Sugar paste for depilation

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Sugar paste for depilation

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Sugar paste for depilation

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Angel Care Sugar Paste provides deeper penetration and the result is:

  • High-quality hair removal of any length, thickness and hardness
  • Hair removal without breaking off, in the direction of their growth without inflammatory reactions and subsequent ingrowth
  • Hair removal with destruction of the hair follicle, which affects the stage of regeneration of the hair follicles and lengthens the stage while maintaining the effect of smooth skin for at least 3 weeks.
  • With regular shugaring, the effect of smooth skin increases with time.

Sugar paste for depilation

Angel Care sugar paste not only makes your skin smooth and efficiently removes hair, but also takes care of your skin:

  • Provides extra-snow peeling effect, removing the horny cells of the epidermis
  • Relieves swelling
  • Guarantees lymphatic drainage effect
  • Provides venotonic massage
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Does not traumatize the skin, which makes the depilation procedure almost painless

Professional product for depilation based on glucose, fructose and artesian water.

  • Paste does not contain any additives and is hypoallergenic.
  • Pasta is not sugared and has a shelf life of 2 years.
  • Angel Care Hard Sugar Paste is suitable for depilation of all zones: legs, hands, face, axillary areas, bikini, including deep.
  • Angel Care Hard sugar paste has a dense consistency, for depilation of all types of hair from 1-2 mm in length. Suitable for work in hot, poorly air-conditioned rooms and if the master has hot hands. For depilation with high humidity and temperature: armpits, bikini area. Especially well removes ingrown hair and hemp. It can be used in all zones.

Sugar paste HARD density is used for sugar depilation (epilation) – shugaring – using manual or spurring technique. Pasta can be heated to a temperature of 35 – 40 degrees for easy separation of a lump. Universal paste, including for rooms moderate humidity and temperature..

Sugar paste dense for manual hair removal and spatula equipment

Universal paste for all body parts

Depending on the density of the paste for shugaring you can remove both soft and tough hair from a few millimeters long.

For sugar depilation take spatula one lump of sugar paste 30-50 grams (from cherry to walnut). Lumps taken from the middle of the banks. It is possible to separate a lump of sugar paste without warming up, however, before applying it on the skin, it should be properly kneaded in your hands. When kneaded sugar paste becomes opaque, creamy yellow mass and warmed up.

On previously treated skin, apply a thin layer of talcum powder to absorb excess moisture !. A lump of sugar paste is applied against hair growth.

1-3 fingers are involved in applying the paste. gloved hands , without a large (or trowel). The pads of the fingers are perpendicular to the skin (with a spatula, press firmly when applied). Removed by hair growth, sharp movements, parallel to the skin. The ball is applied repeatedly during the procedure.

Sugar Paste Dense (Hard) is applied using spatula.

To remove paste on growth of hair.

After hair removal, treat the area with hydrogen peroxide (3%) or rotocan. A good way to disinfect and close the pores is darsonvalization (1-2 minutes).

Apply the agent for growth retardation hair, then once a day until the next session.

In the subsequent care, you can apply several drugs at the same time after depilation. For example: in the morning apply a remedy for ingrown hair, and in the evening – a means of slowing hair growth.

Manual equipment: Separate a lump of sugar paste paste 30-50 grams, before applying it to the skin, it is necessary to knead properly in the hands, while kneading the sugar paste becomes an opaque, creamy yellow mass and warms up. On the body, pre-apply a thin layer of talcum powder. A lump of sugar paste is applied against hair growth. Removed by hair growth, sharp movements, parallel to the skin. The lump is applied repeatedly during the procedure.

Glucose, fructose, water.

Pasta is great. Warming up does not require. Practically does not stick. I am very pleased with her. I will definitely take more. Well, that is even more dense, for the summer the most it. Thank you store! As always, great service.

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Pasta SUPER. Tried many, this is the best. Does not stick, elastic, viscous, removes even many-eyed hairs! Service store workers are very good, attentive, polite, prompt! Special thanks to you!

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October 23–2018

Super paste, the first time I even use this type of depilation, and I really liked it, comfortable and economical. Retains elasticity, does not spread, and in the home, you can get the hand very quickly. When will I finish it again)

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I have cold hands and even warmed up a little before work in the heat. She worked one piece perfect hemp and zabritye.

Pluses: Excellent in work and the price is gorgeous

Disadvantages: A large jar does not interpose in wax wax.

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Pratsyuvala with pasta, qia pasta naykrascha. Plastic, retracted hair, do not zuccurled. On a lot for a robot in the zones I recommend the brothers Hard. Already, she was honored as a service provider: supposedly, cleverly. I recommend the product i shop.

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August 22nd -2016

Today for the first time I worked with this paste – very well captures hairs and tears cleanly, leaving no small ones. It is very plastic when applied, even with minimal warming up. Loved it. Now I will take only her for a bikini and

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August 15 -2016

I ordered this paste was very recommend. Bikini works well Mustache armpits.

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