Gray-brown eyes photo

Central Russian eyes. Gray-green eyes. Or gray-green-brown. Can you imagine the combination of these colors in the eyes and their reflection in the views? A photo. Did you know that such eyes are called Central Russian?

People with eyes of this color are very skeptical of life and everything that happens. Indecision impedes them very much: as soon as the moment of choice comes, various kinds of problems arise. Lucky for them are that they are optimists, no matter what. They believe in miracles, even though it is a bit naive and somehow childish.

What does gray-green hazel eye color mean for a person? Indecision and skepticism applies to all spheres of life, including personal. For example, they can part with their loved one, wondering for a long time whether they are doing the right thing. When they split up, they have an incredible desire to bring everything back. Strange they, of course. But they, unfortunately, are not able to do something with their such "weirdness". These people are very kind and almost always suffer from their kindness, as others skillfully use it. The disadvantage of the “gray-square of greens” is that they do not know how to speak directly, for fear of accidentally offending a person. For this reason, they can be extremely difficult to understand. They are very careful, consistent, fearful, unsure of themselves. They really need a number of people who are stronger than them in moral terms. They will never take a risk: it is easier for them to abandon the idea. They are very frightened by the changes. They are accustomed to constancy. Adapting to a new stop is bad, they will never be refused help for them, even if the person asking for help is extremely unpleasant. For the most treason, for the most part, they are “not ready”, as they are Monogamous. If they changed them – parting without discussion.

Gray-brown eyes photo

TOa rule married, they are happy, since it is well deserved. True, they do not work in the specialty for which they would very much like to work. “Green gray kari eyes” are excellent housewives: everything in their house is always cleaned, washed, ironed. And the food is ready delicious. Speaking of food. Women with this eye color, know a lot of different recipes of dishes, which, naturally, they are trying to cook. Are they in conflict? No, very calm and balanced. But as long as they are not seriously offended or “touched”. To gambling indifferent. However, they are very afraid for those who are big “addicted” to excitement (even if it is a little-known or completely unfamiliar person).

Makeup It is difficult for people with such eye color to pick up: he is just as skeptical, probably, like them. It can be said that white, purple, blue and lilac are suitable. Orange and green are in doubt.

Gray-brown eyes photo

Do you also have such eyes? Try to match the color of the bright colors of the lipstick and not the pearly shine. Take podvochku brown (light brown) colors. I will tell you one little secret. Since there are three components in your eye color, they tend to “eclipse” each other. You can also eclipse or emphasize the shades you need from your eyes. If you paint your eyes green – they will turn into rich – brown, if you use brown shadows – you will become a green-eyed. Mysterious chameleon, skeptic makeup, find makeup artist.… By the way, pay attention, what color are your eyes when you cry, sad, have fun, laugh. You can even record what color your eyes are in a particular state.

If you want – use rouge. True, not in large quantities, since the shade of the eyes can dull and return its former brightness will not be so easy. In general, your eyes are very touchy and capricious. But they can be “calmed down” with a neat makeup. In the event that you do not know how to “dress up” your face in cosmetic paraphernalia, then you should ask your friend or acquaintance to do it for you. If you have finances, go to the salon, for example. There you will do everything that you need, taking into account your smallest, slightest wishes.

Is gray kare green eyes or gray green brown? – Hair color for gray-green eyes.

What hair color is right for you? Perhaps – all. Feel free to paint in a brunette: your eyes will no longer hide the "greens". If you touch up in the blonde – gray shades will “envelop” the look. Well, being a brown-haired woman, your eyes will not lose their three shades, but on the contrary, they will even find a light blue. If you make highlighting or coloring – you can read “words of confidence” in your own eyes. You have always sought to be different from others. And you always succeeded, and very much so. Try at least a crimson, even bright red or bright pink. He will surely suit you. But the trouble: such acrid colors like bright pink and bright red are washed away very problematically and not without consequences for the hair. And this tendency of painting is characteristic mainly of adolescence and early adolescence, when they want to somehow stand out, show their inner world with the help of their appearance. Although…. To each his own. It is possible and at eighty years extravagant and extreme make-up: this is not prohibited.

You of those, who does not like short haircuts. And you don’t have to love them at all: haircuts do not "go" to everyone. And a haircut, for example, just because the haircut was really well liked, somehow stupid. Generally, the ideal – long hair, because of them you can do a lot of different hairstyles. And a short haircut does not have such remarkable advantages.

Oh, those Central Russian eyes! How much mystery and impermanence are in them …. Mystery attracts men, inconsistency – scares. So decide how you would like to do with this or that man. But do not play, be indulgent to a strong half of mankind. Among them are those who are by weight – gold. These men need to be protected. And they, to you, sometime, will repay the same, in the fivefold size. Yes, they are generous. Men are not as greedy, petty and cruel as they sometimes seem.

I’d like to note, that your eyes are extraordinarily beautiful. Try to cry less in order not to let their beauty “sink”. Wash off the mascara before going to bed: the eyes do not like to fall asleep in such a company.

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