How to whiten the skin

Once connoisseurs of female beauty, it was decided that the skin of a girl should resemble silk (in texture) and porcelain (in shade). Those who intend to comply with these canons, experts offer 6 ways – home and salon methods. skin whitening.

Skin whitening ─ gardening

Those who think that trying to do skin whitening and wipe out freckles and pigment spots with the help of the contents of the fridges are doomed to failure are not right. If freckles in intensity are closer to pastels than gouaches, then you should not neglect the bleaching resources of parsley, cucumber, black currant or lemon juice. But in order to add moisturizing to the whitening properties of fruits and vegetables, cosmetologists recommend to undergo a course of whitening masks for the skin.

Skin whitening for owners of pale freckles – lemon-honey mask.

Take a tablespoon of beeswax, peach oil, honey, castor oil and heat in a water bath, and in a slightly cooled mixture, add lemon, crushed along with the zest. This mixture lasts for 3-5 procedures. It is enough to make this mask every other day for a month (it should be kept on the face for 20 minutes), as the mirror will please a lighter and more uniform skin tone.

Skin whitening ─ creative

Using the whitening potential of scrubs gives freedom of creativity! After all, in addition to shop cosmetics, you can "compose" your own compositions for skin whitening. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the base. Dry sensitive skin will gratefully accept a scrub based on munk or finely chopped almonds. Oily skin will be happy grinding grinding whitening mixture of buckwheat groats or crushed fucus.

Skin whitening for normal skin, "noticed" in the heterogeneity, pallor and dullness – coffee scrub.

Mix steamed oatmeal with coffee grounds (1: 1) and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply the resulting mixture to cleansed skin of the face, after 7-10 minutes, remove in a circular slightly rubbing movements. Repeat the procedure of skin whitening 1 time per week for 2-3 months – a systematic renewal of the epidermis, provoking regeneration processes, guarantees a more fresh and healthy skin tone.

However, if you are a supporter of finished cosmetics, then you should know that you can whiten your skin using scrubs of two types: enzyme (dissolving dead cells with enzymes) and mechanical (physically removing the top layer with crushed apricot stones, polyethylene microballs, etc. ) The first is better to use when caring for delicate, thin skin, but in hypersensitive skin it can cause irritation. The second type of scrub is appropriate for oily, dense, porous skin. Recommendations for use are usually listed on the label, but the “classics of the genre” skin whitening is as follows: 2 p. per week – for oily skin, 1 p. – for dry.

Skin whitening ─ ultrasound

This method of giving the skin a healthy porcelain radiance is based on the ability of ultrasonic waves (in combination with certain professional cosmetics) to remove the skin layer damaged by pigmentation. Ultrasound whitening of the skin gives it a powerful incentive to renew – as a result, new skin is “born” clean, light and uniform. In addition, ultrasonic waves help the active substances of the mask or serum penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin – this determines the moisturizing, nourishing and / or tightening effect of the procedure.

Skin whitening for dull, porous skin, as well as for hypersensitive and with a tendency to rosacea – a course of ultrasonic peeling with the use of bleaching serums.

The duration of the course is in the competence of the cosmetologist, who proceeds from the individual needs of the skin.

Skin whitening ─ radical

The most radical potential Snow White is inclined instead of a beauty salon to visit the office of an aesthetic surgeon. To their services are many procedures that differ in such a powerful effect on the skin (and on the whole organism as a whole) that they assume a rehabilitation period. The peculiarities of the “postoperative” period include a ban on sunburn (including a tanning bed), gentle care aimed at restoring the barrier properties of the skin and using protective cosmetics.

How to whiten the skin

Skin whitening for dull, dull skin with dilated pores ─ microdermabrasion.

This method of skin whitening is based on the combined effect of oxygen and fine sand.

Skin whitening for pigmented skin with post-acne spots and uneven relief ─ deep peeling.

It is divided into glycolic (based on fruit acids), trichloroacetic, retinoic and phenolic. The aesthetic result of chemical peeling, in addition to skin whitening, is complemented by a facelift – small wrinkles are smoothed, freshness returns, and elasticity increases. Attention! Chemical peels can exacerbate chronic herpes.

Skin whitening for atonic, prematurely aged skin ─ laser resurfacing.

By the depth of impact, this bleaching procedure is equal to plastic surgery. With the help of a laser, you can eliminate not only pigment spots, but also wrinkles like “baked apple”.

Daily whitening

If we are talking about a rather strong pigmentation combined with the reluctance to "go under the knife", experts recommend bleaching creams for daily use. Of course, this is not a morally outdated cosmetics with additives of bismuth and mercury! Its whitening effect does not justify toxicity.

Skin whitening for freckled skin ─ modern cosmetics based on kojic acid, vitamin C, arbutin, cassia extract, which inhibits the formation of pigment, whitening the skin.

Is it possible to enhance the whitening effect of the cream? Yes, if you start to add milk to tea and coffee. There is no scientifically based information that black tea and coffee have a bad effect on the complexion. But life does not get tired to demonstrate the triumph of "grandmother’s wisdom"! The main thing is not to overdo it with milk: intolerance to milk protein in an adult can cause disruption of the bowels, which does not contribute to the whitening of the skin.

Alternative skin whitening.

There are more original ways to bring the skin color to the desired ideal. If skin imperfections are connected with the heterogeneity of its color, then camouflage cosmetics will come to the rescue, namely: multicolored correctors. For example, green corrector neutralizes red color (pimples, irritation area), blue – copes well with yellowness, orange – is designed to eliminate brown spots. And according to chromotherapists, red generally stabilizes the production of pigment in the skin. It is enough to buy glasses with red glasses or spend half an hour daily in a room with red stained glass windows or walls, as the skin becomes more uniform and light shade.

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