Toothache at home

This problem can knock down the most courageous and strong people. Toothache is caused by caries, pulpitis, erosion of the dental cervix (part of the tooth located in the upper layer of the gum), periodontitis. And this is not the whole list of reasons that frighten us that could cause such a problem. Herbal medicine can alleviate the condition of a person. But no matter what traditional recipes for the treatment of toothache we used, sooner or later, you still have to go to the dentist.

But in order to somehow reduce the pain, some resorted to all sorts of drugs, while others – to the popular treatment.

Treatment of folk remedies for toothache at home

The pain often overtakes us in the most unexpected moments. And, alas, due to employment or late hours of the day, it is not always possible to immediately visit the dentist. Of course, many immediately rush to drink pain pills, but you can not abuse them. And everyone should know this, because drugs can badly affect the body, and cause addiction to them. This means that if you have some kind of severe pain, then one pill will not help you.

Medicines for toothache can be very diverse. They can be divided into two main groups, these are recipes of traditional medicine aimed at the therapy of teeth, gums and other diseases of the oral cavity and medical preparations.

Effective folk treatment at home

Here are some popular ways:

No matter how strange it may sound, lard can help you in treatment. Attach a piece of fat to the painful area and after 15 minutes the pain will stop.

You can rub the garlic with salt and put on the surface of the sick tooth. Garlic decoction or garlic-based tincture will be effective.

If there is nothing like this, you can attach ordinary ice.

There are cases when all of the above tools do not work. Most often this happens when the area of ​​the nerve is "bare." In such cases, you can try cotton wool with alcohol or vodka. Your goal in this case is to kill the nerve. Alternatively, you can use a tampon soaked in iodine solution, then put it on the tooth for a few minutes.

The sensitivity of the tooth will help reduce honey, aloe, pollen, oak bark, and if you suddenly have stomatitis, the combination of fat and honey will help you recover from this ailment.

Put a small piece of fresh beetroot on the aching tooth, and leave for a while until the pain passes

Put a few drops of valerian on the tooth that tortures you.

Leaves of valerian or horse sorrel can be put between the tooth and cheek or a little chew, this will help to relieve a little pain.

A rather unusual way, but very effective, is to wrap up a bit of finely chopped onion in gauze and put it in the ear, opposite to the diseased tooth.

A hot rag, or a piece of horseradish or mustard wrapped in cloth, is applied to the neck below the neck, and it is necessary to use means that will warm up well and bake.

There is another popular method that has become widespread, in order to relieve toothache, you need to wrap a clove of garlic in a napkin and attach it to the pulse on the arm, which is on the opposite side of the aching tooth.

To alleviate the pain of teeth, traditional medicine recommends using onions, which must be placed inside gauze tissue and applied to the ear area, but opposite the tooth, that is, if the aching tooth is on the left side, then the onion must be applied to the right and vice versa.

An excellent folk remedy is this: you will need some salt, a little, at the tip of a knife and a garlic clove. Chop the garlic to a mushy state, and add soda to it, mix everything with a toothbrush and brush your sore teeth. After that, mouth must be rinsed with warm milk, pain and burning will pass. In principle, adding a little salt to the toothpaste, you provide your teeth with a painless condition. In addition, it will kill all germs and bacteria, and in the end – her teeth will be protected from caries, and this protection is much better than pure toothpaste.

If you have a tooth ache under the crown, then this pain can be cured with the help of folk remedies. You need to take a teaspoon of salt, a few drops of vinegar and a small pinch of ground black pepper. All ingredients need to be mixed in one tablespoon made of stainless steel. It will need to hold over a small fire, when the composition of the spoon boils, you need a little more to hold it on the fire and make a small ball from the mass that you received during the boiling process. When the tooth will hurt, apply this ball to his gum, you immediately begin to strongly salivate, constantly spit it out. In fact, you understand that the balls are not very convenient to attach to the gums, so it is better to roll them into plates and, in this form, apply them to diseased areas. This method of popular treatment of toothache is very effective and gives instant results.

If you do not have pills at hand, but pain prevents you from functioning and working normally. In this case, you need to drip into the sore tooth valocordin or moisten the cotton wool and put it on the tooth. If you do not have this at home, then an ordinary soda solution is perfect for relieving a toothache.

Not bad helps from a toothache a mixture of garlic. Salt and onion. It is necessary to make gruel of garlic and onions, add salt to it, and mix thoroughly. All available ingredients must be taken in equal quantities. Put a little slurry on the aching tooth and cover it with a swab.

