How to align your teeth at home

Problems with jagged teeth and improper bite are quite common lately. At the same time, it is easier to solve them in childhood, since in children the jaw is in the formative stage. The most popular methods of dealing with the problem include braces, but not all are willing to wear metal orthodontic metalwork in the oral cavity for several years in a row. Therefore, I would like to discuss alternative ways to correct the curvature of teeth at home.

How to align your teeth at home

Is it possible to align the teeth at home

The history of the development of dentistry has not recorded any effective ways of self-leveling of the teeth, in the conditions of the house or apartment. Of course, even in ancient times there were exotic methods, but nowadays doctors do not know a single positive case of this kind of experiments.

Recently, modern dentistry has been developing at a rapid pace, so each person can align teeth. without leaving your own apartment, without constant visits to the doctor and cardinal methods of facing and at the same time at a reasonable price. Even traditional fixed iron braces, correcting the wrong bite easily, are replaced by modern designs.

Thanks to modern technologies, dentists successfully crack the wrong bite without using braces, while the process itself is more comfortable and less noticeable for the patient. The main mistake that a person makes is independent attempts to straighten teeth with the help of available tools.

Everyone knows that jokes with health are fraught with unpredictable consequences and therefore a visit to the dentist is mandatory. In self-treatment, a person may consider himself lucky if he does not harm his health, since most often such experiments end up with a long painful treatment.

Straightening teeth without braces at home

It should be noted that the best option for straightening teeth at home than preventive actions, not yet found. Prevention of a problem in children at an early stage, although it requires some effort, but in the end, it is cheaper than any other medical methods. In this case, the basis of preventive measures is the proper care of teeth with the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste.

In the case of the need to correct the wrong bite, dentists are advised. installing braces. At the same time, not everyone wants to wear glands in the mouth for several years and regularly visit the dentist. Before correcting curved teeth, it is necessary to get rid of other diseases in the oral cavity. To date, there are several basic ways to align teeth in the home:

  • use cap;
  • installation of veneers;
  • wearing trainers.

Naturally, there are other options for the correction of teeth at home, but the above are considered the most accessible and common.

Correction of the dentition using cap

With a slight curvature of the teeth most often apply caps. They do not correct the bite, but are mainly used to fix the result after wearing braces. Under the caps refers to transparent caps, worn on the teeth. They correct minor torsions and dilations of the dental arch. Correct the evenness of the teeth using the cap can be in the following situations:

  • in the case of a slight displacement of painters;
  • in a situation of too tight molars;
  • in the formation of gaps between the teeth;
  • in case of detection of cross bite;
  • if the teeth are irregular due to the fact that some of them are higher or lower than the others.

Capes are easy to use, practically invisible and do not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, and also do not interfere with the conversation. They are easily removed, which allows you to take any food. In some cases their use only at night. When using a special gel that fills the caps, when they are worn, you can whiten the enamel. This alignment procedure can last for about a year.

Veneers for leveling teeth

To correct dental defects without braces, veneers are used as an alternative – one of the methods used in micro prosthetics. Thanks to them, you can get rid of the gaps between the teeth and change the shape of the latter.

The most common composite or ceramic veneers. For the manufacture of the latter, special porcelain is used. In the case of composite veneers, plastic is used. Plates are fixed on the front of the tooth surface, hiding its shortcomings. Veneers are used both for short-term correction of dental defects, and for constant wear.

Trainers to eliminate dental defects

For children, trainers are used as an alternative to braces. They simultaneously cope with the correction of the dentition, as well as with the correction of the bite. They are recommended for children over the age of five, when a temporary bite has already formed. During treatment, the jaw muscles get used to the correct position and keep it for life.

So thanks to the trainers you can eliminate the root cause of the problem, which further allows us to solve other issues: difficulty breathing in the mouth and speech defects. Trainers are a soft silicone case that covers the surface of the tooth. In silicone, an arc is built in by means of which an effect occurs on the dentition, correcting the wrong bite.

How to align your teeth at home

In addition to the previously considered traditional methods of straightening teeth at home, there are less well-known, but no less effective options for replacing braces. This use luminars, retainers, lip bumpers and stretch plates.

How to align your teeth at home

Similar to the use of veneers, options for dealing with an aesthetic problem without braces are luminara. Luminary superficially resembles veneers, but they are a bit thinner and more reliable than them. But their main purpose is not to correct the teeth, but to conceal flaws visually. Hiding the flaws of teeth luminara, a person gets a truly luxurious smile.

At an early age for the correction of bite in children, use plates with a tensile effect or lip bumper. Problems with dentition in a child develop by breathing with the mouth instead of the nose or using a finger instead of the nipple. The lip bumper is used to reduce the increased pressure of the muscles produced by the cheeks and lips, which solves a number of problems in the future:

  • normalization of respiration;
  • improved swallowing;
  • lengthening of short dental arches;
  • decreased muscle activity in the chin area.

The lip bumper consists of a metal arch, with the help of which space is formed for the correction of the growth of teeth.

In the early stages of the formation of the wrong bite, instead of braces, plates with a stretching effect are used. They produce pressure on the teeth, moving them to the right place. Thanks to them, there is a narrowing or expansion of the upper dentition, as well as straightening the curvature of the teeth.

Dentists are also used special clamps, due to which minor defects are corrected. But in all situations, the way to correct problems is appointed by the dentist on an individual basis during a personal examination at the doctor’s office. Therefore, self-medication is not worth it, because apart from harm to health, this will lead to nothing good.

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