Nurofen teething

Safe and effective use of baby Nurofen when teething

Every baby goes through such an unpleasant, but physiological phenomenon, like teething. Often this process is accompanied by a runny nose, cough, fever. The child becomes very moody, does not sleep well at night, often wakes up.

If the baby is breastfed, he may not be able to let the mammary gland out of his mouth for hours, thus obtaining some relief. And parents should understand that the symptoms of teething can only intensify, causing incredible discomfort and anguish to their children.

When teething, it is important to maximally alleviate the suffering of the baby, and the main symptoms – heat and toothache, will help get rid of the children Nurofen.

Nurofen – is it effective and why?

Nurofen belongs to the group of nonsteroidal agents that instantly relieve inflammatory processes in the body. Thus, in its composition the medicine does not contain hormonal substances at all.

The main component of the drug is ibuprofen. This substance effectively copes with heat and has an analgesic effect.

Also in the composition of Nurofen contains other auxiliary components that facilitate the state of the child during teething:

Nurofen teething

  1. Maltitol syrup. It is a natural substitute for sugar. It gives the drug a pleasant taste. Suitable for children with diabetes and does not provoke the occurrence of caries.
  2. Domiphen bromide. It has antiseptic and strong antifungal effects, relieves neglected inflammation.
  3. Citric acid, water. These components are completely safe for the child’s body.

Therapeutic effect

Nurofen for children is available in the form of syrup and in the form of candles. If the baby refuses to drink the medicine, then it will be convenient to use candles. Moreover, the beneficial components of them are absorbed faster by the body, and the healing effect also occurs almost instantly.

Nurofen has a complex therapeutic effect, its pharmacological properties, which are especially useful during the period of teeth cutting, include:

  • blocking leaking inflammation;
  • low heat;
  • elimination of wet and dry cough;
  • getting rid of a cold;
  • relief of the general condition of the child;
  • soothes irritated gums, relieves toothaches.

When should you resort to medication?

You can give Nurofen safely to children from the age of three months – as an anesthetic, the medicine is effective for toothache and sore gums, and as an antipyretic it can be used for fever, runny nose, headache and cough.

The medicine is also effective in acute respiratory diseases, in case of infections of a local nature, in other inflammatory processes, as well as in cases when the temperature rises strongly, provoking aches and pain in the baby’s body.

The medicine will help relieve pain syndromes with head spasms, with sore throat and sore throat, with ear diseases, sprains and with neuralgic ailments.

Recommended dosages

Thus, the baby Nurofen can be used with the appearance of milk teeth in children, starting from the youngest age, the dosages being the following:

  • if the baby is three to six months old, then during the day the drug can be given at a dosage of
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