However, in folk medicine there is also an easier method of relieving toothache only with the help of garlic – you need to rub garlic on the wrist of the hand, which is on the opposite side of the aching tooth. It is important that garlic juice gets on the skin.

If you relieve pain, you should definitely visit your dentist in the near future. Only a professional doctor will be able to correctly identify your illness and conduct a competent therapy. As you know, it is impossible to joke with your teeth, and over time the smallest caries can develop into a big problem.

Effective ways to relieve toothache infusions and charges

The infusion of the yarrow, the serpentine head of the Moldavian or the broth of the silverweed can be used as a painkiller, you can insist on the vodka calamus root and use it for toothache.

Horsetail can boil or insist in hot water, for this, two tablespoons are poured over 200 milliliters of boiling water, and let it stand overnight. This tool helps with diseases of the gums and teeth, if they systematically rinse the mouth.

One hundred grams of oak bark is poured with one liter of water, simmer for fifteen minutes, then add two tablespoons of acetic acid, a piece of red pepper.

10 grams of aspen bark pour a glass of water and boil for seven minutes on low heat. With this tool, the oral cavity is treated with diseases of the teeth and gums. Folk remedies can not only help relieve her attack, but also soothe the inflamed gums.

It is necessary to make a tincture of plantain. Or simply attach a plantain leaf to the sore spot and leave for a few minutes. After about half an hour, the toothache will pass slightly.

Sage – home remedy for toothache. You need to make a warm sage decoction and rinse their mouth. Preparing this broth is very simple: take a tablespoon of sage herb, and boil for 10 minutes. After the broth has cooled, you need to carefully, at least. Rinse your mouth for 10-15 minutes. In order to completely remove the pain, it is better to do these rinses up to several times a day.

Effective treatment of decoction for toothache

If a tooth ache, decoctions of such herbs will help:

Although traditional medicine has been tested by many centuries, it’s still necessary to trust the official means that are practiced by real dentists. But the main thing to remember is one very important rule, which is that any means and preparations should be assigned to you by a dentist. This applies to the use of folk remedies, because you need to know what needs to be treated, because not your teeth can hurt, but your gums. And most importantly, to quench your toothache you need to remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg, because anyway in the future you will have to cure a bad tooth, it will be necessary.

Traditional recipes for stopping acute toothache at night

Toothache is an unpleasant phenomenon. Especially when it overtakes us at the wrong time. If a tooth ache, herbal medicine will help to hold out until the morning. Today we would like to share with you some tips on how to eliminate a sharp toothache.

She long does not give rest. And there are two ways out: go to the doctor or be treated at home with the help of natural recipes. So, here are the simplest recipes.

It is useful to rinse the mouth cavity with infusion of Ivy-like budry grass. Tablespoon pour 200 grams of boiling water and boil for about 5-7 minutes. This warm broth and rinse your mouth, focusing on a bad tooth.

It is useful to put the oil in the form of a tooth on a sore tooth and hold it until the pain subsides.

Nettle tincture will help relieve pain. From this tincture make lotion and put on a bad tooth. 20 grams of nettle should be poured 400 grams of vodka and insist 10 days. Tincture is ready for therapeutic procedures.

Geranium will help with toothache. You can make a decoction: pour a tablespoon of geranium 200 ml of boiling water and insist. This broth can rinse your mouth or apply lotion to the tooth. If the decoction is not at hand, and home geranium flaunts on the windowsill, then a leaflet of this plant can be attached to the diseased tooth.

In equal shares to mix the ground cinnamon and honey. This should rub the aching tooth.

In order for the pain to pass, traditional medicine advises to keep the pieces of peeled beets on the tooth.

A decoction of sage will help the sick tooth. A tablespoon of herbs steamed in 200 grams of boiling water and a warm filtered infusion rinse your mouth.

The pain subsides in 10-15 minutes after a mixture of crushed garlic, onion and powdered salt (ground salt) is placed on the aching tooth.

Propolis the size of a pea should be applied to the diseased tooth in order for the pain to pass faster.

To relieve pain can be lard. For this it is enough to attach a piece to the sore spot.

The treatment is effective with tincture of valerian, cyanosis and motherwort. These sedatives calm the pain.

It is useful to breathe vapors of alcohol or vodka.

Alcohol tincture of calamus root is an excellent remedy for pain in the tooth. It is enough to smear a bad tooth with this tincture and the pain passes instantly. 20 grams of crushed calamus pour 100 milliliters of vodka and insist 14-16 days. We treat the tincture, it can be safely used.

Toothache at home

Fir oil effectively eliminates pain as a lotion. Cotton wool in fir oil is applied to the tooth and the pain quickly subsides.

