The wisdom tooth grows to the side

The eruption of eights, or as they are often called, wisdom teeth, the inevitable fate of most people. Someone this process remains invisible, but someone gives a lot of problems.

They consist not only in sore gums, but also in the wrong direction of tooth growth. The greatest discomfort causes a wisdom tooth that grows in the cheek.

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Photo: teething wisdom tooth in the direction of the right cheek

Almost always, the eruption of any tooth is accompanied by pain, and wisdom teeth (third molars) are no exception. The first manifestations of discomfort or edema may not be a sign of abnormal growth, but should serve as a signal for further observation of this process..

If suddenly the pathology of the growth of the molar is still there, then it can be determined by a number of specific features:

  • high bleeding of the gums, detected by mechanical action: cleaning, chewing;
  • pronounced inflammation of the soft tissues around the figure eight and the adjacent healthy tooth;
  • severe pain when chewing in the mouth and upper throat, which is aggravated by swallowing;
  • swelling of the gums, passing on the tongue and cheek;
  • trauma to the inner surface of the cheek opposite the growing molar;
  • the formation of a seal on the cheek where the growing crown touches;
  • recurrent headache of intense nature, sometimes accompanied by fever. Most often, the relief of this symptom is possible only with the help of painkillers.

The eruption of the third molar in the cheek can stretch for many years, which entails the appearance of related problems. In the event of these symptoms, the most appropriate approach to the dentist.

Wrong tooth growth wisdom may be caused by purely individual characteristics, such as the structure or structure of the jaw apparatus, genetic predisposition.

But, apart from these reasons, they also identify common ones that occur most often:

Photo: the beginnings of wisdom teeth on X-ray

The wisdom tooth grows to the side

abnormal development of the tooth rudiment, which leads to its wrong location;

  • too large or irregular shape of the third molar;
  • impaired metabolic processes, provoking a lack of minerals, especially calcium;
  • changing hormonal balance;
  • non-standard number of teeth, due to which crowding occurs;
  • availability of free space about eight.
  • In any case, the causes of the wrong eruption and their nature cannot be determined independently. This requires the diagnosis, appointed by a specialist.

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    The growth of the third molar can last from several days to several years.. The longer the process takes, the more often there are complications that further require long-term treatment. These include:

    • partial or complete destruction of the root system of the adjacent tooth, which leads to its loss;
    • carious lesion or destruction of the enamel of the crown of seven;
    • malocclusion;
    • trigeminal neuralgia;
    • the formation of poorly healing erosions on the inner surface of the cheek or suppuration;
    • bone tissue inflammation of the jaw: periostitis, phlegmon, osteomyelitis, pericoronitis;
    • inflammatory manifestations in the lymph nodes;
    • degeneration of the soft tissues of the cheek, leading to the formation of benign formations. The main danger of these seals is that they create a fertile ground for the appearance of malignant tumors.

    The wisdom tooth grows to the side

    In order to save yourself from possible problems, you should contact your dentist in the early stages of wisdom tooth eruption.. Only after a detailed examination can this problem be solved with the help of treatment or removal.

    How to ease the pain before going to the dentist?

    In case of severe symptoms, do not delay with a visit to the dentist. Self-treatment for a tooth growing on the cheek is a useless exercise.

    No matter how much erosion is treated, their healing will be short-term or partial, since the crown resting on the mucous will not change its location. Therefore, it is necessary as soon as possible to consult a doctor for advice.

    If this is not possible, then you can temporarily use folk or medical drugs. They will help if the cheek is not just sore, but also swollen.

    Folk remedies

    To eliminate the local symptoms that appear when the eight is erupting into the cheek, they use means aimed at removing edema and inflammation, slight anesthesia, and eliminating pathogenic microorganisms.

    The most effective means of popular treatment for this problem is considered:

    • rinsing with weak soda solution – well removes edema and fights microbes;
    • complex decoction of oak bark and sage (leaves), prepared at the rate of 10 tbsp. spoons of raw materials for
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