Sore front tooth

All teeth in humans have approximately the same internal structure, and all of them are subject to destruction. Usually, molars suffer most often – that is, chewing teeth, since they bear all the main burden of chewing food, moreover, they are located in the oral cavity in a hard-to-reach place, and are not always thoroughly cleaned of plaque. But also situations when front teeth hurt, at all not a rarity. Our incisors are also prone to carious lesions and pulpitis.

Sore front tooth

Moreover, it is the front teeth that most often suffer as a result of mechanical stress, and such injuries can also trigger pulpitis.

Caries on the incisors often begin to develop either in the pre-spring zone or in the interdental space, the dentin layer on the cuttings is thinner, and pulpitis develops very quickly.

At first front tooth hurts from temperature exposure, may be disturbed during eating or staying outdoors in the cold season. Then there is a spontaneous night pain, and if you do not make treatments, the pain can also torment during the daytime.

How to treat the front teeth

Pulpitis of the front teeth is treated with strong anesthesia. The dentist opens the cavity of the tooth and removes all affected tissue, then assesses the condition of the pulp. If the nervous tissue can be saved, then a medicine is laid, and if necrotic processes have already begun, the pulp is removed and the canals are cleaned.

The channels are hermetically filled with a special filling material, usually using liquid gutta-percha (thermophile) or gutta-percha rod.

After all the necessary therapeutic measures, it is necessary to restore the dental crown. The incisors perform a very important function, it is they who cut food when biting, and therefore it is important not only to give the tooth an aesthetic look, but also to restore the strength of the tooth and ensure its resistance to pressure.

If the tooth is destroyed too much, then it is more expedient to install a cast inset or an artificial crown.

Preventive measures

As noted above, the situation is when sore front tooth, most often occurs as a result of untreated in time carious lesion. Food residues often accumulate between the front teeth, and if they are not cleaned with dental floss, they greatly increase the risk of caries and, as its complication, pulpitis.

Sore front tooth

Increases the risk of disease and plaque, which is often formed at the neck of the tooth. Gradually, pathogenic microorganisms corrode enamel, and as a result, cervical caries is formed.

In order to avoid such phenomena, it is necessary not only to independently monitor oral hygiene, but also to regularly carry out professional cleaning of the teeth, as well as to timely remove tartar.

First aid

When the front tooth hurts, you can apply various rinses, for example, a decoction of chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort or sage, use a solution of baking soda or salt for rinsing, with severe pain it is better to take an analgesic, but all these measures help only for a short period of time, Without treatment at the dentist can not do. Here you can find out whether you can treat your teeth during pregnancy.

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