Damaged teeth

Dreams are a kind of hint of the subconscious, which is actively working at night, when the body is resting. A vivid and memorable dream is sure to try to decipher, because it can contain an important warning. If black teeth were dreamed of in night dreams, the interpretation of such a vision should be sought in the dream books.

Dreams of black teeth – meaning

In most cases, interpreters interpret dreams about teeth, including black ones, as an indication of health problems, either with the person who saw it or with his close relatives. However, there is no unambiguous decoding – in order to correctly understand what they dreamed of, you need to recall the details. Who were they in the oral cavity, they were rotten incisors, canines, and maybe molars? Was there any pain in the dream?

Who had black teeth in his mouth?

First of all, you need to clarify whose broken teeth dreamed of. A person can dream of their own rotten teeth, or a damaged dentition of a friend or relative. In some cases, the carrier in a dream is a stranger or a stranger. The main direction of interpretation will depend on this nuance.

Those who have seen rotten black teeth dream books are recommended to be examined by a dentist – through such unpleasant visions, the body tries to tell about the presence of the disease. There are other interpretations of this dream:

  • if absolutely all teeth are blackened – to a difficult life period, the beginning of a long lane of failures in all spheres, including problems with health and finances;
  • a rotten, blackened tooth hurts badly – a prolonged exhausting conflict situation (if there is blood, even in small amounts – a quarrel with a relative, if not – with a friend or colleague);
  • a tooth struck by caries falls by itself – sadness awaits ahead due to a sudden separation from some person, however, after separation it will be followed by active advancement along the career ladder;
  • the tooth has turned black or decayed, but remains in the jaw – a long quarrel with a close relative, if pus is leaking – to a large-scale scandal, if the pus has leaked out and the person has recovered – a quick reconciliation will follow after a loud quarrel;
  • hold your own blackened teeth – hopes and plans do not come true.

Have a familiar person

Sometimes it can be a dream that the teeth in the mouth have turned black from a relative, close friend or just an acquaintance. What is the dream? It is necessary to urgently contact the person who dreamed of – to meet or at least call. Most likely, he is in dire need of help. Almost always, such dreams warn that they will have to actively participate in solving other people’s problems. The following interpretations are also possible:

  • cracked a blackened tooth spouse / wife – divorce, it will bring relief to all;
  • a rotten tooth fell out from a close relative – a person will get rid of a bad influence, if several people fall out at once – leave a bad company and start a new life (we recommend reading: why do rotten teeth dream in their mouths?). If one was lost, and several more followed, a rupture of a disastrous relationship would cause a relative to have a long protracted depression;
  • if a relative has many blackened teeth, but they remain in place – he has serious problems that he knows about, but does not want to share with his relatives.

Have a stranger

If one or two look blackened, interpreters interpret this as a sign that you need to do charity work, to help those in need. So a man will make amends for his unkind deeds and avoid future troubles.

What kind of teeth were spoiled?

It is necessary to remember: whether all the teeth in the mouth looked black, or only a few were affected. The destruction and blackening of third molars is a neglect of family traditions and history. The first and second molars – the need to communicate with older family members – they need help, or need their wise advice. Blackened fangs dream of an unpleasant life situation in which a person will feel weak and defenseless (see also: interpretation of dreams: why dream of sick teeth in your mouth). Corrupt incisors – all problems will have to be solved on their own, there is no need to rely on someone’s help.

Damaged teeth

In the dream fell black tooth

If a black tooth falls in a dream, some dream books interpret this unpleasant vision as a prediction of tragic events that will lead to severe deterioration of health or pose a threat to life (we recommend reading: black tooth inside: why does darkening occur and how to eliminate it?). In a number of collections, such visions, on the contrary, are interpreted in a positive way, as an indication that the old problem will soon be resolved. For example, if a damaged tooth falls out of one of the parents – one of the family members will soon leave it, but this will not bring sadness, rather, peace of mind.

Damaged teeth

Interpretation of different dream books

Various dream books offer several versions of the interpretation of the dream of black teeth. It is important to listen to your own feelings when deciphering, because if the dream’s grim dream left behind a pleasant feeling of peace and tranquility, positive decoding would be more appropriate. Otherwise, it makes sense to trust more negative:

  • the moon dream interprets such a dream as a harbinger of unhappy love;
  • according to Martin Zadeki’s dream book, such a vision – to sadness;
  • Wang’s compilation interprets vision as a precursor to a serious illness or death;
  • on Miller’s dream book, blackened teeth warn of imminent betrayal on the part of a loved one;
  • Nostradamus compilation talks about future health problems that cannot be solved without the help of professionals.
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