Milk teeth prosthetics

Most people believe that dentures are the lot of the elderly. Indeed, most of the restoration of the dentition is required in old age, because the teeth become more fragile and brittle. However, there are no return limitations for prosthetics. It is used as an adult, and at a very young age. For example, prosthetics of milk teeth in children is a common practice in dentistry.

What is the need for prosthetics of milk teeth?

“Why prosthetic milk teeth, if in their place the root grow?” – this question worries every parent who has been announced the need for such a dental procedure. The molars will really grow, but only in the time strictly reserved for this: incisors in 6-9 years, canines and back teeth in 10-12 years. To change the dentition, it is necessary that the roots of the milk teeth have resorbed, and in their place are the rudiments of the permanent. For a variety of reasons, early extraction of milk teeth may be necessary for the child. This is mainly done if the baby tooth has been badly damaged or is a source of infection. To prevent the problem from spreading to healthy teeth, it is best to remove its epicenter.

If you remove a tooth at the age of 5-6 years, in its place, of course, a new one will not grow. This will happen only after the complete formation of the root of a molar molar or incisor. The rest of the time in the row will be “bald”, and this is fraught with the fact that: 1) The remaining teeth will bear the increased load. 2) Molars and incisors begin to strive to take the vacant place. As a result, there is no space left for cutting through the molar molar or incisor, it begins to grow chaotically. 3) Bite problems may occur. 4) It becomes uncomfortable for a child to chew food. 5) Diction is violated, but at the age of 5-6 years it is very dangerous. The problem of incorrect pronunciation can remain for a lifetime. 6) The baby is embarrassed to smile, especially if the front incisors or fangs are removed. Prosthetics of milk teeth in children is extremely necessary. On this depends on the appearance and health of a smile in the future.

What denture primary teeth are most often used?

Mostly used dentures for one tooth. They are attached with clasps – semicircular locks, which clasp the remaining teeth on both sides. For a natural look, clasps are painted white. Fixation with glue can sometimes be used, but it is inconvenient because it requires more time to fix the prosthesis.

If several molars or incisors are removed at once, it will be more beneficial to install a bridge. It looks much more natural.

What materials are dentures made for milk teeth?

The material plays an important role in choosing a prosthesis for milk teeth. Non-toxic materials, such as nylon, are commonly used. But in the event that the molar germ is already visible on the X-ray and a little less than a year is left before its cutting, you can use the cheaper option – plastic.

Milk teeth prosthetics

Nylon milk teeth prostheses

Nylon is a very soft material that ideally repeats the natural relief of the mucous. It is used only for the manufacture of the base – artificial gums. To recreate a natural tooth, it is not suitable, for this purpose plastic is used. Nylon is popular due to its hypoallergenic, it does not emit any toxins and is completely safe for the child.

Milk teeth prosthetics

Plastic denture milk teeth

Plastic or acrylic prostheses in children’s dentistry are used very rarely. The fact is that most young patients have an allergic reaction to this material. However, if there are no contraindications, this prosthesis can be an excellent option. It looks quite natural, very durable and is quite inexpensive.

Milk teeth prosthetics

How is the prosthetic milk teeth?

After the removal of the baby tooth, at least a week should pass. During this time, the hole will be tightened, and it will be possible to start prosthetics. A dentist makes a cast of the entire jaw. This is necessary so that the prosthesis perfectly fits the entire range. Using the scale of the Vit is determined by the color of enamel. The prosthesis is manufactured in a special laboratory according to the data obtained. During the next appointment with the dentist, a fitting of the prosthesis is performed. A child should be comfortable talking and eating with him. If you have any problems, the prosthesis is returned to the laboratory for refinement.

How much does denture teeth cost?

Prosthetics of teeth in children is an affordable procedure. Making one artificial tooth will cost about 1000 rubles. A larger expense item will be the fastening system. Each individual klammer costs about 1000-1200 rubles.

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