How do the veneers on the teeth

Porcelain, composite and ceramic veneers are attached to the teeth with one goal – to achieve a quick cosmetic effect. With the help of these microprostheses, it is easy to restore or completely change the appearance: color and shape. Vinira is subject to what is inaccessible to classical bleaching and traditional restoration.

How do the veneers on the teeth

Most patients who resort to the restoration of teeth with veneers call one reason – the desire to make a smile more beautiful. Before a visit to the clinic, few people can accurately determine the problem and the need for a procedure. Doctors have a different approach – several definitions are formulated, what is veneers in dentistry.

According to the list of indications, veneer is a tool for correction:

  • enamel erosion;
  • wrong position and abnormal shape;
  • tooth colors – tetracycline teeth, depulped effects;
  • fluorosis;
  • injured hard tissue – chips, cracks;
  • significant interdental spaces;
  • the surface of the tooth, spoiled by the old darkened fillings.

The number of plates depends on the reason: only one tooth is to be restored or it is necessary to put veneers on all front teeth in the smile zone. As well as the choice of materials.

Who vinirovaniya contraindicated

Despite the seeming versatility, covering the teeth with veneers is not available to everyone. In the profile dental clinic, the refusal is waiting for:

  • people suffering from bruxism – involuntary gnashing;
  • patients with an overbite;
  • holders of enamel with high erasability;
  • lost more than 6 chewing teeth;
  • adherents of bad habits that lead to a reduction in the lifetime of veneers: people who like to “manicure” their teeth, crack nuts, open bottles;
  • professional athletes or people studying martial arts, whose risk of injury to the frontal jaw is much higher than that of the average person.

These are the main contraindications, in which the veneering technology is not used. Most dentists will also be denied to those who have large-scale tooth decay from the inside. Even if a seal is installed on this place.

How do the veneers on the teeth

What are veneers

Dental veneers – These are thin durable plates designed to replace the surface of the teeth. Their minimum thickness is

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