How to treat teeth for small children

Age 2-5 years, fear of the dentist, do not give a treat. What are the options to solve the problem of fear or otherwise treat your teeth? Your personal, family experience is welcome.

It is important to remove two negative points:

The pain is successfully removed with medication up to the work of the dentist with the patient under anesthesia (Sevoran is quite loyal to many). In general, pain is the problem of the dentist. He is a professional and knows best what to offer in your case.

The only thing I note, do not agree to the proposals of the doctors of the "old school" – to keep the baby violently and despite his resistance, tears and vomiting to drill without anesthesia (there are such good doctors even in very expensive private clinics – take pity on the child, do not treat them).

It is more important for parents to solve the problem of fear.

How to treat teeth for small children

Take the child to your dentist

A good option to prove to your child that there is nothing wrong with going to the dentist is going to the parent’s dentist. Take it with you when you are ready to go for another examination to show by example that there is nothing to fear. It is better not to go to the state dentist, especially at rush hour, you may encounter frightened patients in the corridor or a rude doctor.

Do not show fear

If the parent is too nervous and worried about the first trip to the dentist’s pediatrician, the child will take it upon himself. In this case, it will be much more difficult to prove the opposite. Try to talk about the dentist with ease and a smile, without a shudder in your voice, as if you are just going to chat with a good uncle, and at the same time he will check that everything is fine with his teeth.

Dentist game

A fairly effective way to avoid fear of the child to the dentist is the game. You play the role of a dentist and have fun treating your baby’s teeth, then switch roles. The game should carry only positive and good, no pain should not be. Thus, the child will be prepared for the trip to the pediatric dentist and will know what awaits him in the chair.

Meet the dentist

Parents should take this seriously, because the child needs to know where he is going and what awaits him. It is necessary to explain that each person goes to the dentist and this procedure is obligatory. Tell us that the doctor is always trying to help, and he does not want to cause harm, because it works for the benefit of people.

Do not allow the first visit to the children’s dentist to be due to strong problems with the teeth of the child. Go to the dentist for a routine checkup and try to show the child that he is not at all scary, but rather pleasant and kind. Let the doctor just look at the teeth and tell you how to properly care for them. It is important that the child feels calm and the doctor finds a common language with him.

Do not pull on a trip to the dentist and use encouragement.

The sooner you arrange a child’s meeting with a dentist, the better.

How to treat teeth for small children

Children are always better perceive important events, if you give them prizes for it. Also, after going to the children’s dentist, make up a gift that he will remember – it should not be sweets, anything more interesting. Such a step will be fixed in the subconscious, and will carry only pleasant emotions and correct behavior.

Good doctor

Try to find a doctor who not only does his job well, but also gets along well with children. A good dental children’s doctor should be able to communicate with children, because these are not adults with whom everything is simple, children are very impressionable and vulnerable, one should not allow an incorrigible mark on their psyche to remain. It will depend on how much the baby is willing to visit the dentist in the future.

The first trip to the paid clinic

If you do not regret the money for the first visit to the dentist and take the child to a paid clinic, dental treatment will leave only the best memories. The attitude of the staff will be friendly and patient, and the treatment itself is mainly accompanied by the show of cartoons.

Sevoran treatment is a method of anesthesia with minimal consequences.

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