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Toothache is the worst pain a person can have. According to doctors, this is the only pain that can not be tolerated. Even women who have become mothers agree that birth pain, compared with toothache, is simply mild discomfort. How to calm a sore tooth? And which painkillers are most effective?

Will the drugs help?

Before you choose a medicine for toothache, you need to accept the fact that the effect of it will be short-lived. Pain relief for toothache acts as a temporary measure. His task is to alleviate the condition of the patient until he turns for medical help.

Depending on whether the tooth is badly hurt, or the sensations are more like unpleasant discomfort, the choice of the drug will also depend. Some drugs can relieve pain for quite a long time, others – just a couple of hours, because pain relief tablets for toothache are divided into strong and weak drugs. The choice of remedy differs in case of different intensity of pain: some drugs simply cannot relieve sharp and severe pain.

Best of all, if the choice of the drug will make a doctor. He will be able to take into account the nature of the pain, the presence of contraindications to the medication, the possible side effects of the use of each individual patient. But in reality, each patient chooses painkillers on his own, trusting advertising, advice from friends, or the recommendations of pharmacists. To better understand what type of toothache pain relief is needed, you should study the most popular pain medications.

First aid for weak pain syndrome

Many patients believe that a weak and aching pain in the teeth is more terrible than a strong pain syndrome. A person is constantly disturbed by pulling and aching sensations, salvation from which is not possible. The pain is not so strong and unpleasant to make a person rush to the dentist, but is able to squeeze all the strength out of the patient in record time. A few hours with a aching tooth – and the person becomes irritable and nervous, while he feels exhausted, tired and absent-minded. Usually such sensations arise in the early stages of tooth decay.

The best painkiller for toothache is anti-inflammatory drugs of non-hormonal and non-steroid nature. Their basis is usually made up of such active substances as paracetamol or metamizole sodium. The patient chooses the form of the drug himself. These can be tablets, syrup or capsules. All these medicines can not only relieve pain in the aching tooth, but also eliminate inflammation in the body and reduce the temperature if there are manifestations of fever. The list of the most popular drugs includes:

The first two drugs can be either in pure form or be the main component of any other medicines. If additional substances are present in the medication, it will have more functions and will be able to deal with a large number of symptoms. However, such a drug will cost more, and it will have more side effects and contraindications. And it is also worth paying attention to when choosing one or another toothache pill.

Paracetamol-based preparations

The most famous, popular and time-tested analgesic is Paracetamol. This drug is present in each person’s first-aid kit, as its effect is widespread. The tool is allowed for use from the first months of life, is able to deal with many ailments and is simply indispensable for mild toothache.

In recent years, quite a few Paracetamol analogues have appeared. These are Efferalgan, Panadol, Tylenol and others. These drugs have additives that enhance the action of the basic substance and protect the body from possible side effects. The main task of Paracetamol and its analogues is to relieve pain and reduce the temperature, and it copes very well with it. Able to drug and reduce inflammation, but to completely overcome the pathogenic flora is still not strong.

Paracetamol is presented in various forms. The most popular are pills and syrup, which is convenient for treating babies. Also there are capsules and granules from which a solution is prepared. They can rinse the mouth, which will also facilitate the state. Suppositories and injections of the drug can cope well with the manifestations of fever.

To the effect of the tablets and capsules was maximum, they need to drink clean drinking non-carbonated water. Tea, milk, juices and even mineral water with carbon dioxide can weaken the effectiveness of the drug and even lead to serious complications.

A tablet of paracetamol can not only drink inside, but also attach to the aching tooth. Analgesic effect usually occurs within 20-25 minutes after taking the drug. It is possible to buy medicine and its analogues at any pharmacy at an affordable price. A prescription from the doctor is not required, but this does not mean that Paracetamol is harmless. Like any medicine, it has many contraindications and side effects, and therefore it is strictly prohibited to take it uncontrollably and in large quantities.

If the doctor did not prescribe the drug and did not determine its dose, you must carefully study the instructions for using the medication, determine the maximum allowable dosage, make sure that it has no contraindications. After the start of treatment, you should carefully monitor your condition and immediately stop taking the drug if you experience the smallest disorders of the stomach, liver or kidneys.

The second dangerous moment – the excess of the recommended dose. Excess paracetamol is very dangerous for the body and leads to violations of blood formation. Overdose also manifests itself by such phenomena as:

  • increased flatulence;
  • heartburn;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • anemia;
  • skin rashes;
  • nasal bleeding.

Strong pain reliever

Taking the drug is recommended only after a meal, after at least half an hour after a meal.

