Could there be a high teething temperature

The first teeth of a child are joy and at the same time disappointment. First of all, the baby is growing, which is good news for parents, but at the same time, the appearance of milk teeth causes discomfort and pain in a child. But how does the process of eruption of the molar teeth proceed, and can the temperature of the body increase? We will learn more about this from this material.

When the molars begin to grow

In babies, the first teeth appear mainly from 5-6 months to 2-3 years. In total, there are about 20 zubikov. Milk teeth are not permanent, therefore, closer to 6-7 years, they periodically begin to fall out, and new or permanent ones grow in their place. Molars in children are an even more important process than teething milk. When the first molars begin to appear is not known, since for each child this process is individual and depends not only on physiological features, but also on such factors as diet, climatic conditions and the quality of drinking water. When teething molars in children the temperature rises, but whether this is a normal property, we find out further.

If the eruption of temporary zubikov passed without significant deviations of health, then it will not affect the molars either. It is worth noting that molars erupt much longer in time than milky ones. For dairy, this process usually takes 2-3 years, and for permanent ones from 6 to 15 years. As long as the milk tooth does not fall out, a permanent one will not erupt in its place. Basically, for most children, the process of the emergence of the molar teeth is a process in which the baby has discomfort and pain.

It is important to know! The eruption of the molars in a child may be accompanied by an increase in temperature, which is absolutely normal.

Symptoms of the eruption of molars in a child

The main sign of the eruption of molars is to increase the size of the jaw. The process of increasing the jaw indicates that the body is preparing to change teeth. The distance between the temporal processes is insignificant, so more space is required for the eruption of permanent teeth.

Could there be a high teething temperature

The molars in children are larger than temporary, therefore more space is required for their formation. If the distance for the eruption of the molar tooth is not enough, then in this case, there are some problems. These problems manifest themselves in the development of acute pain, as a result of which the baby has a temperature rise to febrile values. At temperatures above

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