Fast teeth whitening

Over time, the tooth enamel has faded, darkened and the smile no longer looks attractive? To return the dazzling whiteness to your teeth today does not present any particular difficulties!

Professional teeth whitening in Moscow in the clinic "PROFI-Dent" is a real chance to translate desire into reality, making your smile irresistible.

We use progressive, safe enamel lightening technologies that allow you to quickly achieve maximum results without harming her health. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening in Moscow – contact the clinic "Profi-Dent".

Indications and contraindications

Professional teeth whitening in Moscow will help to return the shining whiteness of enamel, darkened as a result of:

  • regular consumption of products with coloring pigments;
  • injuries;
  • age changes;
  • smoking, chewing tobacco;
  • fluorosis;
  • tooth depulpation;
  • reactions to taking certain drugs (tetracycline teeth);
  • availability of fillings from materials of the early generation.

In the clinic "PROFI-Dent" offer the most affordable prices for teeth whitening in Moscow.

Although the procedure is absolutely safe, there are still several contraindications to its implementation:

  1. untreated caries;
  2. thin enamel;
  3. fixed braces;
  4. gum disease;
  5. pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In addition, the procedure is performed only for adult patients.

Teeth whitening: types and prices in Moscow

Teeth whitening: types and prices in Moscow

All techniques have their advantages, and the final result depends not only on the technology used, but also on the initial color of the enamel, the presence of dental problems (for example, fluorosis) and other factors.

They provide safety and painlessness, an excellent result, a sparing effect on the enamel. The result will remain unsurpassed for up to 2 years.

The cost of teeth whitening in Moscow directly depends on the complexity of the case and the technique used.

Stages of the procedure

Lightening the enamel at the PROFI-Dent clinic in Moscow is the best way to make a smile irresistible. The procedure includes several steps:

  • diagnostic – finding out the reasons for the change in color of enamel, analysis of the state of the oral cavity, X-ray;
  • professional cleaning;
  • brightening tooth enamel using a special gel with a high content of whitening agents;
  • remineralization therapy.

The duration of the procedure depends on the method used. The laser allows for one session to lighten the enamel on 8-13 tones, while the effect of the laser on the tooth does not exceed 2 minutes. Photobleaching requires a little more time, the light of the special lamp acts as the gel activator.

Prices for professional teeth whitening are fairly affordable, and the variability of methods allows you to choose the best option. It should be understood that if there are problems with the teeth or gums, the enamel lightening procedure is carried out only after treatment.

Teeth whitening cheap in Moscow

The clinic "Profi-Dent" offers teeth whitening at a low price in Moscow. The main advantages of this procedure with us:

Fast teeth whitening

  1. low cost of the procedure;
  2. fast and steady result;
  3. no painful or unpleasant sensations;
  4. absolute security.

We use only the most effective techniques and the latest drugs with a high concentration of the active substance, which allows us to achieve a perfect result in just one session.

To make an appointment

Remember! Independent bleaching procedures can have a lot of negative consequences. All sorts of folk remedies or popular abrasives lead to thinning of the enamel and the subsequent destruction of dental tissue. Do not experiment – just make an appointment with the dentist online. The cost of the procedure in our clinic is available to everyone!

Fast teeth whitening

How much is teeth whitening in Moscow

The clinic "PROFI-Dent" is absolutely focused on the needs of patients, so we have one of the most inexpensive prices for teeth whitening in Moscow. Having looked at our price list, you can be sure that even laser lightening of enamel in our dentistry will cost you less than photobleaching in many other Moscow clinics.

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