Analgin and Nise

The second most popular toothache drug is Analgin. This pain reliever is taken for any pain syndrome: pain in the teeth, head, muscles and other organs. Its base is metamizole sodium, and Tempalgin, Spazgan, and Spazmalgon are considered analogues.

The effect of the drug is similar to paracetamol – occurs within half an hour. Analgin can relieve light pain for several hours, which puts it on a par with more powerful medicines. But he will not be able to cope with severe pain in the recommended dosages. Therefore, it is not recommended to take it in case flux is formed, or there is a strong inflammation: the effect will not follow, and the load on the body will be noticeable. This is a rather dangerous situation, because in the absence of an effect, patients take other, more powerful drugs. And the available dose of metamizole sodium enhances their action and leads to the accumulation of substances in the body. As a result – the strongest side effects.

To take Analgin for the body without consequences, you should not exceed the daily dosage (no more than six tablets), you must take breaks in the medication for at least five hours. If such a time interval is not respected, there is a high risk of serious complications.

If an aching toothache is present, a pain reliever can also be selected from foreign drugs such as Nise. Its basis is nimesulide. This drug came to our country from India, famous for its pharmaceutical products. It is produced in two forms – pills and syrup. Nise gained popularity due to the absence of side effects from the digestive system and excellent results in the fight against mild pain.

Nimesulide, which is part of many of Nise’s analogues, is widely used not only in dentistry, but also in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He successfully fights with such ills as rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, helps with inflammatory processes in muscles, is able to relieve pain during mechanical injuries of bones, muscles and tendons.

The downside of such a broad spectrum of action of the drug are multiple contraindications. Thus, it is forbidden to take Nise in case of peptic ulcer and bleeding of the digestive system, pathologies of the liver and kidneys, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug is not recommended for hypertensive patients and diabetics. The maximum permissible dosage is 4 tablets per day, but it is better if the dose does not exceed two.

How to escape from severe pain

If the pain in the tooth is sharp, shooting and “filling” the eyes, conventional analgesics will not be able to do. In this case, an urgent appointment to the dentist is recommended, and until such time as the patient sits in the doctor’s chair, powerful painkillers can help. After all, even the strongest painkillers for toothache can not cure a tooth and prevent further pain.

Ibuprofen is considered the most powerful drug for toothache. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent has many analogues, which are sold in every pharmacy without a prescription. The great advantage of Ibuprofen and its analogues is the minimal amount of side effects along with a wide and powerful effect.

This medicine effectively relieves inflammation in the body, in a short time removes even a strong toothache.

Ibuprofen will cope well with pain, severe caries, pulpitis, or flux. In addition to the tablet form, the drug is available in the form of suspensions and suppositories. If the recommended dosage is not exceeded, the drug is completely harmless, which makes it possible to prescribe it even to infants to reduce the temperature.

Tablets are recommended from adolescence in an amount of not more than four pieces per day. The interval between taking the drug should be at least four hours.

The strongest painkiller

Ketanov is considered to be the most powerful toothache medicine. The basis of the drug, as well as many of its generics, is ketorolac. Drugs based on it are the first, which are recommended by pharmacists in any pharmacy. A recipe for its purchase is not required, but it is necessary to read the instructions for use.

Although the drug is quite powerful, pronounced anesthetic effect occurs only 35-40 minutes after applying the medicine. And if on the eve of the patient had lunch with fatty foods, the action may slow down for another 20-30 minutes.

Ketans are used not only in dentistry, but also in surgery: this medicine is included in the list of drugs prescribed after surgical interventions to relieve painful sensations during the healing of sutures. A special feature of Ketanov is its cumulative effect: Ketorolac is heavily excreted from the body, and therefore its long-term administration is prohibited. The recommended duration of treatment is 5 days with one tablet per day. If the pain is very strong, the dosage can be increased to two tablets per day.

And although Ketanov, according to doctors and patients, best relieves pain, it has many side effects. And the only way to avoid their appearance is not to exceed the recommended dosage. Otherwise, the patient may experience:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • drop in visual acuity;
  • throat swelling;
  • pain in the head;
  • hallucinations;
  • psychosis.

Particular caution should be observed in patients who take other anti-inflammatory drugs with ketorolac. These drugs can enhance the effect of Ketanov, but at the same time they will contribute to the development of more side effects and in a more severe form.

Toothache requires mandatory medical care – it will not work to eliminate it with pills. Long-term self-treatment will lead to the development of additional health problems, to get rid of which will be quite difficult. Pain relievers for toothache are not intended for treatment, but for relief of pain before the provision of professional help.

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