The best tool for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening – enamel color change procedure using hardware effects or the use of pharmaceuticals.

Exists a wide variety of drugs, able to return a smile healthy and attractive look.

The range of special tools offered in the pharmacy is very wide, the article will discuss the most effective, fast and safe ways to whiten teeth.

The best tool for teeth whitening

Contraindications to bleaching

Teeth whitening is recommended for people with a healthy oral cavity and good hygiene. Significant contraindications include:

  • Hypersensitivity teeth.
  • The presence of damage to the enamel or carious cavities.
  • Allergic reaction on the substances used.
  • The presence of too much or large seals
  • Age under 16 years old.
  • Gestation period or breastfeeding.

Rating of the best tools for teeth whitening at home

The following are the most effective and popular teeth whitening products that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Gels and ointments

Most whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide, its percentage varies from 4 to 8%. When the substance enters the tooth enamel, oxygen is released, due to which the pigmented spots oxidize and discolor.

As the active component in gels, carbamide peroxide with a concentration of from 10 to 15%. It acts on the enamel on the same principle, but since the increased concentration of the substance is due to the sparing effect on the enamel, a longer period may be required to obtain the desired effect.

Important! It should be understood that professional bleaching is more aggressive: the gels used contain more than 30% active substances (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), while home gels act softer, but, of course, not so fast.

There is no universal principle for the use of whitening gels. Each tool is available in packaging, which includes instructions. There are several types of whitening gels:

  • Prophylactic, to maintain a bright shade of teeth. The gel is applied to the brush with soft bristles. Next is a thorough and careful cleaning of the tooth surface.
  • Enamel brightening pencil. Means represents a small tube with gel and the built-in brush.
  • Whitening composition with cap. Intended for whitening, the caps have the appearance of special linings on the teeth, they are made of thin and flexible plastic and fit snugly to the dentition. Capes are a conductor for a compound with active substances.

The best tool for teeth whitening

Photo 1. Special whitening for teeth whitening. The product is filled with whitening gel and put on the jaw.

  • UV whitening. A photosensitive, oxygen-rich gel is applied to the surface of the teeth. Then a special lamp is applied, ultraviolet promotes the release of oxygen, and thus the teeth become white.

The best tool for teeth whitening

In addition to hydrogen peroxide and carbamide, the elements of the abrasive type are also added to the gels: acids, calcium and fluorine.

The gel does not belong to the main express means capable of returning whiteness to teeth. The duration of the course largely depends on the method chosen. On average, whitening with a gel requires from 7 to 14 days.

Attention! After the bleaching procedure, it is recommended to follow a transparent diet. within 48 hours.

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