Teeth whitening price

Recently, people began to take care not only of health, but of the appearance of their teeth. Home and desk whitening has become increasingly popular, and even despite rising prices, the demand for these services does not fall. Today, all kinds of teeth whitening are available, the number of which is growing all the time, it remains only to choose which one suits you best.

Desk whitening

The safest and most effective whitening is desk. The whole procedure takes place under the strict supervision of a specialist. The chance of insufficient effect or damage to the enamel is minimized. Desk whitening, in turn, can be divided into several other types.

Laser whitening

A special gel based on active bleaching agents is applied to the patient’s teeth, most often hydrogen peroxide (commonly known as peroxide), carbamide or acid peroxide. The concentration of the active substance ranges from 10 to 40% and depends on the condition of the patient’s teeth and the desired result. The catalyst of the process is the light from the dental laser. A specialist prophesied shines through each tooth, fully controlling the degree of its impact.

The advantages of this method is an excellent and long-lasting effect, a short time of the procedure. If you compare laser whitening with its main competitors ZOOM by the time of the procedure, the laser will definitely benefit. In the dental office you will have to spend only 20-30 minutes.

Thanks to full control, the chance of hitting the active gel on the mucous is reduced. Otherwise, the active substances under the influence of a laser can cause severe damage to the gums, even a chemical burn. The laser can not give a stunning effect, like other types of teeth whitening, but the effect of such a procedure looks the most natural. The cost of such a procedure varies within 4 thousand rubles.

Photobleaching (ZOOM)

The principle of this method is again in the application of the active gel and exposure to light. Only this time halogen and LED lamps act as a light source. The most popular device for this type of teeth lightening is the second and third generation ZOOM devices. Due to the name of the lamp, most often such a procedure is called zoom teeth whitening.

The time of exposure to the light from the lamp lasts about an hour in total, all this time the patient will have to sit in one position. For safety reasons, the patient should wear a protective apron and goggles before starting the procedure. A regulator is inserted into its mouth, and the gums are closed with a special apron or protective gel.

The effect of photobleaching is the most striking, in one session you can whiten your teeth by 8-10 tones and they will not darken (provided there are no bad habits) for more than a year.

Teeth whitening price

The average cost of photobleaching varies 4-5 thousand rubles.

Initially, this procedure was created for the purpose of professional tooth cleaning, but many patients have become noticeably enlightened tooth enamel for several tones. More and more people began to turn to this service not for cleanliness, but for bleaching.

Teeth whitening price

AirFlow whitening is to apply a mixture of water and soda to the enamel. The nozzle of the apparatus moves in such a way that it forms strong turbulence of water and allows the flow to penetrate into the most hard-to-reach areas: under the gums and between the teeth. Enamel is gently cleaned from all sorts of deposits, polished and acquires its natural shade.

Most often, such a procedure is used as an auxiliary measure for the removal of tartar or before performing more complex dental procedures. AirFlow cleaning is the most affordable teeth whitening, on average it costs about

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