Pasta Carbonara Recipe

A great way to diversify the homemade hateful menu is to make a popular dish from Italian cuisine – Alla carbonara (pasta carbonara). If you cook according to the original recipe, you will need spaghetti and sliced ​​salted, but not smoked pork cheek – guanchiale. In the domestic adaptation it is customary to replace this ingredient with any type of bacon found in the store.

This dish appeared relatively recently. Historians say that when the Allied forces in 1944 entered Rome, exhausted by the war, they brought with them a lot of dried pork as humanitarian aid. Since about then, carbonara has become a favorite folk dish. The first time it was noted in the cookbook in 1957.

Pasta carbonara with bacon and cream – a classic recipe with photos

This gourmet dish is perfect for a romantic dinner or a festive dinner with friends. To master this recipe, you need the most common set of products. The secret lies in a gentle creamy-egg sauce, which comes to readiness from the heat of freshly cooked pasta.

Pasta Carbonara Recipe


  • Durum wheat spaghetti: 500 grams
  • Breast or bacon: 300 grams
  • Aged hard cheese: 200 grams
  • Cream fat content of 20%: 100 ml
  • Yolks: 4 pieces
  • Parsley: 1 bunch

Cooking instruction

All products are collected, proceed to cooking!

Cut the bacon into thin oblong sticks. Try to chop it thoroughly. The pieces of brisket must be approximately the same size, otherwise they are unevenly distributed in the paste.

Place the chopped brisket in the pan, add a little vegetable oil. Heat the brisket on the lowest heat, preventing burning. It should only fry slightly. If you use bacon, then add the oil is not necessary.

Parsley bunch gently chop. When the brisket is lightly browned, add the chopped greens and mix.

Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool on the stove.

Pasta Carbonara Recipe

Only egg yolks are used to make the sauce. Carefully separate them from the proteins and place in a deep container. Beat the yolks lightly with a whisk.

Gradually pour in the cream. Lightly salt. If desired, add a pinch of black pepper.

Grate the hard cheese on a coarse grater and add to the sauce. Gently mix with a whisk. The sauce is almost ready. It remains to combine it with spaghetti, so that it reaches readiness.

Boil pasta last. For their preparation, use the recommendations indicated on the package. Fold the spaghetti in a colander and put it back in the pan. Do not try to cook them in advance. They must be hot.

Add fried bacon to the spaghetti and mix lightly. For this you can use two forks.

Quickly pour in the prepared sauce and mix vigorously. Within a few seconds, the yolks will thicken, and the cheese will melt, enveloping the pasta.

Immediately serve the pasta to the table, not allowing it to cool.

How to cook Carbonara with ham?

Ingredients Required:

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