How gums look like when teeth are cut

Information on the development and growth of an infant can be useful to many young parents. The appearance of teeth often causes discomfort to the baby and causes certain changes in its behavior and condition. To be prepared for possible difficulties, we recommend that you study what teething is like in children. Photos of the gums, symptoms and helpful expert advice will help to understand the specifics of this problem and to respond correctly to such things.

We study the classic clinical picture

The first test that the baby will face is teething. Photo number 1 clearly demonstrates how unpleasant this process is for a child. In most cases, children become restless and capricious, constantly trying to put objects or fingers into their mouths. According to the observations of most parents, this behavior does not begin at the very moment of the appearance of a tooth, but in advance.

How gums look like when teeth are cut

In addition, we all have an individual pain threshold and body reserves, respectively, also differ. The usual behavior disorder is not the worst thing you may have to face. How to understand inexperienced parents, their baby is sick or is it teeth cut? Symptoms, photos and possible variations of deviations, we will present to you a little lower.

Notice how the gums look before teething. Photo number 2 will help you see that at the site of the future incisor, and they, by the way, appear first, there is redness, and in some cases even a hematoma. The site looks swollen and changes color.

How gums look like when teeth are cut

Another symptom will be copious saliva. Sometimes this can even lead to a rash or irritation on the tender skin of an infant. Often, there is also a worsening of appetite. In some cases, children completely refuse to eat.

Their character is also important. A copious amount of mucus can also become a deceptive symptom. Here the optimal solution will be a specialist consultation. As for cough, it occurs when saliva flows into the bronchi and trachea. As a rule, there should be no cause for concern.

Possible complications

As we have already noted, the peculiarities of the functioning of the organism in all people are individual. Therefore, in addition to the lung classic symptoms of the appearance of the chewing apparatus, there are other variants of the body’s reaction to this process. Be sure to look at how gums look when teething. Photo number 3 shows that sometimes a cyanotic shade appears, which looks rather frightening. But do not rush to panic. In most cases, this phenomenon completely disappears as soon as the tooth approaches the surface of the tissue. However, sometimes a surgical incision may be required. This happens in situations where excessively swollen gums when teething, the photos of which you see in the gallery, swell, become inflamed and acquire a bluish tone.

How gums look like when teeth are cut

Another additional sign may be a rise in body temperature. As a rule, for infants, an indicator of up to

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