How much does it cost to put a crown

Dental prosthetics always remained a sought-after service. Now dentists can offer a lot of options for restoring the dentition.

Their main difference is not only in the design characteristics, but also in cost. As a rule, the cost consists of the type of prosthesis, the material used and the work of the doctor.

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Removable prosthetics

This type of prosthesis is used in case of multiple absence of crowns. The main difference between these systems is that they can be periodically removed for purification. The structures of this type include acrylic, nylon and byugelny artificial limbs.

Lamellar acrylic plastic

These designs are a classic version, which was developed one of the first. Lamellar prostheses are shown in the complete absence of crowns or most of them. Due to the use of inexpensive acrylic, this type of construction is considered the most budget.

The price of a removable device consists of two factors: manufacturing and installation. As a rule, in large cities the price range is wider and amounts to 10 – 20 thousand for the installation of one jaw.

In small towns, the average cost of this service is about 12 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the price for a full plate prosthesis differs little from the price for a partial denture.

Byugelny removable

Unlike the previous version, the denture prostheses are more expensive, since their design involves the use of a metal frame and fixing elements. The device is used for both single and multiple defects included a number of teeth.

How much does it cost to put a crown

Byugel cost will be calculated based on the area of ​​coverage and method of attachment. According to the area of ​​coverage, there are one-sided (simple) and two-sided (complex) models. Bilateral models are more difficult to manufacture, so the price for them is 5 – 10 thousand higher than for simple products.

If the patient decides to opt for a design with clasps, you will have to pay approximately 25 000 rubles. If special locks are installed as fixing elements, the product will cost about 50 thousand rubles.

Everything about the metal-plastic crowns: properties, manufacture, installation.

What do zirconia crowns look like on front teeth? Here is a photo in the patient’s mouth.

Removable nylon

Nylon prostheses in their purpose and functionality are analogous to acrylic prostheses. The only difference is in the fabrication material, which makes the structure more elastic, and therefore comfortable to wear. This factor affects the formation of prices.

Due to the high flexibility of the material, the manufacture of the product requires a thorough preparatory period and special equipment. In addition, nylon itself does not apply to cheap materials. Depending on the area of ​​coverage, restoration of teeth by this method will have the following price:

  • full denture – from 25 000 rubles;
  • partial bilateral – from 20 000 rubles;
  • one-sided (up to 3 teeth) – from 15 000 rubles.

Fixed prosthetics

Prosthetics fixed type involves the installation of structures with a permanent fixation. The cost in this case will depend on the chosen method. The choice of methods is carried out by a dentist, taking into account the patient’s features.

Single artificial crowns

For the manufacture of artificial crowns use a variety of materials that differ from each other in physical characteristics and aesthetic properties. As a rule, the aesthetics of the material affects the price of crowns.

Dental clinics offer the following types of crowns for prosthetics:

    Metallic. This is the easiest and most affordable prosthetic method. Installation of one crown will cost approximately 5 thousand rubles. For the manufacture of crowns used cobalt chromium alloy, which is characterized by high strength.

But low aesthetic properties make this type of tooth restoration unclaimed. In some cases, such products can be coated with plastic spraying, which gives artificial teeth a natural look.

The price in this case is 7 000 rubles.

In addition to the standard alloy, for the manufacture of crowns using gold alloy, which several times increases the cost of the product. The price of one unit begins from 15 000 rubles.
Metal-ceramic. Differ in the high durability and good esthetic qualities due to a combination of a metal framework and a ceramic covering.

Of all the options that meet the aesthetic requirements, metal-ceramic crowns are the most affordable. Their price varies from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. Such a run-up in price is due to the method of manufacture.

The most durable and expensive crowns are made using CAD \ CAM technology. Crowns made by the classical technology will have a minimum price.

When choosing, one should take into account that crowns made from domestic materials will be much cheaper than their imported counterparts.

If for the base they took an alloy of precious metals, the price of the crown will be 15 – 17 thousand rubles.
Ceramic. In their aesthetic characteristics, they are superior to all other variants of crowns. For the manufacture using porcelain or zirconium dioxide.

Zirconia product is the most expensive. Its price is 16 000 rubles. Installation of porcelain crowns will cost a little less, the cost of which is 11 000 rubles.

During prosthetics with crowns, it should be borne in mind that the cost of the service will additionally include the installation of temporary crowns made of plastic. The price of one unit is 1 thousand rubles.


In the absence of a group of teeth, prosthetics with bridges are used, which are divided into three groups:

  1. Metal-ceramic. They are a one-piece construction made of a cobalt-chrome alloy by casting and coated with ceramic coating. Price bridge cast – 18 thousand rubles.
  2. Ceramic. Made from expensive zirconia. The cost of construction, including 3 crowns, is 50 thousand rubles.
  3. Adhesive. The most budget option of bridge prosthetics. The formation of the bridge is performed directly in the patient’s mouth with the help of a composite material that is installed on a fiberglass filament.

Tooth restoration in this way will cost on average 8 thousand rubles.

This article describes how durable plastic crowns on the front teeth.

In the case when only part of the crown is destroyed, and the root of the tooth remains intact, use the restoration tabs. Tabs are small partial dentures that perform all the functions of a real tooth. The cost of this service will depend on the material used:

  • porcelain – 10 000 rubles;
  • zirconium dioxide – 15 000 rubles;
  • chrome-cobalt alloy – 4 000 rubles;
  • alloy based on precious materials – from 30 000 rubles.

Those crowns that have only slight damage or deformation, for example, chips and cracks, need to be restored. To make the surface of the teeth perfectly flat, use veneers. Two types of veneers can be offered to patients:

How much does it cost to put a crown

    Ceramic. Represent the thin ready slips completely imitating the front part of a tooth. They veneer the surface, sticking to a special solution.

In terms of color, shade and strength, they are in no way inferior to real teeth. The cost of installing a single ceramic veneer is 14 – 17 thousand rubles.

Here the main role is played by the material used. The greatest value will be at the overlays made of zirconium dioxide, lower – at the porcelain plates.

  • Composite. In appearance they are analogous to ceramic, only composite material serves as their material for their manufacture. According to their characteristics, they are inferior to ceramic veneers, which also affects the cost. The price of one product – about 6 thousand rubles.
  • Implantation

    With complete loss of a tooth, it can be restored by implantation. Implantation is a multi-step and expensive procedure, which includes long preparatory work, implantation period and prosthetics.

    If we consider the procedure in stages, we can follow the process of pricing this service:

      Preparation period. For a detailed diagnosis will need to use a variety of equipment. In addition, before implantation, it is necessary to bring the dentition in order. Costs may be from 3 to 10 thousand rubles.

    At the same stage, the preparation of bone tissue is carried out with its insufficient volume, which adds to the total cost about 5,000 rubles.
    Implantation. An implant and a temporary abutment (plug) are required for implantation. The cost of the implant will depend on the manufacturer.

    The most high-quality implants are products of European manufacturers, which are on average 14 thousand rubles. After implantation, the implant cavity must be closed with a plug, the price of which is within 5 thousand rubles.

    After engraftment, the cap is changed to a gum former costing about 3 thousand rubles.

    Before the prosthesis, a permanent abutment is installed, the cost of which varies. from 5 to 10 thousand. depending on the design.

  • Prosthetics For implants, only certain metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns are suitable. The cost of crowns is usually included in the total cost of the service and is 10 – 17 thousand rubles for a unit.
  • In dental clinics, dental implant restoration on average will cost 40 thousand rubles. Depending on the status of the clinic and the materials used, the price may vary.

    The average cost of all methods of dental restoration, taking into account the material and work, is given in the following table:

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