Black plaque on teeth how to get rid

A person can have plaque in the following colors: white, brownish, yellowish, greenish. It depends on various factors. Especially ugly on the teeth looks black plaque, which can occur in both adults and children. This should alert because it is a symptom of any problems in the body. What can black plaque arise from and how to get rid of it?

Causes of black bloom in adults

Often, people develop plaque on the teeth, the black color of which should be especially alert. Many factors lead to this:

  • Smoking, the constant use of strong tea or coffee. Almost all people have small plaque, which is not removed during normal cleaning. Nicotine gums, coffee or tea pigments penetrate the enamel and paint it in a dark color. After some time, this mass hardens and adheres very strongly to the surface of the tooth.
  • Poor oral care. Despite the fact that there is now enough information on how to properly care for your teeth, and there are also a large number of special means to care for them, many people are negligent about oral hygiene. Some even forget to use pasta. Do not be surprised that after a while there is a black coating on the teeth.
  • Serious diseases. Some diseases during their exacerbation are accompanied by darkening of the inner side of the teeth. This usually occurs when the pathology of the spleen, complicated viral infections, liver problems and various abscesses.
  • Long-term use of many drugs. Tetracycline, which is considered a very popular antibiotic, leads in this regard. It is often used as directed by the doctor and as a self-treatment. Since people often develop plaque on the teeth, its black color results from the side effect of tetracycline. To whiten such teeth is very difficult.
  • Constant interaction with heavy metals. Workers of metallurgical enterprises, having worked for many years in hazardous conditions, receive a “gift” in the form of black teeth. Condensate containing particles of heavy metals, once in the body, begins to settle on the walls of internal organs, spoiling not only them, but also teeth.
  • Improper nutrition. Store products almost all contain chemistry, which adversely affects the condition of the teeth.
  • Addiction. In this case, the drugs destroy teeth very strongly, giving them an unhealthy look.

Thus, if there is a black plaque on the teeth, the reasons for this may be different. Moreover, such a pathological condition can be observed in children after a year.

Black plaque on children’s teeth

Dark plaque on children’s teeth may occur unexpectedly, and even overnight. Most often, enamel begins to darken from the inside, but this is not a sign of caries. Such a plaque usually appears in children older than one year, and it can not be cleaned with nothing. Even if a professional cleaning by a dentist is performed, after some time the enamel will begin to darken again. Why is this happening? If there is a black plaque on the teeth of children, the reasons for this can be explained not by a dentist, but by a gastroenterologist.

Black plaque on teeth how to get rid

Causes of black plaque in children

Black plaque on the teeth of a child often occurs due to intestinal dysbiosis. It is a narrow border at the gums and is located on the outer surface of the teeth or is distributed unevenly from the outside and inside to all crowns. Many parents are concerned about this condition of their child’s teeth, but if he does not suffer from any chronic pathology, then there is absolutely no health hazard. This is only an aesthetic problem. The intestinal microflora in children forms up to four years, and as they mature, black plaque on children’s teeth disappears by itself. However, it is still necessary to examine the baby.

If there is black plaque on the teeth of children, the reasons for this may be different:

  • On milk teeth, there is often a so-called Priestley patina, which has a dark color, even black. It is formed as a result of the vital activity of pigment-forming bacteria, which are considered part of the normal microflora of the oral cavity. This happens because of changes in the composition of the microflora, as a result of which there are a lot of bacteria, and they contribute to the staining of the teeth in a dark color. Priestley’s plaque does not form on permanent teeth and disappears without a trace as the baby matures.
  • Black plaque on the teeth of a child may occur due to the fact that the mother took antibiotics for a long time during pregnancy, and the treatment occurred during the period when baby teeth were laid.
  • If a child brushes his teeth with a paste containing fluoride, then over time, his teeth will also darken due to this substance. Therefore, oral care products must be free of its contents.

What to do if the “dead” tooth turns black?

If there is plaque on the teeth, its black color may occur if the pulp is damaged or removed. These teeth are very different from the rest of their color. This problem is solved in the following ways:

  • Intra channel bleaching. The channels are opened and the bleaching agent is placed in them, after which the temporary filling is closed. After a few days, the tooth begins to lighten. In this case, the whitening component is extracted, and the tooth is sealed using modern composite materials.
  • The use of special linings veneers. Such thin ceramic or zirconium plates are used to restore the aesthetics of the anterior teeth.
  • Application crowns, nozzles. In this case, the tooth is ground and a crown of high-quality material is put on it, after which it will absolutely not differ from all the others.

Black plaque on the teeth: how to get rid of?

In any case, it is necessary to clean the black plaque from the dentist. The most popular ways for harmless and high-quality teeth cleaning:

  • ultrasound;
  • Air Flow Soda Jet;
  • laser whitening

Should consider them in more detail.


This is a fairly popular way of dealing with dark bloom on the teeth. The ultrasound machine is equipped with any dental clinic. There is a special device “Scaler” that works as follows: a high-frequency generator is built in the device, which forces the tip of the nozzle to perform ultrasonic frequency oscillations. As soon as the tip of the nozzle comes into contact with the black patina, a wave of vibration is transmitted to it, leading to the destruction of the plaque attached to the enamel surface. No pain is caused to the patient.

Air Flow Soda Jet Machine

To remove black plaque on the teeth, use the device Air Flow. Processing is performed as follows: using a special tip, a mixture of water and soda is applied to the tooth enamel. This allows you to effectively remove plaque, but this procedure is short-lived, less than six months. In addition, the upper layers of the enamel are weakened, and the teeth must then be processed with a protective paste. Sometimes there is bleeding gums. To enhance the effect, this procedure is combined with ultrasound.

Laser whitening

How to clean the teeth of black plaque, so as not to damage the enamel? In this case, laser whitening is used. This procedure, though very expensive, but the enamel is not damaged at all, and there is no bleeding of the gums. The effect persists for about 4-5 years.

How to remove black plaque at home?

It is highly undesirable to whiten your teeth on your own, but many people have absolutely no time to visit the dentist. Help in this case can traditional medicine. Let’s look at how to remove black plaque on the teeth of folk methods. Their recipes are quite simple:

  • Take 1 tsp. soda and peroxides, mix them, put on a cotton pad and gently rub their teeth. After that, rinse your mouth for about a minute with warm water. Often this procedure is not recommended, otherwise you can spoil the tooth enamel.
  • You can take burdock root and chopped bean peel in 1 tbsp. l All this is poured boiling water and insist a few hours. The resulting infusion in the form of heat should rinse your mouth three times a day until the plaque completely disappears.
  • Another effective way is to make your own tooth powder. In this case, 2 tbsp. l sea ​​salt and dried sage leaves spread on foil and placed in an oven, preheated to 200 degrees. After half an hour, the mixture is removed, allowed to cool and crushed. The result is a wonderful tooth powder, which should be used once a week.
  • Heavy smokers and strong coffee lovers can use specially designed toothpastes for them, containing peroxides, abrasive particles or enzymes, which contribute to a significant lightening of the enamel.

Thus, if there is a plaque on the teeth, the black color of which is alarming, it is best to consult a dentist. Such a pathology can be a sign of many serious diseases, so you can not engage in self-treatment in any case.

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