But do not postpone the visit to the dentist.

There is no doubt that such folk recipes, as we have said, can cure only the symptom of pain, and not its cause. Recipes for pain relief are suitable only if at the moment you can’t visit the doctor, but you shouldn’t delay with this.

Effective rinse treatments will help to deal with a toothache.

It must be remembered that any means used: pills and homemade recipes – this is only a brief measure to combat pain, because the problem lies much deeper. After removing the pain, it is important to contact your dentist to prevent complications. It is impossible to constantly "be treated" with folk remedies in the hope that the tooth will pass by itself. This will not be accurate. However, in this article we would like to talk about how you can pay off the pain, if you currently do not have the opportunity to seek medical help.

Undoubtedly, the most famous means are mouth rinses.

The most famous folk remedy is a solution of salt or iodine in water (with iodine, be sure to follow the proportions! A couple of drops (weak) per 150 ml of water). The solution acts on the tissues of the sensitive dentin, reducing the pressure of the fluid in the dentinal tubules. You can rinse your mouth with various decoctions of herbs like sage, chamomile, which have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Tincture sage. It is necessary to brew 2 tablespoons of sage leaves in a glass of boiled water. Let the infusion infuse for an hour. For 20 minutes, rinse the tooth continuously, then once every half hour.

Folk remedy tincture of Hypericum. Brew 2 spoons (table) in a glass of boiling water. It is necessary that the broth is infused within an hour. Similar solution can be moistened and cotton wool, putting it to the tooth.

Tincture of turnips. Take 2 tablespoons of tart turnip, pour it with a glass of boiling water, and cook the broth for 20 minutes. After the broth has cooled, rinse your mouth.

Tea tree oil solution. It is necessary to drop a few drops into a glass with warm water, mix thoroughly and rinse your mouth.

Folk remedy soda solution. A tablespoon of soda should be stirred in a glass of warm water, and thoroughly rinse the sore spot.

Collecting sorrel can be bought at the pharmacy, take 20 grams of the collection and boil it in a glass of water, rinse your mouth with this decoction, try to keep the decoction in the affected tooth. When the liquid in the mouth cools down, it is spat out, and again a warm broth is collected in the mouth, this procedure is repeated four times within 30 minutes.

Another certainly good way to alleviate the pain of teeth is a sage decoction. He needs to rinse in the mouth, especially the area of ​​the mouth, where there is a sick tooth bothering you. Rinsing should be carried out about three – four times a day.

A good remedy is a yarrow infused with an alcoholic solution, which should be rinsed several times a day after meals.

Aspen bark has excellent antipyretic, wound-healing, bactericidal and diaphoretic properties, thus being an excellent folk remedy. You will need one tablespoon of aspen chips, it is necessary to pour boiling water on it, then boil for fifteen minutes and insist for half an hour. When the decoction is infused, they can rinse your mouth and toothache will pass as quickly as it came.

Using propolis at home for toothache. It is necessary to put a piece of propolis on the tooth and close it with a cotton swab. Wait 20 minutes without opening your mouth. If you do not have fresh propolis, then you can buy a special infusion from it, take a teaspoon of propolis, pour boiling water and thoroughly rinse your mouth.

We do not think that Novocain and Lidocaine will lie in each house, but if this happens, they will become excellent assistants. First you need to rinse your mouth with warm water mixed with baking soda and iodine. And then inject into the cavity of the tooth with Lidocaine aerosol, or soak a tampon in Novocain solution and apply it to the diseased tooth. The same method is used and dental drops.

Yet the most effective way to relieve acute pain is a quick trip to the dentist. The main thing is to wait for the morning. As a rule, in most clinics, patients with acute dental pain are taken first.

If, after going to the dentist, the toothache did not pass, and the blood protruding from the open hole after the extracted tooth was added to it, you should proceed as follows. First, rinse your mouth all the same chamomile. Secondly, to avoid infection, it is necessary to moisten a piece of cotton wool in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and attach it to the sore spot.

Unfortunately, many, having relieved the pain, immediately forget about the desire to visit the dentist. However, this unpleasant visit should not be postponed, otherwise simple caries can spill over into more serious and painful consequences.

Preventing toothaches folk remedies

To prevent pain, you can follow some of the recommendations of the healers: it is very important that microbes are not collected on your gums or teeth. To do this, it is enough to eat half a bulb a day or 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Everybody knows from childhood that teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day. In the opposite case, there may be caries and plaque on the teeth, which also subsequently leads to serious problems and toothache. That is why after eating sweets that can cause tooth decay, you should at least rinse your mouth – this will be an additional prevention of toothache at home.

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