Models with crooked teeth

Natalya Vodyanova

Disadvantage: wide bridge of the nose and eyes far apart.

One of the most highly paid and successful models in the world, our beauty and pride Natalya Vodyanova has a completely non-ideal appearance. At the beginning of her career, Natalia had to endure failures: many designers thought that because of the far-apart eyes and the too-wide bridge of Vodyanova it would be bad to get in the photos. The career of the Russian “Cinderella” and our belief in fairy tales was saved by Calvin Klein. Working as a “face” of the Calvin Klein brand brought Vodyanova a real success and destroyed all suspicions of her non-photogenicity.

Cindy crawford

Disadvantage: mole above the lip.

The “brand” mole in the corner of the mouth nearly cost Cindy Crawford a career. In the early photos, this piquant detail was retouched. By the way, there is no birthmark on the first shot of Cindy for Vogue magazine. Fearing that the mentee could not get through to the podiums, representatives of the modeling agency gave Crawford an ultimatum: you must get rid of the mole so that they would not have to get rid of Cindy. As we all know, she refused the operation. And rightly so – the mole became her calling card and brought a lot of dividends.

Disadvantage: excessive thinness and small growth.

Models with crooked teeth

It is now Kate Moss – a living legend of fashion, but at the beginning of the career of the stars from the sky, she missed. At that time, femininity reigned on the runways and too thin Kate often left the casting with nothing. In addition, with her height of 169 cm, according to model standards, Moss was short. However, she had something else: charisma. When young model Kate Moss was presented to designer Kelvin Klein, he wished to sign a contract with her immediately. Later, he admitted that he was struck down by her inimitable naturalness and "wolf eyes". Since then, Kate has visited the “face and body” of many brands, has been marked on the covers of resolutely all influential glossy magazines and even now, moving into the category of “over 30”, remains one of the most popular models in the world.

Karolina Kurkova

Disadvantage: lack of navel.

This stately beauty from the Czech Republic – the owner of many flattering titles. She has repeatedly been recognized as the “Sexiest Woman in the World” and “Model of the Year.” And it hardly occurred to anyone that the model has a noticeable flaw in appearance – it does not have a navel. For a long time it was possible to hide it: on the catwalk, Caroline rarely appeared with an open stomach, and the photos were carefully retouched. But once the journalists got photos of the model, which was not touched by the hand of the designer. No, she is not an alien guest. The absence of the navel is a consequence of the hernia transferred in childhood. The end of this story is good: Caroline’s career did not slow down, and designers no longer have to painstakingly paint on the navel model in Photoshop.

Gisele bündchen

Disadvantage: large nose.

It’s hard to believe, but at the beginning Gisele’s careers were sometimes denied work because of an overly large nose, which, according to some fashion professionals, makes the model’s face rough. Fortunately, the Brazilian woman did not go on about them. In the end, her advantages clearly outweigh: the beauty has an ideal 90-60-89 with a height of 180 cm. Now Giselle is the richest model in the world, and her unusual nose does not seem like a disadvantage to anyone.

Mia tyler

Disadvantage: overweight.

Mia – the daughter of the famous Aerosmith soloist Stephen Tyler. Sensational lips were transferred to her from her father, but she obviously went to someone else with her physique: the girl had had problems with weight since childhood. She didn’t even think about the career of a model, but only until she heard that you could receive up to $ 5,000 for participating in the show. Mia tried to approach the model parameters, but the kilos did not want to melt. Then the girl decided that to torture herself to nothing, and filed in the model size plus. Today she weighs 95 kg with height of 173 cm and is perhaps the most successful model of clothing for obese women. Mia is convinced that beauty comes from within and encourages women to be themselves. Words reinforce business: launched a line of clothes for women with uniforms.

Diandra Forrest

This green-eyed blonde is called a real discovery. What is special about her? Diandra Forrest is an African American. Albinism among blacks is a very rare phenomenon and it is not easy for such people. Since their skin is not protected by melanin, they have to avoid sunlight. And what can we say about the attacks of others. Diandra also had a hard time, especially since she grew up in the Bronx – in one of the most dangerous areas of New York. Everything changed overnight when she was seen on the street by a scout of a modeling agency. Now Diandra is hot in demand, and she is being punished by a grandiose model career.

Models with crooked teeth

Lara Stone

Disadvantage: chink between teeth.

Experts say that Lara Stone has every chance of becoming a legend over time. An artistic model with a memorable appearance is confidently approaching this goal: recently, for example, she replaced Madonna as the “face” of the fashion house Louis Vuitton. But luck smiled at her not immediately: Lara was noticed only after 7 years of hard work and failures at the castings. One of the reasons for the failure was a noticeable gap between the teeth. Now it is in the past: Forbes magazine called Stone the highest-paid model of 2009, it praises and called the "second Bridget Bordeaux." And shcherbinka, along with sensual gait, is considered its main "highlight".

Laetitia Casta

Disadvantage: “unfashionable” forms and growth.

“When I first started working, everyone tried to remake me: I seemed too thick, too low, or wanted to fix my teeth. I am very proud that despite all this I have remained myself, ”admits Laetitia Casta. The model France is proud and proud: Leticia was elected a new “Marianne”, a symbol of the country. Now the statues of the model appeared in all cities. In comparison with this highest recognition, all other titles, such as “the most beautiful” and “most sexy”, of which Caste has many, seem to be nothing.

Padma lakshmi

Disadvantage: scar on the shoulder.

When Padme was 14 years old, she had a car accident, in memory of which there was a large scar on her shoulder. Despite this, Lakshmi managed to make a successful career as an actress and model: she became the first Indian woman on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York, representing the brands Emanuel Ungaro, Ralph Laurent and Alberta Feretti. Padma is not shy about her scar and always insists that her photo is not retouched. “I love my scars. They are my story. They don’t let me forget that I am very strong and can survive any pain, ”the model says.

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