How to whiten tulle

Tulle whitening at home. The choice of means depending on the type of fabric. Recipes of bleaching solutions based on salt, brilliant green, peroxide, soda. Features whitening tulle in the washing machine.

Nothing so refreshing interior, as delicate, blinding bright whiteness, tulle. However, over time, the white color fades, acquires a gray or yellow tint – street dust and sunlight, cigarette smoke and firewood do their job. One, two, three washings pass, and so what? Tulle does not brighten, but, on the contrary, becomes smoky. What do experienced housewives do when they want to make tulle shine again? The answer is simple: bleach with proven popular recipes.

What method of bleaching to choose?

The choice of the method of whitening tulle is associated with the type of fabric from which it is sewn. Today, organza and nylon tulle are more common.

Beautiful, but very capricious in circulation fabric. Does not tolerate contact with hot water and industrial bleach. From folk remedies for bleaching organza tulle, soaking in a solution of peroxide and liquid ammonia, rinsing in saline with the addition of brilliant green are suitable. Another excellent and inexpensive method of bleaching organza tulle at home is with a blueprint. The rinse solution is prepared from 3 liters of water and 3

Quite a gentle synthetic material that needs careful washing and delicate bleaching. It can not be washed at high temperature (maximum – 30? C) and a speed of over 400. How to whiten nylon tulle at home? Most of the industrial bleaches offered in the store can play a cruel joke with this material, irreparably damaging the fabric, and from folk remedies, those that provide a stable effect even in cold water are suitable.

How to whiten tulle

Kapron is not afraid of washing and soaking with the addition of salt, rinsing with a solution of brilliant green. Well helps to whiten his solution based on potassium permanganate. Preparation of the whitening composition does not take much time, and a pleasant result will last for a long time.

To do this: completely dissolve potassium permanganate in three liters of warm water in an amount sufficient to dye the water in a delicate pink color. Add 100 g of rubbed soap, mix thoroughly until dissolved and form a soft foam. Soak the tulle in the solution for up to 30 minutes and wash on the “Hand Wash” mode, doubling the number of rinses.

The most recently pleasing to the eye white tulle today looks untidy? Or maybe the fabric has gained a yellowish tint? You can get rid of gray scurf and yellowness on your own.

Solutions of green, salt, soda, blue, hydrogen peroxide in any conditions successfully cope with the yellowing of tulle from various types of fabrics. Grayness mostly affects capron and organza curtains, so you should definitely take into account the properties of these materials – do not immerse them in hot water or expose to boiling. Better than others, salt, soda and hydrogen peroxide solution will help to get rid of gray plaque.

How to bring the old fabric in order?

To return the original whiteness to the old tulle is quite difficult. One or two methods of bleaching is often insufficient and complex resuscitation measures are required.

  • Wash the tulle in the machine with the addition of powder
  • Boil the tulle – boil for an hour in a strong soap solution.
  • Soak in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, rinse with clean water
  • Rinse in plain saline
  • To fix the effect through rinsing in lukewarm water with the addition of 200 g of starch.

How to prepare and apply the solution?

Consider the simplest tools that each hostess has at hand.

A permanent resident of any kitchen, it not only improves the taste of food, but also wonderfully helps to whiten the lost curtains. Salt is a safe, affordable, non-allergenic affinity that can be fearlessly used to clean any tissue in all rooms, including a children’s room. So, how to whiten the tulle at home with salt?

In order for tulle to become white again, it is necessary to prepare a powder-salt solution at the rate of 4

How to whiten tulle

Enhance the whitening effect of salt will help, surprisingly, brilliant green. Apply it at the stage of final rinsing. To prepare a solution that gives a dazzling whiteness of tulle, it is necessary to stir 3 full in 250 ml of hot water.

In combination with ammonia, it helps to clean from the yellow bloom, burning and dust kitchen cotton tulle. Very simple, inexpensive and effective method. To whiten the tulle with it, you need to mix a 3% peroxide solution and ammonia in a 2: 1 ratio and pour it into a container with five liters of warm water. Leave the soaking tulle for 25-30 minutes, then gently rinse twice and hang to dry without squeezing.

Worthy and at the same time completely inexpensive way to whiten tulle at home – soda. Like salt, it is always in the kitchen – you can return the shine to the old curtains at any time. It is used as an additional means for pre-soaking tulle before machine wash. Make it simple: to 4-5 liters of water add 50 g of washing powder and 1

We wash in the washing machine

In case of lack of time for additional soaking tulles, you can speed up the process by combining bleaching with machine wash. For best results, it is advisable to shake out the tulle from dust and small debris, carefully folded in several layers, and then load it into the drum. It is important that at the same time in the machine accidentally did not remain a forgotten thing that can paint the curtains.

As bleaches are used as special chemicals ("Dr. Beckmann", "Bingo tulle", "Frau Schmidt", "Pilotex tulle"), as well as proven folk recipes.

Soda, salt and confectionery baking powder are considered the most effective and safe for equipment and fabrics. They are added to the compartment for washing powder (in the amount of 1

To whiten the tulle at home, without spending a lot of money and effort, it is quite possible. A couple of hours – and delightfully white tulle will decorate the windows again, filling the interior with light and comfort.

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