The child has a toothache

Toothache is one of the most common and acute. If in the case of adults it is enough to use an anesthetic drug, then many medicines are simply prohibited for children. Parents often have a question: “What should I do if a child has a toothache and there is no opportunity to see a specialist?”. In this case, help folk recipes and preparations that are allowed to children from an early age. More about this in the article.

Why does a baby have teeth that hurt?

From parents you can often hear the phrase that there is no need to visit the children of the dentist while they have milk teeth in their mouth. This axiom is not at all true. The fact is that the condition of the temporary teeth will also determine the health of the main teeth. Therefore, you need to take care of them since childhood.

“Can a baby’s toothache hurt a child?” Dentists give a positive answer to this question. The process of destruction of enamel occurs very quickly. For 2 weeks, you can lose a tooth completely. An unpleasant situation develops with the detection of caries. In this case, doctors resort to emergency procedures: silvering and fluoridation.

If the process is very running, the enamel has to be drilled. For a child, this process can be a huge stress. At the age of 4-5 years, dentists offer to do the procedure under general anesthesia. There are many negative points, among them – a huge load on the body of the baby. Many children are heavily withdrawn from anesthesia. In order not to bring to such situations, you need to consult a doctor in time and care for your teeth.

Oral Examination

If a child has a toothache, you must first understand the reason. To do this, inspect the baby’s mouth. Not always children can accurately determine the localization of pain. But the reason may not even be in the tooth, and the gums affected by stomatitis. For babies under 5 years old, this diagnosis is very common. Crumbs are all "pulled" in the mouth, it is not surprising that it is easy to bring an infection or a bacterium.

If all the same reason in the tooth, you need to act as follows:

Carefully inspect the source of the pain. If there is a darkening on the enamel, and swelling is observed near the gum, the situation can be quite serious. Warm up the cheek in this case is impossible. It is not excluded purulent abscess and inflammation of the nerve. The most correct decision would be rinsing and quick access to a doctor.

The child has a toothache

If a hole was noticed in the tooth, but the gum did not change, it is possible that the pain was caused by food stuck in the affected area. In this case, it will be appropriate to clean the mouth and rinse.

Very often the baby’s toothache hurts the child at the time when it is replaced with a permanent one. And here the task of parents to facilitate the process, not to give the baby solid food, eliminate sweets from the diet. In no case can not independently pull out your teeth with the help of thread, other improvised means. Thus, you can not only help the child, but also harm.

Doctors advise at the first signs of discomfort and pain in babies in the oral cavity to apply to the dental office.

Relieve condition with herbs

If the child has a toothache, it is necessary to alleviate the condition with the help of herbs that should be in the first-aid kit of the mother. Among them are:

Sage. Brewing grass with water. The proportions are as follows: 1 tablespoon of a plant for 1 cup of water. At the same time use the water from the tap can not be, it must be boiled. The broth is poured into a metal container, brought to a boil and boil for 5-7 minutes over low heat. After that leave to cool. Next should be filtered. Rinse the mouth with a decoction at room temperature.

Plantain. In the specific case, it is the root that is used, not the leaves. The spine is put in the auricle on the side with which the tooth aches. And leave for an hour. After that, it is carefully removed. This method should be used very carefully so as not to damage the eardrum.

Oregano. Prepare a decoction, based on the proportions of 1:10. It will be enough to bring the water to a boil and pour grass over it. Leave to infuse for 1-2 hours. After this broth rinse the mouth cavity.

Propolis. Known for all its analgesic effect. Carefully use allergy sufferers, can cause a strong reaction, up to angioedema.

Many parents are interested: “A baby tooth has a toothache, what to do?”. First of all, you need to pull yourself together and assess the situation. If the baby does not have a swollen cheek, there is no fever, the general condition is normal, you can calmly wait until the morning and immediately go to the doctor. To facilitate the situation, experts recommend the use of rinsing of herbs or soda.

Is it possible to use drugs

A rather popular question is: “Does a child have a toothache, what to give?”. If the mother in the first-aid kit has painkillers that are allowed for children, they can certainly be used. Lightened condition:

"Nurofen" or any other drug based on ibuprofen. He quickly relieve pain for 5-7 hours.

Paracetomol. The effect is the same as with drugs containing ibuprofen.

Candles "Viburkol." Perfectly help to cope with a toothache. Relief comes in 5-10 minutes.

Special ointments for gums. For example, "Dentokids". They are used, as a rule, for children whose teeth are cut. But also in more adult age will be irreplaceable in the first-aid kit. They "freeze" the sore spot. Thereby dulling the pain. Their only drawback is the short effect of the effect obtained (no more than 1 hour).

To apply or not this or that remedy should be decided only by the attending physician individually.

What about alcohol

Often on the forums you can meet the question: "Does a child have a toothache, what can he do with pain relief?". Answers sometimes lead to a stupor. Many advise rinsing the mouth with vodka or alcohol. Like, the pain subsides, and the germs go away. This advice is stupid, and has nothing to do with medicine. Remember, children and alcohol are incompatible concepts. A baby may inadvertently swallow alcohol, burn the mouth, it will only lead to a deterioration of the situation and alcohol poisoning.

It is better to use people’s tips and methods. For example, the use of garlic, salt and onion. All these ingredients are frayed to the formation of gruel. After that, gently impose on the aching tooth and pressed with a cotton swab. Relief comes in 20-30 minutes.

Remember, after alcohol enters the baby’s mouth, a part of it enters the blood. And it is very dangerous for children.

What not to do

What absolutely can not be done if the child has a toothache:

Heat the cheek. This can provoke purulent flux.

Rinse the mouth with alcohol. It is fraught with severe burns and poisoning.

Use adult drugs (paracetamol, aspirin, analgin, and others). They are valid only from 12 years.

Eat solid food.

The best way to relieve pain is to go to a doctor right away.

Tips for parents

If a child complains of toothache, use the following tips:

The child has a toothache

Contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Watch the food consumed by the baby. No solid food should be present. All dishes must be served at room temperature. Hot and cold can cause new pain if the integrity of the tooth or enamel is compromised.

Exclude from food: salt, pepper, sugar. Desserts are banned.

While the child has his mouth shut, the jaws are relaxed. In this position, the pain is reduced, the increased pressure is removed from the tooth.

Remember, even after a procedure or medication, pain does not go away instantly. Therefore, it is necessary to distract the baby with the help of games or an interesting cartoon.

Healthy baby teeth

In order not to seek help from a doctor from early childhood, you need to properly care for your teeth. For this:

To clean them day and night.

Every six months, go to the dentist for an examination.

After eating, rinse the mouth.

After the child grows up, begin to use dental floss.

In this case, the teeth will be healthy and strong.

How to facilitate a trip to the dentist

Unfortunately, to do in life without doctors will not work. Children are ill, and experts can help. Go to the dentist, sooner or later, the child will have to. For many babies, this becomes a real stress. To prevent this from happening, it’s necessary from the very childhood to explain to the child that the doctor is not the enemy, he is ready to come to help in a difficult moment. Never intimidate children with doctors. This is a big mistake of many parents.

Many ask: "What if the child has a toothache?". First of all, you need to examine the oral cavity. Only a specialist will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, but if it is not possible to get to him, you can alleviate the suffering of the baby with the help of herbal rinsing with herbs, the use of approved drugs. Remember, do not need to self-medicate, it will only aggravate the situation.

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