

Moreover, according to research scientists, the virus is present in almost every human body. But treatment of colds on the lips can be eliminated both by popular and modern medications.

A person with a fairly strong immunity virus, trapped in the body may not be felt.

But a weakened immune system, various other diseases, a stressful state can lead to the fact that a rapid development of the disease begins.

It manifests itself in the form of a rash on the skin, which is a small bubbles filled with liquid. After some time they burst, in their place there are crusts, which, having dried up, fall away.

The virus then goes into a sleepy state. The manifestation of herpes gives the sick a lot of unpleasant moments. This is from a cosmetic point of view an unpleasant sight, and there is also a certain painful effect.

How to get rid of cold on the lips – treatment is possible?

Cold on the lip – how to treat folk remedies.

Fir oil

We offer you the well-known ancient method used in Siberia. Apply fir oil to the affected skin. The procedure is repeated throughout the day many times, preferably in two hours.

To quickly get rid of the manifestation of the disease, it is necessary to apply oil for the night without wiping it. With this treatment, possible side effects in the form of itching, but do not be afraid of it. Itching goes away after a while.

Propolis tincture

Another popular way of cold on the lip, how to treat, we will tell in the next way.

To do this, apply the tincture of propolis. This remedy herpes cauterize.

So that the crusts are not painful and the feeling of tightening does not appear, they are smeared with a cream with chamomile or calendula extracts in half an hour.

Sulfur from the ear

A very popular and cost-effective way. For this it is necessary to remove sulfur from the ear with a cotton swab. The resulting tool wipe infected areas several times a day. Helps a lot!

Having wadded a fleece on a matchstick, remove a little sulfur from the ear with this tampon and rub it into the affected areas two or three times a day.

Valocordin lip

A cold on the lip can also be treated with the well-known heart remedy valocordin. How to do it? The medicine is applied on a cotton swab and applied to the diseased area of ​​skin. This method is more effective in the first stage of the disease, when the bubbles are just starting to appear.

Toothpaste for cold on the lip

There are also original remedies for cold on the lips. To do this, use toothpaste. At first glance, the choice of means seems strange. But do not rush to conclusions. Toothpaste has the property to dry the inflamed surface.

If you feel an itch that precedes the appearance of a rash, then boldly lubricate this area with toothpaste. This will help to quickly get rid of the manifestation of an unpleasant disease.

Cold Lip Medications

Cold remedy on the lips can also be a medication specially designed for this purpose. The pharmaceutical industry produces a huge amount of drugs for the treatment of manifestations of herpes.

Ointment Zovirax

An English manufacturer offers Zovirax. It is well established and is popular with sick people. But the drug is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Acyclovir ointment

Our pharmacological industry offers how to remove a cold on the lip. The product is called acyclovir ointment. This ointment is also quite effective, and, most importantly, much cheaper.

Note! The use of ointments gives a good result if applied at the first symptoms of the disease. Use them up to four times a day. Diseased skin is treated for several days.

The negative point in the use of medicines is that at a certain point the body becomes accustomed to the remedy, and it ceases to be effective. Frequent use of the ointment may also cause excessive dryness and cracks in the skin.

How to cure a cold on the lip, if the disease does not go away for a long time?

Of course, you need to consult a doctor. The doctor will suggest the best means or additional research to identify why the disease does not go away for a long time.

Toothpaste for colds on the lips

Famvir or valacyclovir may be prescribed. These are pills that are taken inside and act through the blood. In any case, if you see that the disease takes a protracted nature, has spread to large areas of skin, be sure to go to the clinic.

After all, herpes may indicate that some serious disturbances or failures occur in your body.

Do not forget! Cold medicine on the lips is necessary, but prophylactic agents are also important, which are, in particular, vitamins B and C in the form of tablets, as well as vitamin E, which is released dissolved in oil. Follow the diet. Limit the intake of fatty, salty, beer, peanuts, raisins. Consume more fish, chicken, legumes.

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