Black plaque on the teeth of a child

Usually a dark plaque on the teeth can tell that a person is a big fan of drinking coffee or smoking a cigar, and his work is associated with heavy metals. Why can there be black teeth in children as in the photo, and what are the reasons for this. After all, a one-year-old or two-year-old kid has not had time to try either coffee, or smoke a cigarette, or work with heavy metals. To get started is to find out the nature of its formation on the teeth.

What is the raid and what it is

Plaque on the teeth is one of the components of the oral mucosa, which includes particles of food eaten. In addition, it contains useful and not very microorganisms and bacteria. It can also be of different types, for example, hard, yellow, soft, black, brown, green. If it is not removed, then it can go into tartar.

Dark plaque on the teeth of children

It is known that the formation of plaque can be not only for adults, but also for children. In modern dentistry, there are many reasons for the development of this unpleasant phenomenon, in childhood they include the following:

    The lack of hygiene for the oral cavity of the baby. It is necessary to brush the teeth from the outside and inside twice a day. Many parents neglect this, as they believe that the child is too small for this. But this is not true; brushing your teeth can attract a baby when the first ones appear. At first, this process is led by the mother, and then the baby himself is connected.

The child can be interested in brushing his teeth with the help of a beautiful baby brush in the form of a small animal and a delicious, special harmless when swallowed with a baby paste, as well as his own example.

  • The appearance of plaque is also observed due to the fact that some parents for quite a long time are afraid of giving solid food to the child, which helps to clean the teeth, and is fed on it.
  • The process of chewing food occurs only on one side.
  • Malocclusion.
  • Disorders in the endocrine system.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Dark plaque is characterized by the fact that occurs with improper metabolism, tooth hypoplasia, its development also contributes to insufficient salivation.

    This phenomenon, which has arisen in a child, should not be attempted to be removed independently with the help of products of national origin, since consultation of a pediatrician in dentistry is necessary.

    Causes of black bloom

    When parents begin to worry about the question of why a black coating occurs on the child’s teeth and how to get rid of it, they should first know the exact reason for its origin. This phenomenon in childhood can be triggered by the following factors:

    • Violation of digestive functions.
    • Presence in the body of worms.

    Black plaque on the teeth of a child

    The presence of worms in the body – one of the reasons for the appearance of dark plaque on the teeth in children

    The root cause of its occurrence can be determined only by a competent highly qualified specialist, who, after passing all the tests and will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    Therefore, parents should not look for an answer to the question of how to clean the teeth of black plaque in a child and self-medicate; it is better to contact a specialist in order not to further provoke more serious dental diseases in the baby.

    How to prevent the occurrence of plaque in childhood

    Having found out from the doctor how to remove black plaque on the teeth of children and from what appears, parents should try to make it so that it does not appear again. First, you need to teach your baby from an early age to brush their teeth and do it right away right away. Immediately after cleaning, it is not recommended to give the child tea, juice or milk. Secondly, the baby must be weaned in time from the nipples and bottle drinking habits. Since this can trigger a "bottle" caries. Thirdly, it is worth giving children to eat vegetables and fruits such as pears, carrots, apples, which clean their teeth.

    Also, the baby should drink enough to keep your mouth dry, as saliva is an excellent way to fight bacteria.

    Prevention of brown blotch in children

    A dark brown patina on the teeth of a 1 year old child may also appear. Therefore, dentists very often have to treat milk teeth. So that such a phenomenon does not overtake the baby, doctors can give advice, following which his teeth will be in order. The recipe for making powder, which should be brushed, is quite simple:

    1. Pound into powder tablets of calcium glycerol.
    2. Add a little lemon juice.
    3. Use ready-made tool before bedtime, brushing his teeth.

    For the prevention of the appearance of brown plaque in children should use toothpastes with a special composition

    In addition, for children invented toothpastes with a special composition that is used when brushing your teeth, for example, Rocks or Splat.

    Yellow and white bloom – causes

    Very often parents notice a fat white or yellow patina on the teeth of a 2-year-old child, such a phenomenon can occur during the night if the baby drinks milk at night, especially from bottles with a nipple.

    You should not panic strongly when it arises, but it is necessary to wean the child from the habit of drinking milk or milk mixture at night; it is best to replace these drinks with regular drinking water, but not with juices, sweet tea or compote.

    To avoid a raid

    If the plaque cannot be cleaned on its own using toothpaste and a brush, then parents need to show the child to a dentist who will perform the necessary procedures using modern equipment. Very often, plaque may initiate the development of caries, and such a disease cannot be overlooked. But even a trip to the dentist will not always be able to solve the problem at once and forever, in this case it will remain only in time to treat the teeth and wait until the milk drops out and the root ones grow.

    General recommendations that doctors give for the prevention of the occurrence and treatment of this phenomenon boil down to the fact that it is imperative to clean the child’s teeth, monitor the hygiene of his mouth. For a start, you can brush your teeth with a silicone fingertip with gentle and light movements, then you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste, suitable for the child’s age.

    With the appearance of black plaque in children should consult a dentist

    Also, parents should wash the nipples and bottles intended for babies, and not lick, thus imitating their cleansing. It is very important that foods rich in fiber and solid foods are included in the children’s diet, as this helps self-cleaning of the teeth. A little later, dentists may recommend using a paste for your child that contains fluoride, which prevents the formation of dental problems and regular visits to your primary care physician.

    In addition to the above methods of combating and preventing the occurrence of this unpleasant phenomenon, there are also professional, which are carried out only in dentistry under the guidance of a professional and those that are based on the use of traditional medicine. For example, it is useful to rinse your mouth with herbs decoction (chamomile, sage, calendula or oak bark), but with soda it is worth being careful as it can scratch the tooth enamel and dry the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

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